4 ways to draw an elephant

4 ways to draw an elephant
4 ways to draw an elephant

Elephants are the largest land animals in the world. They live in Africa and South Asia. They are large herbivores known for their large ears, long trunk, and memory. If you want to draw one, you can do it in several different ways. Pick a style, grab your pencil and go for it!


Method 1 of 4: Draw a cartoon elephant

Draw an Elephant Step 1

Step 1. Place the basic shapes

Draw a circle attached to a large oval. The two shapes should overlap slightly.

Step 2. Position the trunk and an ear

Draw curved lines for the trunk and an inverted capital C for the ear.

Step 3. Mark out the legs

Draw several parallel vertical lines.

Step 4. Add an eye

Draw a small circle and draw a few small lines above it to represent an eyebrow. Add great defense by making curved lines and draw a few small lines at the top of the trunk.

Step 5. Make a new head

Draw its outlines as well as those of the ears based on the shapes that serve as guides.

Step 6. Draw the body

Draw the contours of the body and legs based on the marks you have placed.

Step 7. Add the tail

Draw two curved lines to represent it and draw a few hairs at the end. Also draw nails by making small curves.

Step 8. Erase unnecessary lines

Draw an Elephant Step 9

Step 9. Color in the drawing

Method 2 of 4: Draw a simple elephant

Step 1. Draw three circles

Draw three circles next to each other, overlapping each other slightly. Draw a large membrane-like shape that connects them all.

Step 2. Place the trunk

Fan a trunk and large ears from the first circle.

Step 3. Position the legs

Draw slanted lines to delimit them.

Step 4. Draw an eye

Make small curved lines to represent it. Add defense just below the top of the trunk.

Step 5. Fine-tune the elements

Adds detail to the ears and tusk.

Step 6. Demarcate the body

Draw it entirely based on the guides you placed and add the tail. Don't forget to draw small curved lines at the bottom of the legs to represent nails.

Step 7. Add relief

Draw small, irregular lines on the elephant's body, especially on the parts where there must be shadows.

Step 8. Erase unnecessary lines

Draw an Elephant Step 18

Step 9. Color the elephant

Method 3 of 4: Draw an elephant's head from the front

Draw an Elephant Step 19

Step 1. Make a guide

Draw a medium circle within a large horizontal oval.

Step 2. Define the trunk and the tusks

Draw two vertical arcs of a circle that pass through the points of intersection between the circle and the oval, and draw a wavy line that goes down from the bottom of the circle.

Step 3. Draw the trunk and tusks

Step 4. Draw the ears

Start them from the two upper intersection points between the circle and the oval.

Step 5. Add the face

Draw the elements that compose it.

Draw an Elephant Step 24

Step 6. Color your drawing

Method 4 of 4: Draw a chibi elephant

Draw an Elephant Step 25

Step 1. Place the basic shapes

Draw a medium circle for the head and a large oval for the body.

Step 2. Position the ears

Draw two pear shapes between the middle of the circle and the middle of the oval. This style is perfect for baby elephants.

Step 3. Draw an eye

Place it in the center of the circle.

Step 4. Draw the trunk and an eyebrow

Step 5. Place the legs

Draw a U shape for the top of each leg and a rounded square for the bottom.

Step 6. Add details

Add details to the legs then draw the hind legs using the front ones to position them correctly. Also draw the tail.

Draw an Elephant Step 31

Step 7. Redo the outlines

Go over it with a pen then erase unnecessary lines and add small details as you wish.

Draw an Elephant Step 32

Step 8. Color the elephant

Chibi elephants can be any color. Choose the one you prefer!

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