How to have a constructive conversation through messages

How to have a constructive conversation through messages
How to have a constructive conversation through messages

Sending messages has become for most people the primary means of communication (in some cases the only one) between coworkers, lovers and friends. Thus, several different means have been developed in order to interact by message. If you are tired of having meaningless chats with your acquaintances, getting rid of those who spend all their time texting you or breaking the mold of emoticons and SMS jargon, it is important that you know how to use this. important form of communication in an effective manner.


Part 1 of 2: follow basic text message guidelines

Have a Meaningful Text Message Conversation Step 1

Step 1. Send messages to serious people

To put an end to this endless cycle of fruitless message chats, you need to start by chatting with someone with interesting topics. Don't send a message to someone you think will be bored at home for doing nothing better than writing to you. If that meant that you weren't writing to the usual person and waiting a long time for a response from someone serious, so much the better. Also, if you don't have anything to say to the person, you'd better not write to them at all, because that's a waste of time. It is wise not to have any discussion except to have one that is boring.

Message chats shouldn't be different from those you have in person. If the discussion you are having is getting you nowhere, then end it

Have a Meaningful Text Message Conversation Step 2

Step 2. Respect your limits with others

If someone is constantly messaging you just for the sake of having a chat partner, get rid of them. Take time to answer him, give him brief answers while remaining passive and ambiguous in the latter. Finally, he will understand that you do not want to chat and reduce the frequency of sending messages.

Have a Meaningful Text Message Conversation Step 3

Step 3. Ask open-ended questions during your discussions

If you are chatting with someone you enjoy chatting with, do your best to keep the conversation going. To do this, you need to ask questions that require more than yes and no answers, leaving room for your perspective and the opportunity to discuss related topics.

Instead of saying "do you like pop music? »Say« what are your favorite kinds of music? Such questions will not only spark interesting conversations, but they will also prove that you have an interest in the person and would like them to expand on the topic

Have a Meaningful Text Message Conversation Step 4

Step 4. Balance the Conversation

Don't ask questions or bring up topics for the sole purpose of giving your point of view. This will make you a self-centered person and unless you show interest in what the person has to say, the discussion will be rude and annoying. You must prevent this situation from happening by giving only your point of view, but also discussing the other's opinion. If you are very shy or polite, you might have the opposite imbalance, which involves getting the other to keep talking without you expressing yourself in return. Speak for about a third or half of the discussion time, provided you end your sentences with a question that calls for an open response.

Part 2 of 2: Communicate Polite and Clearly

Have a Meaningful Text Message Conversation Step 5

Step 1. Avoid single word or phrase responses

Be sure to respond to each other's messages with at least two sentences, unless you are taciturn or good at summarizing everything you say in one sentence. The worst of all the answers you could give is the OK one, which sometimes shows that the sender is pissed off at whoever they are sending the message to, but it definitely isn't. This cue is generally used for simple interrogations. When you get to better understand someone's post, you'll be able to tell if you wrote something that upset or annoyed them. However, this is usually a one or two word response.

If you are mad at someone, the best thing to do is not to text them until you take the time to calm down and analyze the situation. One- or two-sentence lines will only get you more upset with your recipient, since you haven't put an end to this infuriating discussion

Have a Meaningful Text Message Conversation Step 6

Step 2. Develop your own style of message

Just as writers have different writing styles, consider creating your own too. The general idea of ​​the French language must be maintained, as the shorthand of the text message is outdated and is almost childish. Unlimited messaging plans are now cheaper, so there's no excuse for sending messages with confusing symbols, numbers and letters that take up the space of a five-letter word. So you don't have to send a heart or face emoticon all the time at the end of a sentence unless you've enjoyed writing them. No one will take you seriously when you put emoticons at the end of all your messages.

Have a Meaningful Text Message Conversation Step 7

Step 3. Call the other to discuss further

If your discussion has taken a turn for the worse, intensified, or becomes more serious, consider calling your recipient and speaking directly to them. Sometimes a person can express themselves better on the phone than choosing the exact words to type and procrastinating to see if the words clearly express their opinion.

Go meet the person so you can make a real connection. Don't allow text messages to influence your ideas and intentions, and be tough on your views no matter how. You can't say everything by message, and it's not easy to do better when you find yourself in front of the person

Have a Meaningful Text Message Conversation Step 8

Step 4. End the discussion on a positive note

When you're having a good conversation, you don't want to end it randomly. By doing this, it's like cutting someone off in the middle of a sentence. While the discussion is going on, tell the other person that you need to step back for now, or say goodnight to them in case you need to go to bed. Be polite and courteous so that the person can expect this and not be dejected by a discussion that ended haphazardly.


  • People won't remember what you did or said, but they'll never forget how they felt around you. Emotions are important.
  • Be sure to ask questions that are relevant to the person, as this will grab their attention and they will be more likely to answer them. So that will spark a discussion.
  • Do not address everyone by message, as some people will sometimes have trouble reading or following you.
  • If you are unfamiliar with the world of texting because of your lack of interest or your age, seek the help of someone who has experience in this area to learn the ropes and avoid misstep when writing messages.
  • Make sure the person is really present and is reading your messages. Constantly writing hi when the person is not online is annoying and repetitive.


  • Do not send messages while driving!
  • Avoid using text messages to send personal details like confessing your feelings to someone, asking someone out, breaking up with someone, sending sext and harassing someone. This behavior is impersonal and in bad taste, because you must do these things in person (although you should not harass the person in any way).

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