How to build a wagon in Minecraft

How to build a wagon in Minecraft
How to build a wagon in Minecraft

Cars are a great way to get around in Minecraft to avoid running! In all large mines, a rail cart is very useful to help you move around, to transport your equipment, and to get in and out of your mine. Cars come to your rescue in many other situations, including creative situations such as building a train or a roller coaster.


Part 1 of 4: making a wagon

Make a Minecart in Minecraft Step 1

Step 1. Search for iron ore to collect it

You will either need to craft or find five Iron Ingots to craft the wagon. You can find iron ingots in forts and dungeons, but it will be easier to just mine iron ore and craft the ingots yourself.

  • Iron ore can be found in layers 1-63, as veins 4-10 blocks long. You are more likely to find it in the lower layers.
  • You will need a Stone Pickaxe or higher to be able to collect Iron Ore.
Make a Minecart in Minecraft Step 2

Step 2. Make a furnace

Craft a furnace to turn iron ore into iron ingots. To make a stove, place eight stone blocks around the edge of the workbench grid.

Make a Minecart in Minecraft Step 3

Step 3. Find fuel

The furnace needs fuel to melt iron ore and turn it into iron ingots. Fuel comes in many forms and the most efficient fuel will allow you to smelt more ore per unit of fuel. You can use any wooden object as fuel, but the most efficient fuel is the Lava Bucket, Coal, and Charcoal.

Make a Minecart in Minecraft Step 4

Step 4. Use the furnace to turn iron ore into ingots

Place the fuel in the lower box of the furnace window and place an iron ore block above it. Wait a moment and an iron ingot will be created. Repeat the operation until you have five ingots.

Make a Minecart in Minecraft Step 5

Step 5. Open your workbench to build a wagon

Now that you have enough ingots, you can open the crafting grid on your workbench to build a wagon.

Make a Minecart in Minecraft Step 6

Step 6. Place three ingots in the lower row of the workbench

Make a Minecart in Minecraft Step 7

Step 7. Place two ingots in the second row, one on the left and one on the right

Make a Minecart in Minecraft Step 8

Step 8. Collect the cart from the results box and drag it to your inventory

Make a Minecart in Minecraft Step 9

Step 9. Create specialized wagons

There are four types of specialty wagons you can craft that can help you work deep in your mine. Using the following crafting recipes, place a cart in the bottom square in the center and the special ingredient directly above it in the center.

  • Wagonnet à TNT - Wagonnet + TNT. Use it to dig safely, from a distance.
  • Furnace wagon - Wagonnet + Furnace. Use it to smelt ore while you are mining.
  • Funnel wagon - Wagonnet + Funnel. Use it to collect the mined materials. The funnel wagon is very useful for automatic mining.
  • Storage wagon - Wagonnet + Chest. Use it to store essential materials and equipment while you are working in the mine.

Part 2 of 4: laying railroad tracks

Make a Minecart in Minecraft Step 10

Step 1. Make more Iron Ingots

To be able to use the wagons, you will need to craft rails. These are the only objects that can receive and circulate a wagon. To create a group of 16 rails, you will need six iron ingots and a single stick. Refer to the first section for how to craft iron ingots.

Make a Minecart in Minecraft Step 11

Step 2. Make a group of rails

Open the workbench and place three ingots in each column, left and right. Place a stick in the center. Drag the group of 16 rails from the results box into your inventory.

Make a Minecart in Minecraft Step 12

Step 3. Hold the rails to place them on the floor

Look at the block you want to place it on and click to install it.

Make a Minecart in Minecraft Step 13

Step 4. Create a railroad track

The rail sections will automatically connect when they are placed next to each other. You can make turns by placing a section of rail to the left or right of the end of a track. The curvature will be created automatically.

You can create T-intersections and four-branched junctions, but the rails will not be visually connected

Make a Minecart in Minecraft Step 14

Step 5. Study the dynamics of the wagons

You can push your cart forward on a flat surface. The cars will gain speed on a descent and will lose speed on a climb or a turn. Cars will also slowly lose speed on level ground.

By taking advantage of the momentum of the wagons, you can make useful and very fun rail systems. A large descent will allow you to pass over small climbs or take a few turns. With a combination of several descents, you will be able to craft a track that will take your wagon a long distance without additional assistance

Make a Minecart in Minecraft Step 15

Step 6. Create a sloping lane

You can lower or raise your lane by carving "steps" one block high. When you install a section of track on a downward step, the track will automatically extend downward. You can continue to install your path down if there are other steps.

Make a Minecart in Minecraft Step 16

Step 7. Create a diagonal track

You can simulate a diagonal track by building zig-zags that go from side to side. The track will look hectic, but the wagon will pass over it in a straight line without problems. The diagonals will slow down the wagon as if it were taking each turn.

Part 3 of 4: using the wagon

Make a Minecart in Minecraft Step 17

Step 1. Place the cart on the track

Select it from your inventory and place it on the track for use.

Make a Minecart in Minecraft Step 18

Step 2. Look at the wagon and press the "Use" key

You will enter the wagon and you can begin to control it.

Make a Minecart in Minecraft Step 19

Step 3. Press the "Forward" key to start moving the cart

The wagon will start to move in the direction you are facing (provided there is a track). You can move forward on level ground using the "Forward" key, but you won't go very fast. By going down a slope, you will be able to increase your speed up to 8 blocks per second.

Make a Minecart in Minecraft Step 20

Step 4. Exit the cart by pressing the “Crouch” button

If there is only a block of headroom when you try to get off the wagon, you will receive half a heart of damage.

Make a Minecart in Minecraft Step 21

Step 5. Recover a wagon by attacking it

After several unarmed attacks or a single attack with a sword, the wagon will be destroyed and you can collect it to add it back to your inventory.

Part 4 of 4: get the most out of wagons

Make a Minecart in Minecraft Step 22

Step 1. Learn to take advantage of the propulsion rails

Propulsion rails are special rails that can propel a railcar and are essential in building a large railroad network or in building a more complex track. With the propulsion rails you can create a launcher that can eject the wagon at very high speed, you can build rails that automatically bring you back to the surface and much more.

  • Propulsion rails require six gold bars, a staff, and some redstone. Place the gold bars in the right and left columns in the same way as the iron bars to build a group of normal rails. Place the staff in the center, then place the redstone in the middle box at the bottom. This recipe will build a group of six propulsion rails.
  • The propulsion rails need to be activated, either by a redstone torch or by a lever.
Make a Minecart in Minecraft Step 23

Step 2. Use the wagons to speed up your mining activities

The main function of a cart is to get you and your equipment from one end of your mine to the other as quickly as possible. If you are mining or building in an area, a railroad system will help you get from one end of your mine to the other much faster.

Make a Minecart in Minecraft Step 24

Step 3. Make a launcher and put your wagons in motion

A single propulsion rail can propel your wagon a distance of 80 squares on level ground. By placing a solid block behind the propulsion rail, you will create a launcher that will propel your wagon in the opposite direction of the block. Stack the propulsion rails at the base of your launcher to speed up your wagon as much as possible. By placing a propulsion rail on the track every 38 spaces, your wagon will maintain maximum speed almost indefinitely.

You will need to adjust the spacing of your propulsion rails, depending on the descents already present and your speed needs

Make a Minecart in Minecraft Step 25

Step 4. Build a roller coaster using a combination of downspouts and propulsion rails

Cars are generally used to create roller coasters. You will find plenty of Minecraft roller coaster videos on Youtube and you have plenty of possibilities to make your work unique and impressive.

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