How to draw eyelashes: 11 steps (with pictures)

How to draw eyelashes: 11 steps (with pictures)
How to draw eyelashes: 11 steps (with pictures)

The eyes are among the finest and most detailed facial features. It can be especially difficult to draw eyelashes with hundreds of strokes that are slightly different from each other. Your best tools for success are good observation skills and a lot of practice.


Part 1 of 2: draw the upper eyelashes

Draw Eyelashes Step 1

Step 1. Draw the mucosa

This tutorial allows you to draw eyelashes on an eye seen from the front. Outline the eye then draw another line just below the top one. The space in between corresponds to the lining inside the upper eyelid. The upper lashes will start from the top line.

Seen from the front, this mucous membrane is barely visible. Draw the two lines very close to each other

Step 2. Experiment

Practice shaping the lash curves. The upper lashes descend slightly and then curl quickly up and out. Work this movement many times on a scrap sheet.

  • Place the tip of a hard lead pencil on the upper edge of the mucosa and press hard.
  • Drag the pencil down a short distance and then move up quickly in a curve. The faster you perform the movement, the more natural-looking the result will be.
  • Press less and less. The line should become thinner and clearer as you approach the end of the eyelash.

Step 3. Orient the lashes well

They tend to point outward from the middle of the eyelid, like the rays of the sun or a wheel. However, the individual lashes often overlap with those next to them or point in slightly different directions. Draw the lashes in light lines by arranging them in a fan, but by varying their orientation. You don't need to shape them too precisely, as this process will be covered later. For now, just focus on positioning.

  • To help you, observe pictures of eyes or look at yourself in a mirror.
  • Many eyelashes cling together at the tips. Draw a few that meet at the same point.

Step 4. Draw the outer eyelashes

Once you have mastered the movement, take a new draft. Start by drawing the lashes that are at the outer corner of the eye, near the ear. They grow close to each other.

The outer eyelashes are the longest. They are also the ones that descend and curl outward the most

Step 5. Continue towards the middle

When you are done with the outer lashes, draw some on the middle third of the eyelid. They should be almost as long and numerous as those in the outer corner of the eye.

Change the orientation as you move towards the middle of the eyelid. When you reach the middle, the eyelashes should be practically vertical

Step 6. Draw the inner lashes

They are much shorter and more scattered than the others. Don't space them out regularly, as they won't look natural.

Step 7. Iron with a soft pencil

Iron on some lashes with a softer pencil, pressing harder to make them thicker and darker. Do this on about two-thirds of the lashes to give them a varied look.

Again, trace the lashes from roots to ends. Press less and less as you approach the ends so that they are thin and pointed

Part 2 of 2: draw the lower lashes

Step 1. Draw the mucosa

The eyelids have three dimensions. Viewed from the front, the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid is quite visible. Draw a second line just above the one at the bottom of the eye to delimit this mucous membrane. It should be thicker than that of the upper eyelid, assuming the eye is wide open.

You can make this part more visible with white chalk

Step 2. Curl the eyelashes

The lower lashes are slightly curved outwards. They grow down for a short distance and then curl outward. This curl is not as strong as that of the upper lashes and should be very subtle when you draw it.

These eyelashes start from the bottom of the lower mucosa. They should never cover the eye

Step 3. Draw scattered eyelashes

Those at the bottom are much less dense than those at the top. Distribute them lightly and irregularly along the line of the mucosa.

The number of eyelashes varies greatly from person to person. In general, those at the top are about twice as numerous as those at the bottom

Step 4. Vary the appearance

Like the upper ones, the lower lashes should not form a perfect arc either. Draw a few that intersect or meet at the tips.

If they look too sparse, draw a few shorter strokes near the roots of the longer lashes


  • If the upper lashes appear too sparse, draw shorter lashes very close together in the middle and on the outer part of the eyelid. This will create the illusion of many interlocking eyelashes.
  • Look at photos of eyes to see the shape and position of the lashes.

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