How to set up a cell phone: 5 steps

How to set up a cell phone: 5 steps
How to set up a cell phone: 5 steps

When you buy a new mobile phone, it cannot work right away, you have to go through a number of operations: this is the configuration. All laptops are different, but they have certain configuration elements in common. This is the subject of this article.


Part 1 of 2: turn on your cell phone

Set Up a Cell Phone Step 1

Step 1. Insert the SIM card inside and back of your laptop

All laptops have a slot for inserting a SIM card. It is in the latter that your data is stored, which then allows you to get in touch and be contacted, via your telephone operator.

  • Locate the SIM card slot. If you do not succeed, consult the instructions supplied with the laptop. It's a small slot, sort of a slot the exact size of your card. In this accommodation you have small golden dots (terminals). This is where the data is read and transferred.
  • Carefully insert your SIM card.
Set Up a Cell Phone Step 2

Step 2. Turn on your laptop

Hold down the button for a few seconds On Off.

Cell phones usually come with half-charged batteries when purchased. No problem there

Part 2 of 2: Configure your mobile phone

Set Up a Cell Phone Step 3

Step 1. Manage your contacts

Find the directory location to import or enter your current contacts. Sometimes the contacts are saved on the old SIM card so you don't have to do anything.

Set Up a Cell Phone Step 4

Step 2. Configure your email addresses

If you have a WiFi connection with your laptop, then you can receive and send emails. The configuration is done via the email application usually preinstalled in smartphones.

Set Up a Cell Phone Step 5

Step 3. Configure other settings

You can normally manage your wallpaper, ringtones, alarms… These are operations that can take a little time if you don't know exactly what you want in terms of wallpaper or ringtones.

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