How to build a YuGiOh deck that's right for you

How to build a YuGiOh deck that's right for you
How to build a YuGiOh deck that's right for you

If you are playing Yu Gi Oh !, then this guide should help you find the perfect deck for you. In this article, we'll assume that you already have a few Yu Gi Oh! and know how to play.


Build a Yugioh Deck That Suits You Step 1

Step 1. Choose your play style:

this is important since it will determine how players perceive you as a duelist. Are you an impulsive duelist who summons, attacks, and activates cards quickly? Are you more of the type to think, analyze the cards you have in hand and on the ground before doing anything? Or are you a duelist who prefers to remove cards from the deck so that the opponent cannot reuse them? Taking this into consideration, you will be able to choose your deck archetype more easily.

Build a Yugioh Deck That Suits You Step 2

Step 2. Choose the type of your deck:

a themed deck or according to a very specific series of cards. Never build a deck with too many unrelated cards. We would then speak of salad card, and your pickaxe would not allow you to make any combination.

Build a Yugioh Deck That Suits You Step 3

Step 3. Choose the basis for your deck:

a theme deck is quite recommended, since its cards are less likely to be banned, making its playability safer. See the Tips section to learn more about archetypes.

Build a Yugioh Deck That Suits You Step 4

Step 4. Choose your monsters:

after choosing your deck and the way you want to play, you will need to choose your base monsters. Each archetype will have at least 10 main monsters. After placing them in the list of cards you want, add the appropriate supports. Try to have a total of plus or minus 18 monsters, unless you really need more like Elemental Heroes.

Build a Yugioh Deck That Suits You Step 5

Step 5. Check the quantity as follows

  • Level 1 to 4: About 12.
  • Level 5 to 6: About 4.
  • Level 7 to 8: 1 or 2.
  • Level 9 and above: never more than 2, it depends on the deck. Some decks can and should have a very large amount of high level monsters. The Corrupted deck archetype, for example, is only made up of high level monsters, the main two of which are level 10. These monsters are easily summoned since they only need their uncorrupted forms and 'a field magic card.
Build a Yugioh Deck That Suits You Step 6

Step 6. Choose your magic cards:

about a third of the 12 magic cards in your deck should be used to support your monsters or to make combinations with them. The other cards will be the basic ones and the ones you prefer. Add them to your list once you've made your decision.

Build a Yugioh Deck That Suits You Step 7

Step 7. Choose your traps:

take 10, no more and no less, for any type of deck. The only exception are decks that rely on traps, such as those made up of many weak monsters. 3-5 of these traps should be used to support your deck type. The others should be basic cards like Mirror Force, Dimensional Prison, and Bottomless Trap.

Build a Yugioh Deck That Suits You Step 8

Step 8. If you have a large amount of monsters, such as with a Dragon Masters or Mermaids deck, 3 to 6 trap cards should be sufficient

If your deck only relies on monsters, it would be a good idea to go for the Royal Decree card.

Build a Yugioh Deck That Suits You Step 9

Step 9. Lay out your cards and make sure they work well with each other

Cards that do not work well with each other are of no use. Make a list of the cards you need to improve your deck and make sure you buy them. Look at the cards your regular opponent is playing. Also add some master cards to your side deck. You can use them later, between two duels.

Build a Yugioh Deck That Suits You Step 10

Step 10. Go get the cards:

then you have to find the cards you need. Always prefer card shops near you, and ask if exchanges are possible or if you can buy cards individually.

Build a Yugioh Deck That Suits You Step 11

Step 11. Play with friends and local players to have fun and learn more about your deck, including its weaknesses

Build a Yugioh Deck That Suits You Step 12

Step 12. After a few games, it will be time to fill in the weaknesses of your deck, exploit its strengths and modify it with new support cards

By this time, you should have already removed at least 5 cards and replaced them with more useful ones.

