How to get Epona in Ocarina of Time: 12 steps (with pictures)

How to get Epona in Ocarina of Time: 12 steps (with pictures)
How to get Epona in Ocarina of Time: 12 steps (with pictures)

This is a simple summary of how to get Epona in Zelda 64: Ocarina of Time. This summary is not a complete walkthrough of the game and it does not include the steps between being a kid at Lon Lon Ranch and being an adult. Getting Epona will be a big step forward, so it's worth getting her back from Ingo. Read on to find out exactly how.


Part 1 of 2: Go to Lon Lon Ranch and to Epona

Get Epona in Ocarina of Time Step 1

Step 1. Find the Lon Lon Ranch

After meeting Zelda at the palace and being escorted to the exit by Ima, you stand right in front of the drawbridge. Rather than immediately heading towards Death Mountain like Impa tells you to, look straight ahead where you are standing. There should be what looks like a cluster of houses on top of a hill. This is the Lon Lon Ranch.

Get Epona in Ocarina of Time Step 2

Step 2. Enter the Lon Lon Ranch

This is where Talon (the man you woke up in the palace to access the path) and his daughter live. When you first enter, run straight between the two buildings and you'll find yourself in a place that looks like a ranch, with a sort of circular race track.

Get Epona in Ocarina of Time Step 3

Step 3. Learn the “Song of Epona”

Enter the enclosure where the horses frolic and you will see a little girl standing in the middle and singing. Go talk to him. She will thank you for waking her father up and tell you about the song she was singing. Take out your ocarina and learn the "Song of Epona".

Get Epona in Ocarina of Time Step 4

Step 4. Leave Lon Lon Ranch and go to Death Valley

Complete the next two dungeons as planned. After completing the dungeons, go to the Temple of Time to become an adult.

Get Epona in Ocarina of Time Step 5

Step 5. Return to Lon Lon Ranch once you become an adult

You will see that it is no longer that happy and wonderful place it was when you were a child. Now the farm has been taken over by Ingo, who has pledged allegiance to Ganondorf. You will see that the ranch is now used for a game of horseback riding. Pay Ingo to return, pick any horse and take a ride. You can't do this on the first try, so don't try. After the time is up, he will kick you out.

Get Epona in Ocarina of Time Step 6

Step 6. Pay to re-enter, take out your ocarina and play the song of Epona

Epona will run to you. Get on it and gallop to the entrance where Ingo is standing. While on the horse, aim at it with "Z" and press "A" to speak. He will challenge you to race, wagering on 50 rupees. Accept the terms of the bet.

  • Practice riding Epona first. Move the joystick in the direction you want to go, riding it really is that easy.

    Get Epona in Ocarina of Time Step 6Bullet1
  • Press the "A" button to feed Epona a carrot and have a speed boost. Epona will go faster, but you will lose a carrot. Only do this once in a while.

    Get Epona in Ocarina of Time Step 6Bullet2

Part 2 of 2: Challenge Ingo about Epona

Get Epona in Ocarina of Time Step 7

Step 1. Take Epona to the indoor track of the circuit

Ingo will try to prevent you from taking the inner position, but he will not be completely successful. When he gives up the inside position, press "A" to get more speed and pass him on the inside of the track.

Get Epona in Ocarina of Time Step 8

Step 2. After winning the race, know that Ingo will get scared and challenge you again

He will turn red and howl about Ganondorf. Then, unfairly enough, he will offer you a second race. If you win, you will have Epona.

Get Epona in Ocarina of Time Step 9

Step 3. Using the same tips as before, race him

Ingo will be much faster than last time, but there is nothing you can do about it. Just do your best and keep trying.

  • Once you have the inside track, don't give up. It will take a lot of effort for Ingo to pass you on the outside, so remember to hold your stance and you should be fine.

    Get Epona in Ocarina of Time Step 9Bullet1
  • Do not overfeed Epona with carrots early on. While some people can beat Ingo without using a lot of carrots at all, it's better to use a few. Don't use too much at the start or you won't have it when you really need it: at the end of the race.

    Get Epona in Ocarina of Time Step 9Bullet2
Get Epona in Ocarina of Time Step 10

Step 4. Once you finally manage to beat Ingo, know that he will be madly angry

He'll say you can keep the horse, but you can't leave the ranch. He closes the gate and laughs like an idiot. It all seems lost, doesn't it? False !

Get Epona in Ocarina of Time Step 11

Step 5. Find a way to jump over the fence

Knowing that Ingo has closed the portal leading inside the Lon Lon Corral, you have two choices.

  • The difficult route: run straight towards Ingo and jump over the portal. However, it will have to be done perfectly or you will just find yourself running into it.

    Get Epona in Ocarina of Time Step 11Bullet1
  • The easy route: on the left side of the ranch there is a wall. Run sideways, from the entrance to the wall. It doesn't have to be perfect, the horse can jump over it anyway.

    Get Epona in Ocarina of Time Step 11Bullet2
Get Epona in Ocarina of Time Step 12

Step 6. Land on the other side of the wall and savor the freedom and speed of Epona

Now you can enjoy all the benefits of owning a horse. Mainly, that includes being able to cross the world in about thirty seconds, rather than the three minutes it would take you without it.

  • Epona isn't an essential part of the game. You don't really 'need' her for anything, but she's a big help, so try to have her if you can.

    Get Epona in Ocarina of Time Step 12Bullet1


  • Use enough carrots at the start to go straight past Ingo. If you block him, he can't get past you.
  • DO NOT use all of your carrots at once.
  • Go along the edges of the fence as much as possible.
  • Press "A" from the start of the race, as Ingo does. This will put you first. Press "A" whenever he is about to pass you.
  • When you see the finish line, hit "A" like crazy!
  • Walk past it and slow it down while your carrots regenerate (this makes running easy, I got it right on the first try).
  • Do NOT enter Ingo or you will come to a complete stop.
  • If you are using a kid's bag, fill it to 99. If you miss the race, there are 3 pots in the house on the second floor of the chicken game. Each will contain enough so that you have exactly 50 rupees if you lose the race.
  • During the second race, Ingo will try to pass in front of you at the start.
  • Don't be discouraged if it takes you a few tries, keep trying, it's not easy.
  • Do NOT touch the fence or it will slow you down.

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