How to draw Wonder Woman (with pictures)

How to draw Wonder Woman (with pictures)
How to draw Wonder Woman (with pictures)

Originally, Wonder Woman was an Amazon Princess who had won the right to live in the Human World. She is therefore a super heroine possessing gifts such as superhuman strength, speed and agility as well as the ability to fly. She has a lasso of truth, indestructible bracelets and a tiara.


Method 1 of 2: Make Wonder Woman Bust

Draw Wonder Woman Step 1

Step 1. Draw a circle for the head

Add the jaw line and mark the center of the face with a cross.

Draw Wonder Woman Step 2

Step 2. Draw the shoulders and bust up to the hips

Draw Wonder Woman Step 3

Step 3. Now that you have drawn the lines that will guide your design, draw the details of the face

Using the cross you drew to position them in the right place, add the eyes, nose and mouth.

Draw Wonder Woman Step 4

Step 4. Draw the contours of the face, ears and neck

Then add a tiara decorated with a star.

Draw Wonder Woman Step 5

Step 5. Draw Wonder Woman's long, smooth hair, being careful to leave the body open

Draw Wonder Woman Step 6

Step 6. Now add the details of her costume, not forgetting her bracelets

Draw Wonder Woman Step 7

Step 7. Draw the outline of her body and add small pencil strokes to give a volume effect to the chest and neck

Draw Wonder Woman Step 8

Step 8. Erase unnecessary lines

Draw Wonder Woman Step 9

Step 9. Color your drawing

Method 2 of 2: Draw entire Wonder Woman

Draw Wonder Woman Step 10

Step 1. Draw a stylized silhouette of Wonder Woman

We have chosen here to represent her flying.

Draw Wonder Woman Step 11

Step 2. Add thickness to the silhouette

Draw Wonder Woman Step 12

Step 3. Add face details

Draw the eyes, nose and mouth, slightly ajar to show clenched teeth. Show that she is angry by frowning slightly and adding small strokes of the pencil.

Draw Wonder Woman Step 13

Step 4. Iron the contours of the face without forgetting the ears and the tiara decorated with a star

Draw Wonder Woman Step 14

Step 5. Draw her hair

They have to show Wonder Woman is flying, add touches of crayons to emphasize the movement.

Draw Wonder Woman Step 15

Step 6. Draw her costume

Draw stripes on the chest, stars on the bottom of her leotard, boots and a lasso.

Draw Wonder Woman Step 16

Step 7. Iron the contours of her body

Add details to his fist.

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