How to make yourself known as a private tutor

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How to make yourself known as a private tutor
How to make yourself known as a private tutor

Being a private tutor is a good job for a student or anyone who enjoys teaching. As soon as you make the decision to invest in this profession, you must find clients to reach your goal. If you want to become a private tutor, promoting your services is the best possible option. For this you will need to create a profile, design advertising materials, and post your ads.


Part 1 of 3: Create a Private Teacher Profile

Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 1
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 1

Step 1. Choose a subject to teach

You should go for a subject in which you are brilliant. Therefore, think about which ones you are the best at. If you have some TO in several subjects, choose one or two of your favorite subjects.

It goes without saying that you yourself should have a perfect mastery of the subject since you will be teaching it to others

Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 2
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 2

Step 2. Choose your classes

Most private teachers focus on a given class or subject such as CE1, CE2, high school, or simply geometry. Choose the grade level that best suits your skills.

  • Go online and take a look at the tasks that are assigned to the classes you plan to choose. This will allow you to see if you can do the job.
  • Think about subjects you've been good at recently, such as science or math classes you took last year.
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 3
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 3

Step 3. Write your CV

Be sure to include any tutoring experience you have had. Don’t hesitate to mention that you have mentored friends of your own or family members. Also think about times when you helped your classmates. This will allow you to design a better ad and be a great argument for you when it comes to explaining to parents what they would gain from hiring you.

  • Do not forget to mention the groups to which you belong, especially if these relate to the subject you want to teach. For example, mention a math club if you want to teach math or a literary critic group if French is your chosen subject.
  • Also add your honor roll entries and any awards you have had therefor such as a mathematics scholars trophy.
  • If you have no experience, look to volunteer or mentor someone you know who is struggling in the subject you want to teach. Ask her permission to frame it for free to gain experience and flesh out your resume.
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 4
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 4

Step 4. Set your rates

Find out about the rates usually charged by other tutors in your area. Set your rates based on prices offered by others with similar skills to yours.

Tutors are often paid between € 15 and € 38 per hour depending on their experience

Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 5
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 5

Step 5. Choose the location

Decide where you are going to teach your lessons. You can work at your clients' homes, at home, or at a third location like a library or coffee shop. Decide if you prefer a location or if you are willing to go to the client's home. Make this information stand out in your ad.

If you're planning to visit the client, let them know how long it will take you to get to their location when you price the job

Part 2 of 3: Create advertising materials

Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 6
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 6

Step 1. Make flyers

Flyers are a great way to advertise because you can make them eye-catching and contain enough information. Put all the services you offer at the top of your prospectus, then complete them with a few sentences in which you describe your skills. Use your resume to help you decide what to write. Also, be sure to include your price information and provide your contact details.

  • Good headlines let potential customers know what kind of service you offer and why they should choose you. For example, you can write a mathematics capacity building course offered by a student registered on the honor roll, tutoring offered by a certified French teacher or even a qualified private teacher in chemistry.
  • Include a photo to grab people's attention. Photos that might be suitable for some kind of public awareness flyer include things like apples, desks, or student groups. You shouldn't post pictures of yourself all over town.
  • Always remember to ask permission before posting your flyers.
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 7
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 7

Step 2. Write classified ads

Prepare an ad for the local newspaper or online classifieds. You should include your title, a short summary of your skills, your rates and your contact details.

  • Make sure your ad has a great title. Consider using a title similar to the one you used for the flyer.
  • Keep your ad short. Provide only important information. You will always have to pay more if you want to publish a longer ad in a newspaper and this might also apply to online ads.
  • Add a catchy image. It could be a photo of you or an image that shows a scene showing the more or less easy relationship between a learner and his tutor.
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 8
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 8

Step 3. Design business cards.

These cards are very useful when you come across potential customers casually. When you run into someone complaining about their poor performance in school or saying they need help with upcoming exams, you can hand them your card. You could lose customers if you have no way of getting them to remember you. You can also leave your cards in your local café or library.

  • If you have a printer, know that you can design your own business cards. You can purchase blank business cards at the local mall, office supply store, or online reseller.
  • You could also get professional business cards cheaply online from sites like Vista Print.
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 9
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 9

Step 4. Design a brochure

This can provide more details about your services and can be very useful if there are a large number of people in your area offering the same services as you. In this way, you can show clients that you are the most professional and qualified tutor by providing additional information about your tutoring services. Having a brochure will prove to customers that you are sophisticated.

  • You can have it in hard copy or electronically.
  • Having an electronic brochure will also help you more easily present the services you offer when customers contact you. You can send them the prospectus with all the necessary information.

Part 3 of 3: Post your ads

Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 10
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 10

Step 1. Publish your ads online

Post online classifieds in your community. Publish them on several local sites. Many online sites offer free ads, but for them to appear in the local newspaper you will likely have to pay.

  • Try platforms like Paru Sold, Yahoo, Vivastreet, and Annonces Jaunes.
  • Find out if the city you live in has its own official website where you can post advertisements to promote local services.
  • For online advertisements, you may be required to repost them regularly to make sure the public is aware of them. Double-check to make sure they display easily when clicked Classified ads.
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 11
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 11

Step 2. Publish your flyers

Hang them in libraries, near local schools, and at popular establishments frequented by teens and entire families like pizzerias, ice cream shops and cafes.

  • Ask your local school authorities if you can display your flyers in the counselor's office or in the school library.
  • You might also find places where you can drop off your flyers. For example, some cafes have a table where people can leave or take flyers.
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 12
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 12

Step 3. Distribute your brochures and business cards

Carry your business cards with you. That way, you can always hand them over to your potential customers. In addition to handing out business cards, drop them and your brochures in the counselor desks of various schools, libraries, cafes, and any other place that would allow people to leave or post business cards.

Look for bulletin boards in places like libraries or coffee shops. Use a thumbtack to pin some business cards on it

Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 13
Advertise to Be a Tutor Step 13

Step 4. Think about social networks

Post to social media groups. Join local groups on social media and make posts that relate to the services you provide. You can search for parent-student groups, study groups, as well as those dedicated to local schools. Your city or town might also have a social network group created to help locals promote their services. You would therefore benefit from looking on this side as well.

Look for home class groups


  • Make sure you only offer reinforcement lessons in a subject that you know and master to perfection.
  • Consider making the first session free or requesting a flat fee.
  • Ask your clients to tell family, friends and acquaintances about the services you provide.
  • Ask the local school authorities if they have a list of tutors you can sign up for.
  • Be prepared to provide references.
  • Chat with other tutors and ask them what made them successful.
  • Talk to your friends and family to see if someone you know might want to engage you.


  • Try to find out if you will need a professional license or any certificate to practice as a tutor.
  • Always give the best yourself. Not getting fully involved during a session can destroy your business, as customers will complain.
  • Some advertisements are prohibited, so ask permission before posting your flyers.
  • Tutoring is considered self-employment, so you will need to pay appropriate taxes on your earnings.

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