How to get Nomads in Banished: 10 steps (with pictures)

How to get Nomads in Banished: 10 steps (with pictures)
How to get Nomads in Banished: 10 steps (with pictures)

Nomads are immigrants who come from distant countries. They are useful if you are running out of population to fill the vacancies or you can also use them to construct new buildings. However, to attract nomads to your glorious city, you need certain buildings.


Part 1 of 3: Prepare for their arrival

Get Nomads in Banished Step 1

Step 1. Build a town hall

The Town Hall is the administrative building of the game, this is where you will find the archives and statistics of your city, as well as the number of inhabitants, amounts of resources, food reserves and other data. about the population that change over time. You can also find up-to-date information about your citizens regarding their work, health, happiness, education, food production and more.

  • To build a Town Hall you need 64 units of wood, 124 of stone and 48 of iron, the required manpower is 160.
  • The Town Hall occupies a 10 x 8 square.
Get Nomads in Banished Step 2

Step 2. Build a house or boarding house

To accommodate nomads, you must build houses or boarding houses to give them a place to live and serve as a temporary home. Even if you have pensions, you will have to build houses to provide them with permanent accommodation.

  • To build a boarding house, you need 100 units of wood, 45 of stone, and 150 of labor. Remember that pensions can only accommodate 5 families.
  • To build a wooden house, you need 16 units of wood, 8 of stone and 10 of labor.
  • To build a stone house, you need 24 units of wood, 40 of stone, 10 of iron, and 10 of labor.
Get Nomads in Banished Step 3

Step 3. Build a Market

The market is necessary to attract nomads, as it allows you to distribute resources to your citizens, it is the place where they can buy what they need, for example food or wood that they bring home.. Your citizens will no longer have to go too far to go to the attic or warehouse to get what they need.

  • The market has a range of 90 squares, each citizen who is in this radius will prefer to go to the market rather than go further.
  • To build a market, you need 58 units of wood, 62 of stone, 40 of iron, and 100 of labor.
  • The more workers you assign to the market, the more food, tools and materials they will be able to distribute.
Get Nomads in Banished Step 4

Step 4. Build a counter

The Trading Post is a useful building where merchants can trade with you. They will offer you food, resources, livestock, and many kinds of seeds. Not all means of payment are available in the game, you must set up a system of exchanging resources to acquire new ones.

To build a Trading Post you need 62 Wood, 80 Stone, 40 Stone, and 140 Labor. You need to build the trading post near a river with access to the edges of the map so that the merchants can get there

Part 2 of 3: take care of your city

Get Nomads in Banished Step 5

Step 1. Build a hospital

At that point, you need to build a hospital for your citizens as quickly as possible. Nomads can bring diseases and these diseases can spread and cause the death of your citizens. If you have an herb shop, the herbs they offer might be more effective.

  • To build a hospital, you need 52 units of wood, 78 of stone, 32 of iron, and 150 of labor. Each hospital can accommodate 30 patients.
  • You can only assign one doctor to this.
  • If you have a large population, it is advisable to build more than one hospital.
Get Nomads in Banished Step 6

Step 2. Add more farmers

Since the nomads are not educated when they arrive in your city, they will lower the level of culture in your city, which slows down production. In addition, the arrival of nomads also means that the food reserves will decrease, as you have more mouths to feed.

  • To prevent your citizens from starving, build more farms and assign nomads to work as farmers. Make sure you fill the vacancies to get the fastest and best harvests possible.
  • If the nomads have children, you don't need to worry about them. Their children will go to school like everyone else.
Get Nomads in Banished Step 7

Step 3. Add fishermen

If at that point you still have nomads out of work, build a fisherman's dock and send them out to fish for fish. The citizens who work on the docks, unlike the farmers, do not stop catching fish during the winter.

  • To build a Fisherman's Dock, you need 30 units of Wood, 16 of Stone, and 45 of Labor.
  • Just like the counters, you must build the fishermen's docks near the bodies of water. However, as the years go by, the fish might disappear.
  • Educated citizens often work as builders, lumberjacks and gatherers because they produce more than uneducated citizens.

Part 3 of 3: survive the rest of the game

Get Nomads in Banished Step 8

Step 1. Control the population

As your city grows, more nomads will come with 30 people. Remember that each time you welcome more citizens into your city, you must increase the production of food and wood. You also need houses that require building materials.

  • By accepting nomads, you will be able to fill vacant positions, but the downside is that they could come with illnesses and will deplete your resources. Decline any request if you are unsure.
  • If you really want to welcome more people to your city, prepare your resources. Collect more wood for heating. Produce more food, tools and clothing.
Get Nomads in Banished Step 9

Step 2. Build chapels or a tavern

It is important to pay attention to the level of happiness when managing an important city. Build chapels or a tavern to make them happy. Unhappy citizens work less and produce less food or materials. Although the tavern needs beer to function, you can also produce it using products from the orchards like apples, pears and cherries.

  • To build a chapel, you need 50 units of wood, 130 of stone, 30 of iron, and 150 of labor.
  • To build a tavern, you need 52 units of wood, 12 of stone, 20 of iron, and 90 of labor.
  • You can get seeds for planting an orchard from merchants. If you don't have orchards, you can also make beer from wheat.
Get Nomads in Banished Step 10

Step 3. Build a graveyard

Now that you have a large population, the older citizens will die and their deaths will make their family members miserable. Family members may stop working before they return to normal levels of happiness after a few years.

  • City dwellers who live near a cemetery have an increased level of happiness.
  • To build a cemetery, you need one unit of stone per square. The maximum size of the cemetery is 20 squares in length.
  • Gravestones could degrade and disappear after a generation, then you can reuse the graveyard area.


  • It is better that you build the market away from warehouses and attics. Houses must also be built around the market, so that its use is more efficient.
  • You can use the town hall to accept or reject nomads who arrive at random, which is why it is important to build a town hall as soon as possible. Remember that nomads can give your city a boost by bringing in fresh labor if you give them shelter and goods.
  • The arrival of the nomads might not happen for a while, but when they do, you will be notified.
  • Stone houses are useful during the winter. They reduce the amount of wood used and provide more heat compared to wooden houses.
  • It is important to keep empty pensions in case of emergencies during disasters. Disasters can strike at random, whether it's a house fire or a tornado that destroys all vegetation and buildings.
  • Trading goods with firewood is more efficient than with lumber or other resources you own. Remember that the number of workers in your counter determines how quickly its reserves fill up with the goods you want to sell.

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