How to set up a private server to play RuneScape

How to set up a private server to play RuneScape
How to set up a private server to play RuneScape

Are you a fan of RuneScape and want to host your own themed server? Nothing could be more tempting, because having your own server allows you to customize it in your own hands, to create new play areas, new monsters … On paper, it is not easy to create a server, because you need knowledge. in computer science. Still, there are pretty much ready-to-use servers for you and your friends.


Part 1 of 3: Download the right files

Make a Private RuneScape Server Step 1

Step 1. Download the latest version of Java

RuneScape runs on Java, which is why you need the latest version to be able to create a server. Java is a free download from the designer's site. This article explains how to install Java.

Make a Private RuneScape Server Step 2

Step 2. Install JDK (“Java Development Kit”)

When you create a server, you have to compile the Java code (it can seem intimidating, but in fact, it's very simple). So, again, you need the latest version of JDK, also free. Go to the Oracle website and more precisely in the section Java SE ( There, select Download Java for Developers to have the latest version of JDK (

Make a Private RuneScape Server Step 3

Step 3. Download the RuneScape server and the game client

Both of these can be downloaded from many online sites. For beginners, we can't recommend you enough to go through the RuneLocus site and grab the "Starter Pack" which contains a basic server and the client. Everything can be installed in just a few minutes.

This “Starter Pack” is available, after registration, at the following address: (RuneLocus site)

Part 2 of 3: Configure the server

Make a Private RuneScape Server Step 4

Step 1. Compile your server

After unzipping the ZIP archive, you end up with a folder that contains two subfolders: “Server” and “Client”. Open the "Server" folder to install the RuneScape server.

  • Open the file run.bat (Windows) or (Mac and Linux).
  • Wait for the “Starter Pack” control panel to open. This operation may take a few minutes. If you don't see anything, it's probably that JDK is not installed or that the version is too old!
  • Enter a port. Usually, the port number is 43594, 43595 or 5555.
  • Click on Save & Compile (Save and compile).
  • Click on Run Server (Run the server). Your RuneScape private server is ready to go.
Make a Private RuneScape Server Step 5

Step 2. Redirect the ports

If you want your guests to be able to connect to your server, you need to open the port configured previously. To do this, you need to open your router's configuration page. For more details on port forwarding, read this article.

  • In order to redirect a port, you must know the IP address of the computer that hosts the server.
  • Once the redirect is configured, you can connect to the server from any computer, as long as you have the correct client software.
  • If you know in advance that your server will only run on a home network, you don't need to do port forwarding. This is only useless if you want strangers to connect to it.
Make a Private RuneScape Server Step 6

Step 3. Configure your client

To be able to connect to the server, you must configure the RuneScape client. By “client” is in fact meant a configurable program which connects to the server and which therefore makes it possible to play. Each server has its own specific client. They work in symbiosis. Open the folder Customer contained in the “Starter Pack” folder.

  • In the file Customer, open the file run.bat (Windows) or (Mac and Linux).
  • Give your server a name in the field Set Title (Configuring the server name).
  • In the field Set Host (Host configuration), you must enter the IP address of your server (most often, this will be the IP address of your computer). If your server is connected to the Internet, you will need to enter a public IP address (hosting Internet address). If the server manages a private network, your computer's IP address is sufficient.
  • In the field Set Port (Port configuration), enter the port number you entered when configuring the server.
  • Click on Save & Compile (Save and compile).
Make a Private RuneScape Server Step 7

Step 4. You can make changes to your server

Over time, you may want or need to modify your server to improve usability or power. Each time you make changes to your server, it will have to be compiled again. With "Starter Pack", you have to go to the folder Server and run the file Compile.bat every time you make changes.

  • Setting up a private RuneScape server that you stole from another (“leeched server”) will not get you more players. What they like are the original servers, not the copies. They even systematically avoid them! If you want your server to stand out from the rest, you will have to enrich it in an original way.
  • As you can imagine, to have an original server, you will have to master a minimum of Java language, the one on which the RuneScape game is built. Therefore, any change in the game supposes knowing how to code in Java. Do not worry ! There are many sites, forums, tutorials that will allow you to start, then improve your coding RuneScape.

Part 3 of 3: improve the server

Make a Private RuneScape Server Step 8

Step 1. Submit your server

Once your server is up and running, submit it to major SEO sites. We can't recommend that you start with must-see sites like RuneLocus, Xtremetop100 and Top100Arena.

Make a Private RuneScape Server Step 9

Step 2. Your players should be able to vote for your server

The more people vote for your server, the more visible you will be on SEO sites. This is why you must plan a voting procedure for the players who log in. You can also set up a system of rewards for those who have voted. Some sites referencing RuneScape servers (we think in particular of RuneLocus) have a very interesting feature: the "callback" ("response in return"). Each time a player votes for your server, you can, through this feature, automatically reward the voter.

Make a Private RuneScape Server Step 10

Step 3. Start a community of gamers using your server

Set up a website and / or a forum to stay in touch with your players and so that they can talk to each other. They will be your best allies to improve your platform. Ask them what they like and what they dislike. Many themed server creators have failed because they thought they knew everything about their players' expectations.

Make a Private RuneScape Server Step 11

Step 4. Stay Creative

You can constantly improve your RuneScape server, depending on your tastes and those of the players. On the Web, you will find many tools, more or less complete, advice, pieces of code… that you can integrate into your server to make it unique. RuneScape developers are legion and work around the clock. Remember: in gaming, you have to please those who log into your server, while also making yourself happy. User-friendliness is the basis of a successful theme server.

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