How to find someone's photos: 8 steps (with pictures)

How to find someone's photos: 8 steps (with pictures)
How to find someone's photos: 8 steps (with pictures)

Looking for pictures of a friend or acquaintance? Try your luck on the Internet! Many people share many snapshots of themselves, whether it's on social media, their work site, or a personal web page. If you have an image of the person, you can also search for others using the image search.


Method 1 of 2: Find photos on social media

Find Pictures of Someone Step 1

Step 1. Start with Google

For all searches concerning an individual and their photos, Google will be your best friend. Type all the information you have about that person in the search bar, then press the key. Entrance. For example, you could type Martin Descambes Bordeaux journalist.

  • From there, you will be able to access the person's social networks or any other website that appears.
  • If you want to find images directly on Google, without going through social networks, type your search directly in Google Images.
Find Pictures of Someone Step 2

Step 2. Use the Facebook search bar

If you have a Facebook account and you think the person whose photos you are looking for are also listed on the site, try searching for them on Facebook. Type its name in the search bar and press Entrance. Scroll through the results. When you find their account, click Pictures.

If it has a common name, Facebook could give you thousands of results

Find Pictures of Someone Step 3

Step 3. Check out your friend suggestions

If your initial search didn't come up with anything and you have some real-life acquaintance with the individual, see if they appear in the friend suggestions offered by Facebook.

You can access these profiles by consulting the Suggestions page

Find Pictures of Someone Step 4

Step 4. Search Instagram

You will only be able to search for photos on Instagram if you have a personal account. Once you are logged in on a computer or phone, click on the icon Research (the little magnifying glass) at the bottom of the screen. Type their name and scroll through the images that will appear until you find their account. However, you will only be able to access the snapshots she shared if her account is public or if you send her a request and it is accepted.

Instagram's search capability is less developed than Facebook's. You will need to type all the keywords in the main search bar

Method 2 of 2: Use image search

Find Pictures of Someone Step 5

Step 1. Open Google Images

If you already have a photo of the individual and wanted to find more, you can use Google's reverse image search. Open the main Google page and click Pictures in the top right corner, or go to Google Images.

  • A search by image can also help you identify an individual, if you have found their photo on the Internet and want to see more.
  • For example, if you found a photo of someone that looks familiar to you on a social network and want to know if it is in your school, you could use this feature to find more images of them.
Find Pictures of Someone Step 6

Step 2. Use a photo of the person online

To perform a reverse image search, you will need to already have at least one snapshot of the person. This could come from an Instagram or Facebook account. If it is professional acquaintance, you could do your research using a photo from a business site or professional profile.

Otherwise, you will be able to search with a file saved on your computer. The search will work the same in both cases

Find Pictures of Someone Step 7

Step 3. Move the photo in the search bar

The search process is simple: click on the image and drag it from its location on your desktop or browser to the search bar. Google will automatically start the search.

You may need to adjust the size and placement of multiple browser windows on your screen, so that you can see both the photo and the Google Image search bar

Find Pictures of Someone Step 8

Step 4. Scroll through the results

The results of your search will show all the other pages where this same image appears. You will also find some very similar images, in which you might find more shots of the person you are interested in.

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