How to draw a waterfall (with pictures)

How to draw a waterfall (with pictures)
How to draw a waterfall (with pictures)

A waterfall can add a touch of heaven to your design. This article will show you how to draw one using simple shapes.


Draw a Waterfall Step 1

Step 1. Draw a curve at the bottom of the sheet

It will represent the edge of the pond.

Draw a Waterfall Step 2

Step 2. Then draw the first level by sketching rectangles with rounded edges

Draw a Waterfall Step 3

Step 3. Sketch a few more rectangles, making them smaller than the first ones

Draw a Waterfall Step 4

Step 4. Add a third level

The principle is that the smaller they are, the more distant they appear.

Draw a Waterfall Step 5

Step 5. Draw some bushes on one side

Draw a Waterfall Step 6

Step 6. Complement your design by adding a few trees or bushes on the other side of the waterfall

Draw a Waterfall Step 7

Step 7. Use turquoise blue, sky blue and white to color the water

Use green for the plants.

Don't forget the foam that forms at the bottom of the waterfall. Draw it in the form of clouds

Method 1 of 1: Other way

Draw a Waterfall Step 8

Step 1. Draw two vertical lines

Draw a Waterfall Step 9

Step 2. Draw two smaller parallel lines to the left of the first ones

Then draw a triangle above each line. Sketch a trapezoid at the bottom left of the image.

Draw a Waterfall Step 10

Step 3. On the left of the picture, draw four sets of parallel lines as well as an individual line

Draw a Waterfall Step 11

Step 4. In the center of the drawing, add vertical lines very close to each other

Start drawing some plants.

Draw a Waterfall Step 12

Step 5. Draw the same type of vertical lines on the right

Also add a few smaller vertical lines to the side of the group of parallel lines. Draw a few more plants.

Draw a Waterfall Step 13

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