How to download highly compressed games

How to download highly compressed games
How to download highly compressed games

Downloading large games can slow down your Internet connection. If you frequently download games, you should consider using torrents for better bandwidth. Thus, you will have the ability to download large games at a faster speed than from a website. In addition, some users will help you reduce the risk of virus infections by sharing working torrents. Remember this: it is illegal to download games without a license in most countries.


Part 1 of 4: install suitable software

Download Highly Compressed Games Step 1

Step 1. Download and install compression software

The majority of the games you download are compressed using advanced archiving processes that are not compatible with Windows. To extract files after downloading, you will need compression and archiving software. Among the most popular tools in this category are 7-Zip ( and WinRAR ( software.

  • 7-Zip is free software that can open compressed files such as RAR and 7z formats. It is widely used for extracting files.
  • The trial version of Win-RAR allows you to open all file formats, but you will be prompted to register when the trial period expires.
Download Highly Compressed Games Step 2

Step 2. Download and install a torrent client

The majority of games are downloadable through BitTorrent, a widely known method for sharing large files between computers. In order to use BitTorrent, you need a client that can load torrent files and connect you with other users. qBittorrent is one of the most used free torrent clients. If you go with qBittorrent, you won't have to worry about adware. Also, if you choose another client like uTorrent, you should carefully review each page of the installation window to avoid installing unwanted software.

Download Highly Compressed Games Step 3

Step 3. Make sure your antivirus is up to date

Downloading games through torrents is one of the ways you can easily infect your computer with a virus. To prevent this risk, you must have an antivirus installed and up to date. You have the choice between Windows Defender, the default Windows software, or other programs like BitDefender or Kapersky.

  • See this article for instructions on how to activate Windows Defender. If you want to know how to install another antivirus program, check out this article. You only need one antivirus software.
  • Right click on the antivirus icon in the system taskbar and select Update to find and install all available updates.
Download Highly Compressed Games Step 4

Step 4. Install a virtual drive (optional)

Many games are in ISO format, a copy of a digital medium. To access the ISO file, you need to burn it to a disc or read it in a virtual drive. Using a virtual drive saves you money to spend on buying blank DVDs in order to install multiple games.

  • Daemon Tools is one of the most famous software in the field. However, be careful not to install any unwanted software during the process.
  • Windows 8 and recent versions have the ability to read ISO files without installing third-party software.

Part 2 of 4: find games to download

Download Highly Compressed Games Step 5

Step 1. Understand how torrent downloads are done

When you do torrent downloads, you are uploading the torrent file to a client. Then the software connects to other computers that have the same torrent as you and starts downloading files to your computer. Download speed depends on the number of people sharing the game.

You can download highly compressed games from multiple websites, but this is not recommended, as very often items are removed to reduce the file size. As hard drives become more affordable, you will have a better experience downloading the game entirely via torrent

Download Highly Compressed Games Step 6

Step 2. Look for torrent trackers

Torrent trackers are sites that host files. They can be used as search engines to find exactly the game you are looking for. The easiest way to find trackers is to just enter the keywords torrent trackers Where torrent trackers in your favorite search engine.

The majority of trackers that can be found on Google are public servers accessible to everyone. If you dig deeper, you will surely find private servers. These can provide access to rare games and allow you to go unnoticed. Usually, only users of a private tracker can give you access and in return require you to upload (upload) as many files as you download

Download Highly Compressed Games Step 7

Step 3. Find the game you want to download

Use the torrent server to search for the game to download. If it's a recent game, you will find several suggestions in the search results. But if this is an old title, there must be at least one or two suggestions or it may not be available.

In most countries, it's illegal to download games that you don't have a license for

Download Highly Compressed Games Step 8

Step 4. Check all the search results

When looking at the results, you should first check the number of seeders (people who have the file on their computer and share it). This is the number of people who have the entire file and are sharing it with other users. Not only does a high number of seeders contribute to a better download speed, it also shows that the file is functional. This is especially important for games, since most of them are copyrighted to prevent non-buyers from playing them.

