How to recover deleted videos: 8 steps (with pictures)

How to recover deleted videos: 8 steps (with pictures)
How to recover deleted videos: 8 steps (with pictures)

Did you just accidentally delete a video you cared about? Are you worried that it has been permanently erased from your hard drive? Before you bemoan the idea of ​​losing your beloved family video, know that your data may still be recoverable with a few programs that you can get for free from the Internet. With some luck, you might even get your precious video back in a matter of minutes.


Recover Deleted Videos Step 1

Step 1. Start by checking the contents of the recycle bin

The Recycle Bin, in Windows and OS X, collects deleted files that will only be permanently deleted from the hard drive if you confirm their deletion. As long as the files are in the recycle bin, then you have the option of recovering them, which makes it very easy for you to undo accidental deletion. This is because restoring a video file to the location it was in before deletion only requires a few clicks of the mouse. Start by opening the recycle bin by double-clicking on the icon that represents it on the Windows desktop. Once you are in the recycle bin, locate the accidentally deleted video, right click on it, then click “Restore”. The video is then instantly transferred from the recycle bin to its original folder.

  • Be careful with large files of several gigabytes, as they might be deleted without going through the recycle bin and then you would not have the option of easily recovering them with the method described above. In this type of case, you need to use recovery software.
  • If you deleted the video on iPod or iPhone, go to step 4 to see how to get it back.
Recover Deleted Videos Step 2

Step 2. Check your cloud storage

If you're using an Apple or Google branded device, there's a good chance your video has been stored in your personal online space. With a Google device, check the contents of the Google+ “Videos” folder, as the most recent models are set to automatically save videos online. If you're using an iPhone or iPod, check the contents of your iTunes Videos library. Your local storage might be synced with your cloud storage and you might have the option to recover video that you lost locally online.

Recover Deleted Videos Step 3

Step 3. Immediately stop accessing the file system and avoid using your device

Using your device, you can trigger a process that will access the file system to create a new file. Even if your video is no longer visible on your device's storage, it still hasn't been physically erased. The video file will not be actually erased until data has been written over it. As long as no new files are created and there is no new data written to the location of the video, you have the option of recovering it.

Recover Deleted Videos Step 4

Step 4. Download a data recovery program

Make sure not to store this new file on the hard drive of the device containing the video, for the reasons explained above. The safest way is to download the software to the disk of another computer and then transfer it to a USB stick, SD card or even an iPod or other portable media player. Among the most popular free recovery software are:

  • Recuva
  • FreeUndelete
  • ADRC Data Recovery
  • Data Rescue (OS X)
  • FileSalvage (OS X)
  • Download the portable version of the program, if possible. This will allow you to launch it from a removable disk without having to install anything on the disk containing the video. Some recovery software does not exist in portable version.
  • If you are trying to recover deleted video from removable disk (USB drive, SD card, etc.), you don't have to worry about downloading portable version or not, because you can install the software directly to hard disk from your PC or Mac computer.
Recover Deleted Videos Step 5

Step 5. If the video is on a removable drive, connect it to your computer

Whether it's a digital camera, iPod or other such device, plug it into your computer using a USB cable. Put your iPod in DFU mode so that the recovery software can access the data stored on it. If the removable disk is an SD card, insert it into your computer's SD drive.

Recover Deleted Videos Step 6

Step 6. Launch the recovery software

Each program has its specifics, but they all follow the same basic procedure. If you are using a portable version, most of the time you need to specify where the recovered video should be stored. To increase the chances of success of the procedure, arrange for the recovered video to be placed on a different drive than the one from which the recovery is being performed.

Recover Deleted Videos Step 7

Step 7. Specify what you are trying to recover

Most recovery software will ask you to specify what type of file you are looking to find. Specify the format of the video file to speed up the search. You can also give the file name or select it from the list of all files that are recoverable.

Some software offers you the option of in-depth research. This type of scan can find a lot more files, but takes a lot more time

Recover Deleted Videos Step 8

Step 8. Navigate through the results list to see if you find your video file there

Once the search process is complete, locate your file, select it if you find it, and then click the “Restore” button.

  • Not all videos are 100% recoverable, as their data is usually not stored in one place on the hard drive, and it may happen that part of it has been erased by overprinting.
  • While some programs restore the video to its original location, others allow you to choose the folder where the recovered video will be stored.

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