How to complete a complaint letter: 8 steps

How to complete a complaint letter: 8 steps
How to complete a complaint letter: 8 steps

As a consumer, writing a letter of complaint is often the best way to express your dissatisfaction. Your complaints may relate to a problem encountered with the organization of a service or with one of the products of a company. You may have already written the body of your letter, but you just can't seem to finish it off professionally. It is imperative that the concluding paragraph of your letter is impeccable. All you have to do is add a polite formula that seems both formal and authentic.


Part 1 of 2: write the concluding paragraph

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Step 1. Demand a response

Start this paragraph by making it clear that you want your complaint to be followed up. This will let the recipient of the mail know that you expect them to answer your questions.

For example, you can write "awaiting your response about my complaint" or "hoping that my mail will not go unheeded. "

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Step 2. Emphasize your involvement as a consumer

If you've purchased this brand in the past and are a loyal customer, point it out in the concluding paragraph. This will let you know that your satisfaction is important to the company's turnover.

For example, you can write "As a loyal customer, I hope you will take my problem into account and find a solution" or "I have been a loyal customer of your brand for several years and I hope that you will take my complaint seriously. "

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Step 3. Set a deadline

Put pressure on the company by giving a deadline before which you demand to receive a response to your mail. Add that if there was no follow-up to your request before this date, you intend to appeal to a consumer association or to the Directorate of Competition and Fraud Control.

For example, you can formulate it as follows: "I will give you one week to follow up on my request; beyond this date, I will be forced to seek advice from a consumer association or from the Competition and Competition Directorate. repression of fraud. "

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Step 4. List the invoices attached to the mail

If you enclose a receipt or an invoice with your shipment to certify your purchase, specify it at the end of the letter, so that you can be sure that your recipient will read it. Providing this type of proof helps to support your request and to prove that your claim is legitimate.

For example, do not hesitate to write in black on white "For the record, please find attached a copy of the sales receipt as proof of purchase of the article concerned. "

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Step 5. Provide your contact details

Conclude your last paragraph by mentioning your address, email or phone number to your interlocutor. Specify whether it is your private or professional number and if you are addressing a foreign company, do not forget the telephone code of your country.

Indicate for example: "You can contact me by phone at (+33) 0477990198."

Part 2 of 2: choosing the polite phrase

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Step 1. Use "Please accept my best regards. " This long and sustained phrase is the one most used to conclude a letter intended for someone you do not know personally in an official context, for example if you are addressing a company. Ending a correspondence this way is proof of seriousness.

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Step 2. End with "Sincerely yours" or "Regards"

If you want to use a less formal and a little warmer form of politeness, these two expressions may be useful to you.

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Step 3. Sign

Place your name just below the final salutation. You can write your signature by hand or type it on the computer if you prefer.

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