How to draw a diamond: 9 steps (with pictures)

How to draw a diamond: 9 steps (with pictures)
How to draw a diamond: 9 steps (with pictures)

The key to drawing a realistic-looking diamond is to make it look like it reflects light and has relief. Fortunately, it's easy to do when you know what types of shapes and shadows to use. To draw a beautiful sparkling diamond, all you need is a ruler, a sheet of paper and a drawing tool!


Method 1 of 2: Start from a flat trapeze

Step 1. Draw a trapezoid

Its upper side should be shorter than its lower side. It will be the top of the diamond.

Use a ruler so that all of your features are straight

Step 2. Add a triangle

Draw it under the trapezoid. One of its sides should match the bottom side of the trapezoid and its tip should be at the bottom. Try to give this point an angle of about 90 °.

Step 3. Represent the facets

Draw triangles of different sizes inside the trapezoid and the large triangle. They will define the different facets of the diamond. Try to make them as symmetrical as possible to achieve a realistic effect.

All of these lines must be straight. Use a ruler to draw them

Step 4. Color the picture

Adds shadows and highlights. They will make certain parts of the diamond appear to reflect light. Leave the angles white and color the inside of the facets with darker colors, such as blue or purple.

Method 2 of 2: Starting from a heptagon

Step 1. Draw a heptagon

Give it a very elongated tip. A heptagon is a seven-sided polygon. Extend its bottom point a lot by giving it an angle of about 90 °. It will form the point of the diamond.

Try to make a shape as symmetrical as possible so that the diamond looks realistic

Step 2. Add the top facets

Fill the top of the heptagon with a series of triangles. They will represent the facets of the diamond. They can have different sizes and lengths, but try to make them symmetrical.

Step 3. Fill in the bottom

Draw four triangles with the point down in the large triangle forming the bottom of the heptagon. Make them all meet at the bottom top of the shape. They will represent the different facets in the lower part of the diamond.

To give the diamond the appearance of relief, make triangles thinner on the sides than in the middle

Step 4. Add a reflection

Draw a four-pointed star in two concentric circles to give the diamond a sparkling appearance. Position it near the top. It will give the impression that the light is reflected by the gemstone.

Step 5. Color in the drawing

Leave the corners white to make them look like they're lit, and color the rest of the shape gray or light blue.

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