How to use a Bluetooth device: 6 steps

How to use a Bluetooth device: 6 steps
How to use a Bluetooth device: 6 steps

Bluetooth is wireless technology that has been around for 20 years. This technology allows multiple devices to connect with each other, interact and synchronize without the need to configure a complex system of networks and passwords. Nowadays, Bluetooth is everywhere, from phones and laptops to car radios. Bluetooth is supported by a lot of different devices and it only takes a few minutes to set it up.


Use a Bluetooth Device Step 1

Step 1. Understand how Bluetooth works

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows two devices to be connected to each other. Each device equipped with Bluetooth has one or more profiles. These profiles determine the capabilities of the device, for example the hands-free kit (a phone headset) or the HID interface (computer mouse). For two devices to connect, they must have the same profile.

You can usually tell which device will be able to connect with which other by looking at them. You are unlikely to be able to connect a mouse to a camera if the camera is not designed to be controlled by a mouse. Conversely, it makes sense to be able to connect a headset to a mobile phone, as these are designed to work together

Use a Bluetooth Device Step 2

Step 2. Learn the most common couplings

If you are not sure which devices can work together, you should know that Bluetooth is very popular in some cases. By knowing them, you will know how to connect your devices.

  • Connection between a hands-free kit and a mobile phone.
  • Connection between a wireless mouse, keyboard, printer and laptop.
  • Connection between a portable player or a smartphone to speakers or a car radio.
  • Wireless connection between game controllers and a computer or video game console.
Use a Bluetooth Device Step 3

Step 3. Connect your devices

The method for connecting devices may vary in different situations, but it still follows the same general principles. You need one of the devices to be in discoverable mode so that it can be detected by the second device.

If, for example, you wanted to connect a headset to your smartphone, you would put your headset in discovery mode (refer to the documentation), then you would search for Bluetooth devices with your smartphone

Use a Bluetooth Device Step 4

Step 4. Enter a PIN code (if requested)

You may be asked to enter a PIN code when you connect your devices. If you do not know it, it is usually 0000, 1111 or 1234. It may vary by device. If you can't find it, you will need to reset the device.

Use a Bluetooth Device Step 5

Step 5. Use the device

When your devices are connected, you can use them in conjunction. For example, you may have connected your smartphone to a wireless headset, which allows you to listen to music. You may have connected a mouse to your computer and now you can use the mouse to move the cursor around the screen.

  • When you connect a Bluetooth device to a computer, you need to install the drivers for that device. In general, the installation is done automatically provided that the installation disc was provided in the packaging of the device. Otherwise, you can download the drivers from the manufacturer's website.
  • There is not a general "Bluetooth driver", but there is one for each specific device.
  • If you want to connect a Bluetooth device to a desktop PC, chances are that this PC does not have Bluetooth functionality. You will need to purchase and then install a Bluetooth USB dongle in order to connect devices to this PC. In contrast, most laptops are equipped with a Bluetooth connection.
Use a Bluetooth Device Step 6

Step 6. Read the guides for specific pairing instructions

If you're having trouble connecting your devices, there are plenty of articles on wikiHow that can help you get by. Here are the most popular articles:

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  • Bluetooth has a range of around 10 to 30 meters.
  • A “master” Bluetooth device can connect up to seven other devices, although not all of them work this way.

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