How to buy a house in Blanchevire

How to buy a house in Blanchevire
How to buy a house in Blanchevire

"Sweet Breeze" is one of the purchasable houses in Skyrim. This is the first house that you can buy during the main more quest, this one gives you a safe dwelling to deposit your loots and rearm yourself between the various excursions of the Chatellerie de Blancherive. "Sweet Breeze" can be purchased for 5,000 Gold after completing the quest "Land of Tormented Falls".


Part 1 of 3: Complete the Terra of Tormented Falls quest

Buy a House in Whiterun Step 1

Step 1. Start the Terra of Tormented Falls quest

This quest is part of the main Skyrim quest. This is given by Farengar Secret Fire to Fort-Dragon in Blanchevire. This quest comes right after the "Before the Storm" quest.

Note: You can make your task easier by traveling to Terte des Chutes Tormentées before heading to Blanchevire. You can start the La Griffe d'Or quest by talking to Lucan Valerius in Rivebois. This will give you everything you need for the Grounds of Tormented Falls quest and you will be able to give the necessary items to Secret Fire Farengar without having to go back and forth

Buy a House in Whiterun Step 2

Step 2. Go to Terte des Chutes tormentées

You can find this dungeon south of Blanchevire and west of Rivebois. Outside there will be several bandits that you will have to eliminate before entering the dungeon.The entrance is at the top of the stairs in the ruins.

Buy a House in Whiterun Step 3

Step 3. Kill the two bandits in the first room and continue

You will meet a bandit who pulls a bad lever which costs him his life.

Buy a House in Whiterun Step 4

Step 4. Activate the pillars

Look at the shelves above the door and next to the lever to determine the order to use to activate the pillars. The correct order is "serpent", "serpent" and "whale". This will allow you to activate the lever and continue.

Buy a House in Whiterun Step 5

Step 5. Free Arvel then kill him

You will find Arvel trapped in a spider's web a little far in the dungeon. Tap on the spider web to free him then try to kill him in order to reach his body. If you don't kill him, he will either be killed by a Draug a little further away or be trapped.

Arvel will kneel once freed from the web, this is a good opportunity to kill him

Buy a House in Whiterun Step 6

Step 6. Take the Golden Claw and use it to solve the puzzle

You will find this item on Arvel's corpse. This is required to solve puzzles later in the dungeon. Zooming in on one of the Golden Claws palms from your inventory will give you the correct order to choose during the circle puzzles (top to bottom: bear, hummingbird, owl).

Buy a House in Whiterun Step 7

Step 7. Read the dragon word on the wall

This one will teach you the word of power: "Surge", one of the most useful in the game. After reading the word, you will be attacked by a despot Draug. Eliminate him and get the Dragon Stone.

Buy a House in Whiterun Step 8

Step 8. Give the Dragon Stone to Secret Fire Farengar in Blanchevire

This will complete your quest and give you the opportunity to buy a house in Blanchevire.

Part 2 of 3: Buying the house

Buy a House in Whiterun Step 9

Step 1. Talk to Jarl

Once the quest is complete, talk to Jarl in Dragon Fort. He will inform you that a house for sale is available and guide you to Proventus Avenicci.

Buy a House in Whiterun Step 10

Step 2. Find Proventus Avenicci in Blanchevire

You can usually find it near the throne in Dragon Fort. If he's not there, he must be in his room or having dinner on the large porch.

If you haven't bought the house prior to the "Fight for Whitewire" quest, you will need to buy it from Brill in Dragon Fort

Buy a House in Whiterun Step 11

Step 3. Buy the house for 5,000 Gold

Proventus will sell you the house if you give him 5,000 Gold. If you don't have this amount, loot dungeons and sell your loot to merchants.

Buy a House in Whiterun Step 12

Step 4. Buy furniture from Proventus

When you buy your house will be a bit empty however, you can furnish and decorate it by purchasing furniture from Proventus. Your purchases will be automatically delivered to your home.

You can buy furniture per room. For example, furnishing your living room will give you 2 shelves for weapons, 1 bookcase, 1 cupboard, 1 small table and 2 small chairs. Furnishing the bedroom gives 1 table, 1 chest, 2 chairs, 1 chest of drawers, 3 pieces of furniture

Buy a House in Whiterun Step 13

Step 5. Find your new home

After purchasing your house, you will receive the key to it. The house is called "Doucebrise" and you can find it inside the western gates of Blanchevire.

Part 3 of 3: use the house

Buy a House in Whiterun Step 14

Step 1. Keep your items safe

Storage in Skyrim in furniture is unreliable as these storage locations reset. Those in your house will not be reset and will provide you with a safe place for your items.

  • Most players will place items according to their types in order to categorize items. For example, you can place all of your clothes and armor in the furniture in your bedroom and food in the kitchen.
  • Weapon shelves will automatically store your equipped weapons as you use them, making it easy to showcase your favorite weapons.
Buy a House in Whiterun Step 15

Step 2. Upgrade your kitchen for cooking

Upgrading the kitchen will provide you with a pot. You can use it to combine ingredients and cook food more efficiently.

Most of the ingredients require salt as an ingredient

Buy a House in Whiterun Step 16

Step 3. Upgrade your alchemy lab to craft potions

This allows you to use ingredients to create powerful potions. You can combine three ingredients (two basic and one bonus) to be able to create varied, devastating and useful potions. The Alchemy Lab is the most expensive for a purchase of 500 Gold.

If you have the “Hearthfire” expansion, you can replace your alchemy lab with a nursery. This will allow you to adopt a child who will live with you

Buy a House in Whiterun Step 17

Step 4. Enjoy "La Guerrière"

One of Doucebrise's strengths is that it is close to "La Guerrière". This means that you can quickly forge and repair your equipment without having to find the right equipment.

Buy a House in Whiterun Step 18

Step 5. Know what you cannot do in Sweet Breeze

This one does not have an enchantment table or a mannequin. This means that you cannot enchant items in your home. Without the mannequin, you cannot place your armor on a mannequin. Sweet Breeze is also quite a distance from the Thieves Guild.

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