3 ways to make a room appear more spacious

3 ways to make a room appear more spacious
3 ways to make a room appear more spacious

You can make a few quick adjustments to maximize the space of any small room by playing with color, light, and furniture arrangement. If you have a small room, make it look bigger by minimizing clutter, buying versatile storage furniture, and making the most of your wall space.


Method 1 of 3: Play with the furniture

Make Your Room Look Bigger Step 1

Step 1. Change the arrangement of the furniture

When you have a small space, everything in it matters. Moving furniture around to save floor space helps make the room appear larger. If you don't have much room, place larger pieces of furniture on the sides, not in the middle.

  • If you have small furniture, you can place it away from the walls. Placing a piece of furniture diagonally in the middle of the room can give the impression of space.
  • Place your bed in a corner of the bedroom to free up floor space.
  • Push your sofa up against a living room wall to free up floor space and create a path.
  • One of the peculiarities of a more spacious room is the ability to move freely through it. Do not put any furniture in places that could obscure your view or prevent you from moving.
Make Your Room Look Bigger Step 2

Step 2. Keep the room sparse

The more furniture there is in a room, the cramped and smaller it will look. Keep a small room tidy and tidy. Start with what you'll need inside: This is usually large pieces of furniture like the bed or sofa.

  • If you have a small room, only put a few pieces of furniture inside. Use these pieces of furniture to create a focal point, a place that catches the eye. In your living room, it could be the sofa and the table. Don't add unnecessary chairs or trinkets that can just clutter up your space.
  • Don't hang too many pictures or photos on the walls. Having a lot of objects on the walls gives a feeling of clutter which makes the room more cramped.
Make Your Room Look Bigger Step 3

Step 3. Make use of hidden spaces and multipurpose furniture

Place your desk next to the bed and use it as a bedside table. Look for furniture that has more than one use. Buy a bed with drawers or that is high enough to place storage boxes underneath.

  • Use a crate as a table in the living room. You can put things on it, but also store blankets and pillows inside.
  • Use a storage ottoman. If you need an ottoman, buy one with a cover to keep things out of sight when you're not using them.
  • Use a kitchen chair as a small bedside table.
Make Your Room Look Bigger Step 4

Step 4. Keep your furniture open

Buy furniture with open legs or tables that are made of glass. Furniture raised by legs makes the room appear larger because it creates more space.

  • Furniture with legs or glass tables allow light to pass through and below, opening up the space.
  • Attach a collapsible shelf under a window for use as a desk or ironing board. Fold it up when not in use.
  • Get rid of curtains and rugs when you can. Ventilate the room and let more light in by removing curtains and rugs. Keeping the windows open provides more light and depth. A rug with the right pattern can make the room appear larger, but it can also divide it into different parts and give the impression of a smaller space.

Method 2 of 3: Use storage and wall spaces

Make Your Room Look Bigger Step 5

Step 1. Be creative

Declutter the room. Keep only what you use. If you haven't touched something in over a year, throw it out. Add wall shelves to free up floor space and use tables or ottomans that have storage compartments.

  • Add shelves or hooks to the cabinet. Place small items in baskets or boxes on the shelves. An office may not be necessary.
  • Add a hook to the back of your door for coats and accessories.
  • Buy a bed with storage. A bed with alcoves or high enough to store boxes underneath is perfect for saving space. If you want, you can add a bed skirt to hide the boxes.
Make Your Room Look Bigger Step 6

Step 2. Play with the height of the storage space

Either keep your wall shelves and paintings low to the floor or bring them closer to the ceiling. Do not put anything in the middle, as this will divide the height of the room.

  • If you place pictures on the walls near the floor, they will make the ceiling appear larger.
  • Alternatively, placing the wall shelves closer to the ceiling will have a similar lifting effect.
Make Your Room Look Bigger Step 7

Step 3. Use your cap

The ceiling is one of the widest spaces in your home and the one that is used the least. While it's not always possible, you can hang things up or paint your ceiling to create more open space.

If you have bikes, you can hang them from your ceiling with a pulley system, which will free up a lot of floor space

Make Your Room Look Bigger Step 8

Step 4. Paint your ceiling

Choose a color a little darker than the rest of the room to draw the eye to the ceiling.

  • The wallpaper on the ceiling creates an illusion that draws the eye upwards and gives the impression of a larger room.
  • Minimize overhead lights. A hanging light can attract attention, but too much light will make your ceiling appear lower. Opt for more light on the ground.

Method 3 of 3: Play with colors and light

Make Your Room Look Bigger Step 9

Step 1. Go for monochrome or use light shades

Dark colors make a room appear smaller, while lighter, lighter colors have the opposite effect. Use different shades of creamy colors to bring in more light and open up the space.

  • Buy furniture and other items of the same color or shade from the rest of the room. Having identical colors makes for a more cohesive and larger space.
  • Use an attractive color on your focal point. It could be your bed, your sofa or your dining table. Place an object like a pillow, bowl, or blanket that has a certain color to make it stand out and catch the eye.
Make Your Room Look Bigger Step 10

Step 2. Add light and space

Keep your room bright by letting the windows work for you. Remove curtains or use ones that let in light. Place table lamps all over the place rather than using overhead lights. Use color codes in different parts of your room and use vertical lines to stretch it.

  • Glass objects like vases, photo frames and jewelry boxes are great for increasing the size of a room. Because it is transparent, glass does not take up too much visual space, allowing light to pass through it. You can also choose Plexiglas as an alternative solution.
  • If you have books or trinkets, sort them by color. Keep similar colors side by side to give your room an organized look that will make it appear larger.
  • Vertical stripes on a rug, on walls or on furniture will draw the eye from top to bottom and make your room appear longer and taller.
  • Don't clutter a small room with too many photos, paintings, or decorations. A few items will do, but the room will look closed if you put in too much.
Make Your Room Look Bigger Step 11

Step 3. Use mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to make even the smallest rooms look bigger. They will reflect both natural and artificial light, which will brighten up your room.

  • Aim your mirror at the focal point of the room.
  • Install a huge mirror running the length of a key wall to make the room appear longer and taller.
  • A mirror is also an eye-catcher on a particular wall.
  • You can group small mirrors together to create a stylish pattern and pretend to be one larger mirror.
  • Place a mirror in front of a window to create more depth and light.
Make Your Room Look Bigger Step 12

Step 4. Maintain your room

Make your bed and keep your room clean. The rooms in your home should be in order to keep the space open. Be sure to keep passageways free by minimizing floor space.

  • Do not keep anything you are not using within sight. Use a chest or cabinet to hide papers and documents, then place something useful on it (such as a mirror or a lamp).
  • Fold the blankets and put away the pillows.
  • If it turns out that you have furniture or items that you don't use or need anymore, consider selling or giving them away.


  • Add things gradually. This is the assurance of having only the bare essentials and not to overload the room.
  • Natural light will also help you make a room appear more spacious. Do not block natural light sources.
  • Minimize clutter. Store your items in boxes and cupboards.
  • Use white lights rather than yellow in your room.
  • Choose a color scheme that reflects more light.
  • Place items like lamps, shelves, and hooks on the wall to free up unnecessary spaces.
  • Don't put anything on your walls.
  • Expose the legs of your furniture. Buying furniture with exposed legs is the perfect solution for small rooms. Besides showing off the parts of your floor that would otherwise be covered, it's also very stylish.
  • Paint your walls white if you have permission from the landlord or lessor. White walls will make the room appear much larger.
  • Make your bed every day. You will see a big difference in that your bed is the largest piece of furniture in the room.

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