Download Highly Compressed Games Step 9

Step 5. First read the torrent description and comments

The torrent must indeed contain all the necessary elements to play the game, such as any crack files to bypass copyright protection. The description should tell you about all the torrent files. The comments will let you know if the torrent is infected with a virus. If in the comments many users complained about viruses from the files, then avoid downloading this torrent and look for a different one.

Part 3 of 4: download the game

Download Highly Compressed Games Step 10

Step 1. Download the torrent

To do so, click on the link To download or the small magnet icon. In the first case, a small torrent file will be downloaded to your computer. By opening it in your client software, the download process will start. In the second case, a warning will open through the software without downloading the small torrent file. Each of these methods allows you to download torrent files.

Download Highly Compressed Games Step 11

Step 2. Wait for the download to complete

The download can start slowly and gradually increase as soon as you connect to more seeders. Depending on the size of the file being downloaded, the number of seeders and your speed, the download may take a few minutes or several days.

Download Highly Compressed Games Step 12

Step 3. Increase the speed of your download (optional)

Some computer and network configurations can make it difficult to connect to other users. There are several tips to improve connection speed.

  • Make sure nothing else on the network like streaming videos and games is using your connection. Modern routers will give BitTorrent traffic priority over your network, if something else is using up your bandwidth. Make sure your torrent traffic is the only one on the network to download files quickly.
  • Open the options menu in your client and select the section Log in. Consult the section Enable UPnP Port Mapping or something similar. This allows the software to open the correct ports in the router. The UPnP ports of your router must be activated beforehand. Check out this article to find information on how to open your router's configuration page.
  • Set a limit on your download speed in the section Speed from the options menu. If your torrent reaches maximum speed, it can slow down your computer and even disrupt your download. Set the upload speed to a small number to increase your download speed.
Download Highly Compressed Games Step 13

Step 4. Scan the files at the end

Perform a virus scan after downloading the games. For the majority of antivirus software, you can right click on the downloaded file or folder and start the scan. You can also do a full computer scan although it can take a long time. This process does not guarantee the absence of viruses, but helps reduce the risk of infection.

Part 4 of 4: install and play the game

Download Highly Compressed Games Step 14

Step 1. Find the game's README file

Most of the games you download have a README text file. It is strongly recommended that you read it before installation, since the operation of several games depends on certain steps to follow.

Download Highly Compressed Games Step 15

Step 2. Mount or burn the ISO file (if necessary)

If the game is in ISO format, you need to mount the file as a virtual disc or burn it to a real disc. Windows 8 and 10 users can right click on ISO file and choose Rise to "insert" the latter in the virtual drive. Those using Windows 7 and recent versions can right click on the ISO file and choose the option to burn it to hard drive.

  • If you are unable to mount or burn ISO file, check out this article on how to burn ISO files to DVD and this article to mount ISO image.
  • It should be noted that not all downloaded games are in ISO format. The file can be installed in the normal way.
Download Highly Compressed Games Step 16

Step 3. Start the installation process

Installation can be done from disk or by running the setup file. The process varies with each game. Pay attention to all instructions during the process and make sure you follow them strictly. If you don't follow the steps, chances are the game won't work.

  • During the installation process, you may need to run a crack to bypass copyright protection. Be very careful when running this kind of program, as it is one of the easiest ways to expose yourself to viruses.
  • If you want to be completely safe, first install the game on a virtual machine and run the crack. Check the virtual machine for viruses. If there is no problem, you can install it on your computer. See How to Use VMware Workstation for more instructions on how to configure and use virtual machines.
Download Highly Compressed Games Step 17

Step 4. Play your game

As soon as it is installed, you should be able to play it. You will still have to look at the README file, because in order to play cracked games in most cases you have to follow specific steps. You may need to run another executable file or special crack every time you start playing.

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