How to print from an iPhone

How to print from an iPhone
How to print from an iPhone

From your iPhone, you can print photos, documents, emails, and many other types of files. You can print directly if you have a wireless printer, otherwise you can go through a printing application which will interface with other types of printers.


Method 1 of 2: Print without a wired connection

Print from Your iPhone Step 1

Step 1. Make sure you have an AirPrint printer

To do this, go to this page and see if the make and model of your printer is there.

  • Your printer and your iPhone must be connected to the same WiFi network.
  • If you do not have an AirPrint printer at home, know that you can use the one from the network to which you may have access, at the office, at school …
  • Your printer must be configured in a certain way before you can print from your iPhone. Each brand of printer has its own configuration: refer to the manual that came with yours.
Print from Your iPhone Step 3

Step 2. Open an iPhone app that supports AirPrint

There are many, in different areas: this is the case of Mail, Safari and iPhoto. This is how you will be able to print emails, texts and photos from your phone.

  • To print a photo, open the app Pictures.

Step 3. Display on the screen what you want to print

You must display the photo or note you want to print in full screen.

Print from Your iPhone Step 4

Step 4. Touch the share icon

In one of the corners of your screen, you will find it: it is a square with an arrow pointing upwards.

  • The button To share is in the lower left corner of the screen with an open photo with Pictures and in the upper right corner of the screen for an open note with Notes.
  • To print an email, tap the square button with an arrow pointing up, down and to the left of the screen.

Step 5. Touch Print

In the sharing menu, this button is on the last line of the options available to you. Depending on what you want to print, you may have to scroll left to find the function. To print.

  • To print an email, just touch To print at the bottom of your menu.

Step 6. Touch Select

The button is at the top right of the screen. In doing so, your iPhone will search for a printer connected to the wireless network. If you have a printer that supports AirPrint, its name should appear in the menu.

On the line below, press the - or + buttons to increase or decrease the number of copies you want. Another option allows you to print only one page of a document that has more than one. You often have to go through a third-party application

Step 7. Touch the name of your printer

In a few seconds, the name of the printer will appear on the screen.

Step 8. Touch Print

The button is in the upper right corner of the screen. If everything has been set up correctly, printing of what you have selected should start.

Method 2 of 2: Use a printing app

Step 1. Go to the App Store

On your iPhone's home screen, its icon is a blue circle with a white "A" made of writing instruments.

Step 2. Touch the Search button

It is at the bottom and on the left, identifiable thanks to its magnifying glass.

Step 3. Activate the search bar by touching it

She's at the top of the screen.

Step 4. Find printing applications

To do this, type, for example, "printing app" in the search bar, and then tap Search. Otherwise, you can directly type the name of one of the applications below.

  • Printer Pro: it costs 7.99 € (there is a free version, but limited). It works with virtually all printers. There is a version for desktops, which can be synced so that you can print, by sharing, from your iPhone.
  • Brother iPrint & Scan: free, it works with many printers.
  • HP All-in-One Printer Remote: Also free, it only works with HP printers produced in 2010 or later.
  • Canon PRINT Inkjet / SELPHY: also free, it only works with Canon printers.

Step 5. Tap Get below the selected app

This is in the event that the application is free. If it is paid, this same button will show the price of the application.

Step 6. Tap Install app

This button is exactly the same place as the old button Get or that of the price.

Step 7. Enter your Apple ID and password

Once done, your application will download to your device.

  • If you recently signed into the App Store, this step is unnecessary.
  • If your iPhone uses Touch ID, the fingerprint recognition feature, you only need to present your finger.

Step 8. Open your printing application

Follow the installation instructions that appear. These vary depending on the downloaded application and the printer you plan to use. However, the steps are very similar: the printer must be active, it is synced to your device, and you must set your own preferences, like printing in black and white or color, etc.

Step 9. Display on the screen what you want to print

To print a photo or a note, just touch the item you want to print to see it appear on the screen.

Print from Your iPhone Step 4

Step 10. Touch the share icon

In one of the corners of your screen, you will find it: it is a square with an arrow pointing upwards.

Step 11. Scroll the screen to the left

Among the options that can be found in this menu, there are, for example, To copy Where To print.

Step 12. Touch…

The button is at the far right of the last row of options. You will see a series of applications appear that you can use with the selected object.

Step 13. Drag the application slider

Place it in the green position (activation). Thus, the application of your document (Photos, for example) will be taken over by the printing application.

  • If the application that normally opens your document does not appear, you will need to open your document from the printing application itself.
  • Some printing applications may not be able to work with certain document or file applications. Thus, the Notes application is not supported by some printing applications.

Step 14. Touch Done

The button is in the upper right corner of the screen,

Step 15. Touch the name of your app

This should appear on the last line of your applications. By touching it, you run the application.

Step 16. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen

In most cases, all you need to do is set your current preferences, such as the number of pages or copies to be made. Then you just have to touch the button To print. From there, if your printer is on and connected to the Internet, your document should be printing.

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