3 ways to kill your Sims in The Sims 3

3 ways to kill your Sims in The Sims 3
3 ways to kill your Sims in The Sims 3

Are you tired of your Sims or do you wish you had a ghost or a grave in your house? There are many ways to end your Sims' virtual lives, especially if you have an expansion.


Method 1 of 3: Kill a Sim in the base game

Kill Your Sims in Sims 3 Step 1

Step 1. Kill him by fire

Buy the cheapest oven or barbecue, take a Sim with little cooking skills, and have them cook a meal. You can also place flammable objects near a fireplace and have your Sim stir the fireplace repeatedly. Sims on fire for an hour of play die and become red ghosts.

  • Some Sims have hidden traits that allow them to survive for three hours on fire. Firefighters cannot be killed by fire.
  • Extensions give you many, many other ways to start a fire. These are not listed below, since they do not give any unique results.
Kill Your Sims in Sims 3 Step 2

Step 2. Cause an electrical accident

Have a Sim with low manual skills repair or upgrade an electrical device multiple times. The first crash will cause the Sim to "scorch" and the second will kill them if the first effect is still active. Increase the chances of your Sim dying by having them stand in a puddle to repair expensive and complex devices. Your Sim's ghost will be yellow.

  • A DIY Sim cannot die this way. It is unlikely that a Sim with skills in electronics will die this way.
  • The Sim needs at least one point in the "Handyman" category to be able to tinker.
Kill Your Sims in Sims 3 Step 3

Step 3. Starve the Sim

Remove the fridges, oven, stove, and phone so your Sim has no way of getting food. You can also wall your Sim in a room. After approximately 48 hours of play, the Sim will die and turn into a purple ghost.

Kill Your Sims in Sims 3 Step 4

Step 4. Make him drown

Pools were dangerous in previous Sims, since Sims couldn't get out of the water if you removed the ladder. They got smarter in The Sims 3, so you'll need to build a wall around the edge of the pool instead. Drowned Sims leave behind a blue ghost.

Method 2 of 3: Kill Sims with Expansions and Store Content

Kill Your Sims in Sims 3 Step 5

Step 1. Use the mummy curse

When you have installed the "Destination Adventure" expansion, go explore the tombs of Al Simhara and look inside the sarcophagi to wake up the mummies. Let the mummy grab your Sim and she may curse you (adding a new mood bar). It will take two weeks of play for your Sim to die, but you will get a cool white ghost haunted by a black cloud.

  • Sims with good martial arts skills can fight the mummy and avoid the curse.
  • There are several ways to end the curse, but most are hard to do by accident. Avoid meditation, time travel, unicorn blessings, snake kisses and sleeping in sarcophagi.
Kill Your Sims in Sims 3 Step 6

Step 2. Get him killed by a meteorite

This option will be unlocked in the Ambitions or Seasons expansions. There is only a small chance that this will happen, but you can increase these by using a telescope outdoors. If you hear spooky music and see a shadow approaching, rush the Sim you want to kill to that location. The ghosts of meteor victims are orange like fire victims, but with black sparks.

  • If you also have the Seasons expansion and control an alien, it can summon meteorites
  • Meteorites never fall on children, ghosts, or aliens, but these Sims can run to the meteor impact site and die.
Kill Your Sims in Sims 3 Step 7

Step 3. Transform yourself into a thirsty vampire

You will be able to unlock this option in the Sims 3 Superpowers Expansions or VIP Access. Surprisingly, vampires in The Sims 3 can survive sunlight. The only special death they can experience is their version of starvation, death from drought. After about two days without blood, the vampire will transform into a red ghost with a beating red heart and have a bat shaped tombstone.

To become a vampire, look for non-player characters with tattoos on their necks and glowing eyes (you will unlock the “haunted” option when you are nearby.) Meet the vampire and choose “Request Transformation” while interacting

Kill Your Sims in Sims 3 Step 8

Step 4. Install the University extension

It will allow you to ramble on death with a megaphone. Each ramble will allow you to attract the Grim Reaper. The first time, you will have a warning indicated by a new mood bar. Keep talking about death while death is active, and the Reaper won't be as lenient next time around.

Kill Your Sims in Sims 3 Step 9

Step 5. Crush the Sim in a collapsible bed at the University

It's another easy-to-cause death in the University expansion. Open the bed, place the Sim on it, and close it. And There you go !

You will have to try several times

Kill Your Sims in Sims 3 Step 10

Step 6. Shake a vending machine at the University

Shake the vending machine several times. Every time you shake it, it may fall over and crush your Sim. Is your free soda really worth it?

