How to use Padlet (with pictures)

How to use Padlet (with pictures)
How to use Padlet (with pictures)

Padlet is a website that allows you to collaborate with other users by sharing text, photos, links and other types of content

Each collaborative space is called a “wall” and can also be used as a private bulletin board. Teachers and businesses alike use Padlet to encourage creative multimedia conversations as well as brainstorming.


Part 1 of 3: start a wall

Use Padlet Step 1

Step 1. Go to "Padlet

com ".

Click on the “Create something” or “Create a wall” button. You will be taken to your own wall with a unique link.

Use Padlet Step 2

Step 2. Drag a photo from your desktop or from your computer folders to place it on your wall

You just have to drag it into your browser window so that it lands on your wall. Click in the center of the photo to move it within the wall or use the arrows in the corners to enlarge or reduce it.

Use Padlet Step 3

Step 3. Double click on the photo to name it

Enter a title for the photo or enter a caption.

Use Padlet Step 4

Step 4. Click or tap an empty space on the wall

Start typing on your keyboard to create a message.

Use Padlet Step 5

Step 5. Look at the small icons below your post

There is a link button, a download button, and a video button. Use one of these buttons if you want to attach multimedia to your message.

  • Click the link icon to attach a URL to the message. This is also a good method for attaching a photo, as you can link an image from a website.
  • Click the download link to choose a file from your computer.
  • Click on the video link if you have a webcam. You can shoot a video that contains an audio signal and post it on the page.
Use Padlet Step 6

Step 6. Click on any part of the wall to enlarge it and make it easier to see

Click on the pencil icon in the upper right part of the post, in order to edit it if you are the author or if you are the owner of the wall. On another device such as a cell phone or tablet, use a pinch motion if you want to resize an image.

Use Padlet Step 7

Step 7. Copy the URL to your web browser

The URL should start with "" and then include an alphanumeric code that is unique to your wall. Paste it in any browser to access the wall.

Use Padlet Step 8

Step 8. Select the plus sign in the right column to start creating a new wall

Part 2 of 3: change the settings

Use Padlet Step 9

Step 1. Click on "the gear" in the right column

This icon will allow you to access your settings.

Use Padlet Step 10

Step 2. Move the tabs up and down to edit the wall

Start with the basic information, which includes the title and description. Enter this information.

Use Padlet Step 11

Step 3. Tap or click on the next tab, the “wallpaper”

You can choose paper or wood texture. You can also choose to use your own image or a vector image from the list.

Use Padlet Step 12

Step 4. Choose the layout from the third tab

You can combine a random layout or make a chronological flow. The third option is shaped like a grid that looks like a Pinterest board.

Use Padlet Step 13

Step 5. Click on the “Privacy” tab to choose whether you want to make your wall private, hidden, password protected, or even public

Padlet describes all of these options under each radio button. Click "Submit" to save these settings.

Use Padlet Step 14

Step 6. Consider creating an account to share your wall

You will need to do this to access the rest of the privacy settings and other tabs.

Part 3 of 3: Share your wall

Use Padlet Step 15

Step 1. Click the “Save” button to share your wall

Log in using your email address and other personal information. Confirm your account creation and return to your wall using the unique URL.

Use Padlet Step 16

Step 2. Click on the “Connect” button if you want to share your wall, but you are not yet connected

Add email addresses in the "Add people via their Email" section. They will then receive a link to access and edit the wall.

Use Padlet Step 17

Step 3. Click the button to moderate your posts if you are using this wall for educational purposes

This means that you have to approve all things before they are posted. Click "Submit" to change your privacy settings.

  • You can manage your notifications in relation to the publications from the tab Notifications.
Use Padlet Step 18

Step 4. Create a custom URL for your wall in the “Address” tab

If you have an account, you will be given the option to choose an available URL that is easy to remember, such as "".

Use Padlet Step 19

Step 5. Login to the wall within 24 hours to claim that wall and become the person controlling it

If you don't, the wall will remain public and anyone can claim or edit it.

Use Padlet Step 20

Step 6. Press the “Remove” tab to get rid of your wall if you are the owner

The site will ask you to confirm this decision.

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