How to make cookies in Minecraft: 9 steps (with pictures)

How to make cookies in Minecraft: 9 steps (with pictures)
How to make cookies in Minecraft: 9 steps (with pictures)

Cookies in Minecraft are not very filling. Don't expect them to replace steaks or pork chops when you venture into dungeons! However, it's fun to watch the crumbs spurt out when your character eats cookies. For this recipe, the most difficult thing is to find a jungle to be able to harvest cocoa. Once you have them, you can easily bake cookies with little resources.


Part 1 of 2: harvesting cocoa

Make Cookies in Minecraft Step 1

Step 1. Go to a jungle

Cocoa only grows in this type of biome, which is most likely to appear alongside other temperate biomes such as plains, forests, and swamps. It is easy to identify jungles by their very tall trees, but in some worlds it can take a long time to find one.

  • To search for new biomes efficiently, you can travel the coast by boat. Sets the render distance to the maximum number of visible chunks so you can see jungles from afar.
  • If you can't find one, download mapping software like Amidst (only available for desktop versions).
Make Cookies in Minecraft Step 2

Step 2. Breaking the cocoa pods

Look for them on the mahogany trunks in the jungle. They have three stages of growth. When they are small and green, they only produce one bean each. When they reach their last stage, they turn large and orange-brown and produce 2-3 beans.

One bean can make 8 cookies

Make Cookies in Minecraft Step 3

Step 3. Grow cocoa

Before making cookies, save some cocoa beans and cut some mahogany trees to get their wood. Back home, plant a bean in the side of a block of mahogany wood and wait for it to grow. You will thus have an infinite source of cocoa.

Part 2 of 2: mixing cocoa and wheat

Make Cookies in Minecraft Step 4

Step 1. Prepare topsoil

It is needed to grow wheat. Use a hoe on an area of ​​grass or dirt to till the soil.

If you already have wheat, make cookies by arranging the following ingredients in a horizontal row in the following order: wheat, cocoa, wheat

Make Cookies in Minecraft Step 5

Step 2. Provide water and light

Place water at most 4 blocks from plowed land. It must be on the same horizontal level or one level above. When the soil is watered, it will become darker. It is also important to expose the area to a good source of light through the sun or torches so that the crop can grow.

Leave the water in place while the wheat grows. If the soil dries up, this plant will still grow, but more slowly

Make Cookies in Minecraft Step 6

Step 3. Plant wheat seeds

Use them on the plowed ground to plant them. Tall grass has a chance to drop seeds every time you break it.

  • The fastest way to get your first seeds is to pour water over a field of tall grass and break them all at the same time.
  • Each seed will give one unit of wheat. You need 2 sheaves per cocoa bean to make cookies.
Make Cookies in Minecraft Step 7

Step 4. Harvest the crop

Wait until she is mature. After 2-3 days of Minecraft, the seeds will produce large stalks of yellow wheat. Break them to add the wheat to your inventory. If you break them before the end of their growth, you will only get seeds.

Wheat has 7 growth stages in the desktop version and 4 in the mobile device version

Make Cookies in Minecraft Step 8

Step 5. Make cookies

For each batch, you need a cocoa bean and 2 units of wheat. These ingredients make 8 cookies. If you are playing a version with the whole crafting mode, place the ingredients in a row of the workbench grid in the following order: one unit of wheat, one cocoa bean, one unit of wheat.

Make Cookies in Minecraft Step 9

Step 6. Eat the cookies

When you do, crumbs will spurt out. Each cookie restores 2 hunger points and 0.5 saturation point or 1 hunger point in the mobile device version.


  • If you can't find a cocoa bean, you can buy it by trading with villagers. As of mobile version 0.16.0, trading is not yet possible on mobile devices.
  • Use bone powder on wheat and cocoa crops to help them grow faster.
  • The crops must be within your radius of the active sections to grow. This radius is the longest horizontal distance you can see, which varies depending on the render distance setting. If you are above or below a crop, it won't stop growing.
  • In some older versions of Minecraft, there are other ways to get cocoa beans.

    • On a computer, in beta versions from 1.4 and official versions 1.0 to 1.5, it is possible to find cocoa beans in dungeon chests.
    • In mobile versions 0.9.0 to 0.15.10 it is possible to make cocoa beans with ink pockets, dandelion yellow and rose red.

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