How to write a love story: 5 steps (with pictures)

How to write a love story: 5 steps (with pictures)
How to write a love story: 5 steps (with pictures)

Love stories can be beautiful, full of emotion and creativity. However, in order to be able to write such stories well, you should acquire some knowledge.


Write a Love Story Step 01

Step 1. Don't write grotesque or overly bizarre stories

You need to be original in your text, as that will make your story perfect. However, if you overdo it, it can not only ruin your story, but also make you regret writing it. You also need to get creative, but it would be wise to reserve the spooky aspect for your horror stories, unless you can fit it into your love story smoothly.

Write a Love Story Step 02

Step 2. Focus on the personality

  • Make each personality unique. There may be some resemblance between the two lovers, but not too much. If your characters have a lot in common, the reader will see them as siblings or close friends, not lovers.
  • Rivalry, love or hate? Love and hate will fill your text with passion and they can end up spawning each other. So do not hesitate to instill a certain resentment between the two lovers at the beginning of your story, but be sure to contain this flame before it escalates.
  • Try several personality combinations. We've all heard of the perfect love whose usual characters are a brash or mean nice boy and an ordinary nice girl or vice versa or a smart boy and a cool but silly girl or vice versa. Don't dwell on this, instead try creating your own characters. Make two lists of all the personalities that come to mind, one for girls and one for boys. Then choose random traits for each list and see if from that you can write a story.
Write a Love Story Step 03

Step 3. Use symbolism

It is a difficult art to master, but if you can materialize the love of your characters through an object, readers will be more than happy. The most used object in these cases is the rose, but try to innovate instead. Think about the reasons why your characters fell in love with each other and focus on those reasons. This may help you find the perfect object to symbolize their love.

Write a Love Story Step 04

Step 4. Create antagonists

See what a jealous ex, mean person, or conflicting parents have in common? They are all typical examples of the romantic equivalent of an antagonist. They can cause funny situations, angst and even conflict. These are characters worth making. Who doesn't want to create the ideal villain?

Write a Love Story Step 04

Step 5. Use pictures and write impeccable descriptions

Use strong words that can trigger emotions and make the reader's heart beat faster. Describe the setting in as much detail as possible


  • Try to put yourself in the shoes of one of the characters. How will you feel? How will you react?
  • Names also have meanings. The name you give your character can be of great importance. In the case of fiery love, names like Joe and Anne don't really reflect the spirit of the story. Below you will find a site that suggests names.
  • It is desirable that you create exceptional characters (in style, in act, in personality, etc.) instead of using usual characters.
  • Include in your text the origin of their love as well as the problems that this affection encounters in order to make the story more interesting.
  • When writing a love story, make sure there is never a happy ending too soon.
  • Stay subtle. Leave clues (like a tender gaze) of their love through the book. You don't have to completely dodge the general idea, but if your introductory sentence begins with This is the story of Alouette and her lover Julien, you are really on the wrong track!
  • Think about the wonderful times and be inspired by them.
  • Make the historic setting majestic just like the top of an ashy mountain.
  • If you do decide to write about loving vampires, make sure your characters act like vampires, not teenagers. Show off their vampire instincts, meaning that they should drink human blood, not animal blood.

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