How to bake bread in Minecraft: 9 steps (with pictures)

How to bake bread in Minecraft: 9 steps (with pictures)
How to bake bread in Minecraft: 9 steps (with pictures)

Bread is a great source of simple food that you can craft very early on in a game of Minecraft. Since wheat is easy to find, bread is an essential staple while building and settling your house. It only takes a few harvests to have an almost continuous source of bread for your adventures. The process is the same in all versions, whether you play on a computer, console or mobile device.


Part 1 of 2: growing wheat

Make Bread in Minecraft Step 1

Step 1. Get some seeds

It is possible to find wheat in the game, but the most efficient way to have it available all the time is to grow it. To start growing, you need seeds and water. In the console version, the seeds are called wheat seeds.

  • To get seeds, break grass or harvest wheat that grows in a village.
  • If you don't want to grow wheat and just want to know how to make bread, skip to the next section.
Make Bread in Minecraft Step 2

Step 2. Prepare a plot of land

Use a hoe on blocks of grass to plow them into topsoil where you can plant seeds to grow wheat.

  • The soil must be 4 blocks or less from a water source to be irrigated. There are many ingenious ways to arrange your farming area to optimize soil irrigation for maximum wheat harvest. Read farming tutorials in Minecraft for tips.
  • Consider choosing a plot outside so the plants get enough light.
Make Bread in Minecraft Step 3

Step 3. Sow the seeds

Plant them in the blocks of plowed land. Select them in your inventory and right click on the plowed ground to plant them.

Make Bread in Minecraft Step 4

Step 4. Wait for the wheat to grow

It must go through 8 stages of growth before it can be harvested. Each stage can take between 5 and 35 min. If you harvest the wheat before the last stage (the one where it turns brown), you will only get seeds.

Make Bread in Minecraft Step 5

Step 5. Harvest the wheat

When it's brown, you can harvest it and add it to your inventory. You need 3 sheaves of wheat to make a loaf of bread.

Part 2 of 2: baking bread

Make Bread in Minecraft Step 6

Step 1. Get some wheat

If you haven't grown any, you can find some in the chests that are scattered around the game world. You can also harvest plants grown in villages or turn a bale of straw into 9 units of wheat.

Make Bread in Minecraft Step 7

Step 2. Use your workbench

Open his manufacturing grid to be able to bake bread. You can make a workbench from 4 blocks of planks.

Make Bread in Minecraft Step 8

Step 3. Place the wheat

Place 3 sheaves in a horizontal row on the crafting grid. You can fill any row as long as you place a unit of wheat in each of its spaces.

Make Bread in Minecraft Step 9

Step 4. Collect the bread

Add it to your inventory. You now have a loaf. If you team up and eat it, you'll gain 5 hunger points (about 3 shanks in your hunger bar).


  • Bread is one of the easiest foods to obtain in Minecraft. After a while, if you have a large enough wheat crop, you will be able to have a constant source of this grain, which will allow you to bake as much bread as you want.
  • Carrots and potatoes perform better than wheat when grown, but they are more difficult to find. Therefore, bread is a much easier to obtain staple food.

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