Kill Your Sims in Sims 3 Step 11

Step 7. Fail as a magician in the Super Powers expansion

Launch your Sim into the Wizarding career and have fun with your suicide. In reality, the magic box is surprisingly safe, but escape tricks into a grave or water tank will give you the opportunity to cause your Sim to die.

Skilled Magicians and lucky Sims can try the trick hundreds of times without dying. Since these are hidden traits, it's hard to predict which Sim will be able to die this way

Kill Your Sims in Sims 3 Step 12

Step 8. Install the Supernatural expansion and turn into gold

It's the only death that leaves behind a new piece of furniture: a golden statue of your Sim! Grant enough wishes to receive the Eternal Philosopher's Stone Reward, then transmute anything you can find into gold. Each transformation will give you a small chance to die.

Kill Your Sims in Sims 3 Step 13

Step 9. Pick up candy from the Super-Powers expansion

Add the candy tree to your house and keep using it. There is a 5% chance that your Sim will be set on fire or electrocuted, plus a 1% chance of a special death from these candies. This death will give a purple ghost with blue hair.

Kill Your Sims in Sims 3 Step 14

Step 10. Haunt other players as a supernatural witch

Whenever a witch casts an ominous curse on another player, it is possible that she will turn on her and kill her. This can only happen after your witch has reached a certain level of power, so keep practicing the spell casting.

Kill Your Sims in Sims 3 Step 15

Step 11. Die in the Ile de Rêve extension

You certainly think that an island paradise is peaceful, but you are wrong. Sims can drown or starve during a scuba diving course and even be killed by a shark if they can't find a place to hide. Mermaids can die spending too much time on earth, but a nearby Sim can splash water on them to save their lives.

Kill Your Sims in Sims 3 Step 16

Step 12. Die in the future

The Road to the Future expansion introduces two additional ways to die. Flying a jetpack for too long is likely to cause crashes, which may or may not kill your Sim. Using a Time Machine can cause Time Paradox illness, causing your Sim to wonder if he really exists or to detach from his existence. Finally, the Sims can disappear completely … sometimes even with their descendants!

Kill Your Sims in Sims 3 Step 17

Step 13. Make the Grim Reaper your neighbor

This form of death requires the “Door to Life and Death” option from the Sims Store. Knock her home to salute death and challenge her to a guitar competition. Fail and you will lose your life.

Kill Your Sims in Sims 3 Step 18

Step 14. Abuse the carnivorous plant

One of the strangest ways to die involves a carnivorous plant in the Sims store. Scrape the plant and leave it without food for a few days. She'll end up giving your Sim a slice of cake and then eating you if you try to grab her.

Method 3 of 3: Cheat

Kill Your Sims in Sims 3 Step 19

Step 1. Bring up the cheat console

Open the cheat console with Control + ⇧ Shift + C. Type testcheatsenabled true to activate the options below.

Be careful. These methods can delete your saves and disrupt your gameplay, especially if you use them on non-player characters. Disable them as soon as you are finished

Kill Your Sims in Sims 3 Step 20

Step 2. Age Your Sim

Hold down the Shift key and click the Sim button. Select Age transition to move to the next age category. Repeat until the Sim has become an old person, then activate it again to make them die of old age.

Kill Your Sims in Sims 3 Step 21

Step 3. Change the hunger bar

With these hints enabled, mood bars can be changed by clicking and dragging the green slider. Slide the hunger bar until the Sim is starving.

Kill Your Sims in Sims 3 Step 22

Step 4. Remove the Sim

No need to use any of the above methods, you just need to simply delete the Sim, which can be handy if it gets stuck by a bug. Click with the button Uppercase on the Sim and select To delete.

This option may damage your save file if you try it on an NPC


  • If your Gardener Sim can find and cultivate Death Flower seeds, each flower will resurrect the Sim after death. This can allow you to try many deaths without having to reload your game.
  • You can resurrect your Sims using a certain occasion or have their ghosts eat ambrosia.
  • Removing free will can help you set up some of these situations, but even so, your Sims can act on their own to save their lives.


  • When a Sim with the unlucky personality trait dies for any reason other than aging, the Grim Reaper will automatically resurrect them.
  • Save your game before trying to kill your Sims. You might want to find them after your experiences.
  • Your Sims cannot die outside of play spaces, such as on the road or while swimming in the ocean. Trying to kill a Sim in these areas can have negative results.

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