How to successfully duel in Red Dead Redemption

How to successfully duel in Red Dead Redemption
How to successfully duel in Red Dead Redemption

Dueling is a mode in Red Dead Redemption that challenges you against an opponent. Failing a duel will result in your death as a result, knowing how to duel will prevent you from ending up in a coffin. Once you get used to aiming and shooting, no one will be able to beat you.


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Step 1. Start a duel

The "Wild West" is a hostile place and conflicts are often between those who have the quickest trigger. There are several ways to find yourself in a duel during your adventure.

  • Several missions will offer a duel as well as some "foreign" missions.
  • You will be challenged according to your reputation level. The higher it is, the more you will be challenged by an opponent. These duels can occur when you pass through a village. Reputation can be increased by completing missions, jobs, challenges, winning poker games as well as killing enemies.
  • If you get caught cheating in poker, you will end up in a duel with the person you tried to cheat. If you wear the "smart suit" and cheat at poker, you will end up in a duel every time you try to cheat.
  • You can find yourself in a duel when you run into a person with your horse, this is indeed rare.
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Step 2. Understand the flow of a duel

When you start a duel, you will see two bars at the bottom right of the screen. The blue bar represents your score and the red bar represents the enemy. In order to win the duel, you will need to fill the bar before your enemy. Aiming for the head or chest at the right time will quickly fill the bar.

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Step 3. Press and hold the LT / L2 button when “Draw” appears on the screen

This will draw your gun. If you press the button very early, the camera will zoom out and aim will be more difficult.

You can also draw by doing Down and Up with the right stick of the controller to simulate the movement

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Step 4. Use the right stick to aim

Time slows down when you draw your weapon. You can move the cursor slightly with the right stick. Aim for the head or chest to quickly fill the bar. You can also try to aim the enemy's weapon in order to disarm them and increase your reputation.

  • Avoid aiming for the stomach or legs to better fill the bar.
  • Be aware that you cannot disarm an opponent in a story mode duel.
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Step 5. Look at the color of the pointer

When you move this one on the enemy, the size and color change. If it is large and red, the shot is not effective, if it is white and small, the shot is fatal.

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Step 6. Press RB / R1 to mark the target

When the pointer is small and white and you know where to aim, press the RB / R1 button to mark the target.

If you are aiming the weapon, a good shot with the blank pointer will suffice to fill your bar with a single marker. It's a tough shot, if you fail the first time try to shoot the chest or the head in order to win the duel

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Step 7. Continue to mark your enemy

With a gun, you can mark your opponent up to six times. The number of markings is determined by the number of bullets your weapon can fire. Each time you score, you will see that your bar will fill up. You don't need to completely fill your bar, you just need to have a bar that's fuller than your opponent.

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Step 8. Press the RT / R2 button when you are satisfied with your markers

This will end the duel and if your bar is fuller than your enemy's, John will shoot at the areas you have marked.

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