How to clean a PS4 controller (with pictures)

How to clean a PS4 controller (with pictures)
How to clean a PS4 controller (with pictures)

If you are a PlayStation 4 fan, then you use your controller very often. You can easily forget to clean it, although it is often affected by bacteria. If the controller is worn a lot and starting to look dirty, it's time to clean it! Fortunately, the process is very simple whether you want to clean the inside or the outside of your controller.


Method 1 of 2: Wipe the controller

Step 1. Mix one part water with the same amount of alcohol

Fill a one-liter spray bottle to a quarter of its capacity. Pour rubbing alcohol (also known as isopropyl alcohol) into the water until the bottle is half full. Close the cap securely and gently invert the vial, then return it to the starting position to mix the solution.

Take the spray bottle and spray a few jets into the sink to make sure it is working properly

Clean a PS4 Controller Step 2

Step 2. Wipe down the controller with a microfiber towel soaked in the mixture

Spray two or three squirts of the disinfectant on a clean microfiber towel. Use this to clean the entire surface of the controller. When the clean side of the towel is dirty, turn it over and use the other side.

You can also use a lint-free paper towel or a soft cloth. However, a microfiber towel will wipe off dirt more easily and be less likely to scratch the shiny parts of the controller

Step 3. Pour pure alcohol into a tray or small container

Then place it next to the controller. If you cannot get pure isopropyl alcohol, make sure its concentration is as close to 100% as possible.

Step 4. Dip a cotton swab in alcohol and flatten it

Make sure the tip is flat after squeezing it with your fingers. While doing this, always wear cleaning gloves (latex or nylon) to prevent alcohol from getting on your skin.

After you squeeze the cotton swab, it should be flat enough to fit into the recesses of the controller

Step 5. Insert the cotton swab between the buttons and the slots on the controller

After inserting the tip of the cotton swab, move it side to side and up and down to remove dirt. Continue like this for each button, including the directional buttons. Don't be concerned if the alcohol gets into the space between the pimples, as it will eventually evaporate.

  • Use a toothpick to remove dirt that the cotton swab could not reach. Be careful not to insert it too hard, otherwise you may damage the buttons.
  • If you're having trouble cleaning the spaces between the buttons, focus on the surfaces.
  • Clean the buttons with a clean towel or cloth when you are finished.

Step 6. Take a new cotton swab

Use this to rub the rubber top and bottom of the analog sticks. Dip another cotton swab in the alcohol and squeeze it out. Slide its tip around the top and edges of the analog sticks. Then start rubbing their bases. As you do this, wiggle the joysticks to expose them more so you can clean them well.

  • Use a toothpick to reach the bottom of the controller, where it connects to the sticks.
  • Use a new cotton swab for each analog stick.

Step 7. Clean the slits on the trigger buttons

Loosen the dirt in the cracks by gently removing it with a toothpick. Then use a new alcohol-soaked cotton swab to clean the slits as well as the surface of the trigger buttons.

In spaces, do not push the toothpick past the tip

Step 8. Clean the groove around the touchpad

Use a toothpick to remove any dirt stuck in the slot. Wipe it off with a clean towel or cloth when you're done. Then dip a new cotton swab in alcohol and wipe the edges of the touchpad to remove any remaining dirt.

Step 9. Clean the PlayStation, Share and Options buttons

Soak a new cotton swab in alcohol and hold it horizontally to rub the surface of the buttons and the slits around them.

  • You will find the button Share (share) to the left of the touchpad, the button Options to the right of it and the button Playstation below.

Step 10. Pass a toothpick in the space between the various parts of the controller

Place the tip of the toothpick in the groove. Hold it so that it is parallel to the slot and slide it all the way around the controller. Keep doing this until you have removed all the dirt.

Step 11. Gently insert and remove a new toothpick from the speaker holes

Twist the toothpick as you insert it and pull it out of the holes. This action should remove any dirt that may have stuck there. Be careful not to forcefully twist the toothpick.

Do not insert the toothpick beyond the tip, otherwise you may damage the internal parts of the handle

Step 12. Clean the controller ports with an alcohol swab

After dipping the cotton swab in alcohol, insert it while twisting it into the headphone jack. Don't press too hard, just insert it with light pressure. Flatten the tip of the cotton swab to clean the USB and EXT ports. Then rub the inside of the ports by moving the cotton swab from left to right.

Don't worry if the alcohol gets into the controller, it will evaporate on its own

Method 2 of 2: Clean the inside of the controller

Step 1. Remove the four screws from the back of the controller

Turn the device over and use a 0-gauge flathead screwdriver to remove all screws by turning them counterclockwise. For best results, use a 4 inch or 6 inch screwdriver.

Change the screwdriver if you have trouble turning the screws. These are M2X6 pan head screws

Step 2. Insert a small flat screwdriver into the slot on the handle

Then lift it up to open the device. Firmly insert the screwdriver into the slot along the handle at any point. Start lifting until the different pieces come off. Continue to do this along the groove until the lever opens fully.

Be careful while opening it so as not to damage it

Step 3. Remove the back of the controller

Separate it from the notch at the bottom between the analog sticks. Gently remove the back by shaking it up and forward. Be careful not to remove the buttons.

If this part is dirty, clean it with a dry cloth and surface cleaner

Step 4. Pull the white dab out of the slot in the connector

After opening the lever, be careful not to damage the dab. Gently pull it out of its connection location with your hands and set the front part of the controller aside.

Step 5. Remove the black piece from under the battery by pulling it up

Push the battery connector out of the controller. Use a small flat screwdriver and gently shake the connector, then remove the battery. Then pull the black piece up. Keep pulling and shaking it gently until it comes off.

Be patient as this part may take some time to come off

Step 6. Remove the circuit board

Use a small 0-gauge flat screwdriver to remove the small screw in the middle of the circuit board. Next, disconnect the blue dab that is on the circuit board and remove the plate while gently pulling it up.

Be careful not to damage the cables that connect the circuit board to the battery

Step 7. Separate the two pieces of the front part of the controller

This way you will have access to the interior of the device. Hold the parts of the controller and gently pull them apart without applying too much force.

Remove the R2 and L2 buttons before separating the room in order to have more space

Step 8. Remove the buttons and analog sticks

You can easily push the analog sticks out of the controller. To remove the buttons, you must first remove the rubber mounts that hold them in place. Then place them on a clean, flat surface.

You should now have a green triangle, a red circle, a blue cross and a pink square, the directional cross, four trigger buttons, a PlayStation button and the analog sticks

Step 9. Clean each part with a 50/50 solution of alcohol and water

Pour these ingredients into a small container. Moisten a microfiber towel with the solution and gently rub each piece separately.

A soft cloth or lint-free towel can also do the trick. However, microfiber towels are more effective at removing dirt and are less likely to scratch parts

Step 10. Use a microfiber towel to dry the parts

After cleaning them, gently rub the surface of each with a dry microfiber towel. Then place them on a clean surface for about five minutes.

You also have the option of using regular towels or rags. However, they can sometimes scratch the surface of parts

Step 11. Reassemble the handle

Put all the buttons back in their respective places. Then place the rubber mounts over them and firmly press the analog sticks into the holes in the circuit board. Insert them through the holes on the front of the controller and screw the plate back into place. Replace the black piece on the PCB and place the battery on it. You can now replace the rear part of the controller and secure it with the screws.

  • Reconnect all the dabs as you reassemble the controller.
  • Keep the front part of the controller turned upside down as you replace the buttons.

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