Build a Yugioh Deck That Suits You Step 13

Step 13. Then repeat this process:

play and modify your deck, aim for perfection. A deck must constantly change, new cards must be incorporated into it after each week of play.

Build a Yugioh Deck That Suits You Step 14

Step 14. Half of your deck should be made up of monster cards

A monster card for each trap / magic card in your deck. This is a good place to start. You will most likely end up with more or less 20 monsters.

Build a Yugioh Deck That Suits You Step 15

Step 15. Choose your decks

Structure decks are fine for cards that work together and are of the same type, but they don't contain any sync or tuner monsters. Starter decks have different types of cards, including sync and tuner monsters. Boosters can contain all kinds of cards, which do not work together. So buy them in your local store, where you can see behind the packaging what type of cards you will get. You can also buy your cards on the internet. It sells lots of old or very recent cards, you can find everything. They are also sold individually. You can get extremely rare cards as well. They are sometimes expensive, but if you find a card that you absolutely need, this is a good solution.

Build a Yugioh Deck That Suits You Step 16

Step 16. You should have about 13 level 4 or lower monsters

There are three types: normal monsters, effect monsters, and tuner monsters. Make sure you have 8 or 9 effect monster cards and 4 or 5 tuner monsters.

  • Normal monster cards, yellow in color, and whose monsters have no special effects and do not require sacrifice, must have at least 1,600 attack points. In the current metagame (popular, most used cards and decks), the Rescue Rabbit card is the only reason players have normal monsters. Thanks to the effect of this card, they can very easily summon a rank 4 xyz monster.
  • The attack of effect monsters can vary, but make sure that their effect is useful to you. Flip effect monsters can have very good effects. For example, they can inflict damage on your opponent depending on the type of cards your opponent has on the field, or destroy monsters, such as the Vindictive Old Magician. A level 4 or lower monster becomes interesting with 1600 attack points or more (jump if it is a flip effect monster, in this case its attack / defense points have no importance). If a monster can attack directly or gain a large amount of attack points for another monster, then it doesn't matter what its attack / defense points are. Some monsters cannot be destroyed by other monsters with a certain number of attack points, they are useful for good defense. Others can attack or defend themselves more than once per turn. These monsters are excellent. Pterosaur Shield, having only 900 defense points, can be attacked twice per turn without being destroyed.
  • Cards requiring sacrifice must have at least 2300 attack points. Take a maximum of 4. It depends on the cards in question and your deck. Some cards based on archetypes or not, level 5 or 6 and requiring sacrifice have lower attack points but can be extremely useful. For example, Gusto's Reeze Whirlwind only has 1900 attack points. It is however the best Gusto card after Sphreez because it can exchange a card on your side of the field with an opposing monster, if it dies, you still keep the monster that was exchanged.
  • Cards requiring two sacrifices must have at least 2,600 attack points. The remaining places for monsters in your deck will be for these cards.
Build a Yugioh Deck That Suits You Step 17

Step 17. Trap cards are useful, especially those that protect you from enemy attacks

You should have at least 6 of these trap cards. Here are some examples: Scrap Scarecrow, Attack Cancellation, and Sakuretsu Armor. Bewitching Circle and Wheel of Nightmare prevent a monster from attacking while they are on the field. It's all about style, it depends on how you play.

You should have ten trap cards. Also choose four others that you think will be useful in-game

Build a Yugioh Deck That Suits You Step 18

Step 18. Normal magic cards must be able to destroy enemy monsters, inflict damage on your opponent, or allow your monsters to gain attack points

You will need 7-10 of them. Special Summon Magic Cards have also become essential. You will need it to summon a

Build a Yugioh Deck That Suits You Step 19

Stage 19. High level monster

Even monsters that only require one sacrifice surely won't allow you to win if you only do normal summons, since this form of summoning is only possible once per turn. You can therefore summon a low-level monster, but it will most likely be destroyed before your next turn. So you will have to summon another and you will be fooled.

