How to add cheat codes in Project 64

How to add cheat codes in Project 64
How to add cheat codes in Project 64

Project 64 is the most popular Nintendo 64 emulator for PC. One of its most popular features is the cheat codes tool. Project 64 comes with a lot of cheat codes, but you can add more from the net. The cheat codes screen allows you to manage all the cheats for the different games.


Part 1 of 3: Accessing the Cheat Codes Menu

Add Cheats to Project 64 Step 1

Step 1. Activate advanced settings

By default, the Cheat menu is hidden just like the other advanced settings. You must activate them before you can activate it.

  • Click on the menu Options and select Settings.
  • Click on the tab Options and uncheck Hide advanced settings.
  • Close the options window to save the changes.
Add Cheats to Project 64 Step 2

Step 2. Open your ROM file on Project 64

A ROM file is a copy of a game cartridge. You will not be able to access the menu. Cheat codes if you don't run a ROM file on Project 64.

  • If you have created a ROM directory, you can have the list of all your ROMs in the main window. Do this by placing all your ROMS files in the same directory then click on FileChoice of ROMS folder.
  • You can right click on a game from your ROM list and select “Edit Cheats” to add cheat codes without having to launch the game. You cannot activate cheat codes without launching the game.
Add Cheats to Project 64 Step 3

Step 3. Open the Cheat Codes menu

Once the ROM is launched, click on System and select Cheat codes. You can also press Ctrl + C. If you have a ROM directory, you can right click on a game and select Edit Cheats.

  • The game must be in the list of supported ROMS so that the menu Cheat codes works. This especially applies to homebrew games and pirate ROMS. Every ROM for normal gaming should work fine.

Part 2 of 3: Select Preinstalled Cheat Codes

Add Cheats to Project 64 Step 4

Step 1. Go through your list of available cheat codes

Project 64 has quite a few cheat codes which are available for official Nintendo 64 games. Open the cheat codes menu after launching the game, it will display all the available cheat codes for you to choose from.

  • Some cheat codes are categorized by several options. Expand the options tree to see all the cheat codes.
  • Selecting a cheat code will give you a little description. This is not valid for all codes.
  • If you want to add new cheats (cheat codes) or can't find the ones you want, click here.
Add Cheats to Project 64 Step 5

Step 2. Check the box of the cheat code you want to use

If you have found a cheat code that you want to use, click on the box next to it. You can select more than one at the same time, but be aware that cheat codes make the game unstable, having more than one increases the chances of crashing the game.

Add Cheats to Project 64 Step 6

Step 3. Double-click on (=>?

) to use the variables.

This will open a new window which will allow you to select the variable you want. This is a common way to use cheat codes which are modified slightly. For example, a cheat code (=>?) Can change your inventory and each variable is a different piece of equipment. If you don't select the variable before trying to use the cheat code in the game, nothing will happen.

Each variable should have a little description when you open the list. The first few characters are part of the cheat code that refers to this variable and can be ignored when browsing the list

Add Cheats to Project 64 Step 7

Step 4. Use your cheat codes in the game

Depending on the code, this may have an immediate effect or it may need to be triggered during your game. Refer to the description of the cheat code in order to know how to activate them.

Part 3 of 3: Add New Cheat Codes

Add Cheats to Project 64 Step 8

Step 1. Find a cheat code you want to add

Project 64 supports GameShark codes. You can find codes on the internet in dedicated sites or forums. Just search for the game and add "cheat codes" in your search bar to find the list of cheat codes. You should be able to find these in addition to homebrew and pirated ROMS games.

Add Cheats to Project 64 Step 9

Step 2. Launch the game and open the Cheat Codes menu

You will need to launch the game before you can open the menu in question. Also press ctrl + alt + del to go to the list of all cheat codes.

Add Cheats to Project 64 Step 10

Step 3. Right click in the window and select Add New Cheat Codes

You can right click on anything and see this option. If you can't display the menu, try right-clicking elsewhere in the window.

Add Cheats to Project 64 Step 11

Step 4. Give the cheat code a name

This can be whatever you want, for this choose something that will help you identify the code. Add a description if the cheat code requires a specific description or clarification.

Add Cheats to Project 64 Step 12

Step 5. Paste the code in the Code field

Make sure you keep some space in the code. Most codes consist of eight digits () followed by one space and four digits () 8111A7C0 0140.

Add Cheats to Project 64 Step 13

Step 6. Create a cheat code with variables

Sometimes you will come across code that has multiple versions. On most cheat codes sites, the last digit will be marked with xx or xxxx, followed by a list of what you can substitute for xx or xxxx. The number of x indicates the number of characters that make up the variable. To create multivariable code in Project 64, copy the code base into the field Coded and replace it x with?. For example 8011A800 00xx will become 8011A800 00? ?.

  • You will know that you have entered the correct code base when the field Options becomes available.
Add Cheats to Project 64 Step 14

Step 7. Enter the variables

In the field Options, you will be able to enter all the variables for each option. Enter the characters for the variable followed by a space and a 2D Pocket Egg description. Each new variable should be in its own row.

Add Cheats to Project 64 Step 15

Step 8. Save the cheat code

When you are done adding all the variables, click the button Add cheat code. This will be added to the list of your variable cheat codes, but will not be activated until you check the box and select the variables.

  • Note: the button Add cheat code can be clicked only when the code is formatted correctly. If the button is grayed out, check if the code has extra spaces or incorrect characters. If you still cannot display the cheat code, it means that it is not a valid code for Nintendo 64 GameShark.

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