There are also the quick-play magic cards. To recognize them, we can see on these cards a small symbol in the shape of a lightning bolt next to "Magic Card". Take three to five, as they can be used during your opponent's turn. The Book of the Moon is a very popular play-fast magic card

Build a Yugioh Deck That Suits You Step 20

Step 20. Refrain from using prohibited cards

Gracious Charity and Pot of Greed are among the prohibited cards. These cards are known to be too powerful, which would allow you to "cheat" into having them in your deck. These cards can also create conflicts with other Duelists.

Remember: never use prohibited cards in tournaments. You have a chance to be able to use them in a duel against a friend, but the friend may very well decline

Build a Yugioh Deck That Suits You Step 21

Step 21. Test your deck against a tough opponent, then improve it by buying more cards if necessary

Build a Yugioh Deck That Suits You Step 22

Step 22. Update your deck

Wait for new boosters to come out. If you like some, then buy them and try your luck. However, keep in mind that some experienced duelists use old cards or combinations. While waiting for new boosters to come out, keep looking through your collection or looking for old cards / combinations online that might help you and improve your deck.


  • Do as many duels as possible, you will learn more about the game, your deck and yourself. It is practice makes perfect.
  • Finally, never lose your cool. Always remain courteous during your duels. A duel is above all a game. The goal is to have fun, release the pressure, relax, enjoy, make friends, but also, unfortunately, to spend money!
  • Keep in mind which decks your opponents might have, and build a side deck based on that.
  • Head to local card game shops to make friends, trade cards, and learn new skills.
  • A good deck doesn't necessarily make a good duelist. But a good deck AND good techniques yes. Practice and train some more.
  • If you don't have a lot of people to play with, don't give up!
  • Always make sure to balance your deck, with around 40 cards, and take cards that work together, like in Marek's Tombkeepers deck for example. You can take almost any Tomb Protector monster, and also Mortuary Valley. It then remains to find other cards affecting your game or that of your opponent. For example, having a Tomb Protector, Death Valley monster and a card that boosts Dark attribute monsters is a great strategy! Remember: Take cards that can work together, this will help. Try to look for cards with the same name, like “Elemental Hero”, “Black Scorpion”… Also take magic, trap and fusion cards that can be used together and you have a good game.
  • Some cards are great, but if you're not sure how to use them right now, leave them in your side deck. You can still use them after you understand how your opponent's deck works. Prohibition, for example, can defeat many strategies, but if you don't know which cards to apply its effect to, then it can become useless.
  • Try to start with a structure deck and several boosters (Legion Dragons, Stardust Power, Mysterious Arsenal, etc.)
  • Try to modify your deck until you find the right one.
  • Stay calm when playing against someone and don't lose your cool if that person summons a lot of monsters or cheats, it proves that you are a better duelist.
  • If you want your deck to stand out or gain value later, you will need to invest time and money in the so-called 1st Edition cards (the lower right corner of the card is gold and the words “1st Edition” appears under the image of this card). Also look for cards ranging in rarity from Super Rare to Ultra Secret Rare. These cards will be more expensive and will likely gain more value later.
  • Consider filling your extra deck with different xyz, sync, and fusion monsters.
  • Keep up to date with banned cards. You might have surprises.
  • Don't forget about the synchro monsters, since they can be just as interesting. Black Rose Dragon, for example, can be a good choice in a dragon or fire deck.
  • If you use up your 40 cards in less time than it takes to say Yuma Tsukumo, add 15-20 more. The Lords of Light deck, for example, will send more cards to the graveyard than you can imagine. Take the "Localized Tornado" card to remedy this problem. REMEMBER: YOUR HAND DECK CANNOT CONTAIN MORE THAN 60 CARDS. Extra deck and side deck cards, if you have any, are not included in these 60 cards.
  • Practice whenever you have the chance, find the flaws in your deck and modify them little by little. Don't hesitate to strive for perfection. The game is constantly evolving, and so will your deck.

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