3 ways to stay clean

3 ways to stay clean
3 ways to stay clean

Cleanliness is an important aspect of having a healthy lifestyle. Washing helps eliminate germs that cause disease. Maintaining your personal hygiene will also improve your social interactions with others. It is important that you can focus on the cleanliness of your living space, especially your apartment or house. You should also make sure to keep clean while you are on the move, such as when you are traveling or at work.


Method 1 of 3: keep yourself clean

Keep Clean Step 1

Step 1. Take your shower regularly

Regularly cleaning your body is an important part of a good hygiene plan. You should therefore make the effort to shower once or twice a week, as washing once a day can dry out your skin. You should also take a shower if you find that you are sweating a lot, especially after a sunny day or after a workout.

  • You should make sure to clean the parts of your body where you sweat the most, including your chest, genitals, and armpits. Also take the trouble to clean and wash your feet while you are in the shower. Use soap and a washcloth to clean the area between your toes and under your feet. After cleaning your feet, you will need to take the trouble to wipe them dry by patting carefully. This action helps prevent ailments such as fungus of the feet or warts.
  • Wash your hair. The type of hair you have will determine how often you should wash your hair. Thinner hair generally requires more frequent cleaning. You should take the trouble to wash your hair when it becomes noticeably stringy and oily.
  • It will take some experience to determine how often you will need to shampoo, but this will allow you to increase the natural oils in your hair and keep your hair strong.
Keep Clean Step 2

Step 2. Practice good oral hygiene

To keep your mouth clean and promote good breath, you need to make sure you brush your teeth twice a day. Brushing your teeth helps remove plaque and foods that can cause cavities. Along with brushing your teeth, it's also important that you can get into the habit of flossing once a day.

  • Brush your teeth for at least two minutes, especially once in the morning and once in the evening. Make the effort to use a timer or listen to a song every time you brush. Soft-bristled toothbrushes are the best choice if you want to brush your teeth, as they won't damage your gums.
  • When brushing your teeth, you should make an effort to keep your toothbrush 45 degrees from your gums and to brush with small up and down movements. Also, be sure to brush the inner and outer side surfaces of your teeth, tongue, and molars.
  • Go for fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride toothpaste helps strengthen your enamel. If you choose to use non-fluoridated toothpaste then you should pay special attention to your oral hygiene and for this you should avoid long term use of whitening toothpastes as these can be abrasive on your teeth.
Keep Clean Step 3

Step 3. Wash your hands

Regularly washing your hands will keep you clean and healthy. To start, wet your hands, turn off the faucet, and soap your hands for at least 20 seconds. Then rinse them under clean, running water, then pat them dry with a clean towel. You can also let them air dry. There are several situations in which you should wash your hands:

  • if they look dirty,
  • before preparing or eating,
  • before and after taking care of a sick person,
  • before and after treating an injury,
  • after you blow your nose, cough or sneeze,
  • after using the toilet,
  • after handling waste,
  • after having treated the animals or their droppings,
  • after touching a surface regularly used by other people.
Keep Clean Step 4

Step 4. Take good care of your skin

You should make sure to cleanse your face twice a day, once in the morning when you wake up and a second time in the evening when you go to bed. If you are sweating, take the trouble to clean your face at the same time to prevent the pores from becoming clogged.

It is also important that you exfoliate your skin. If you want to have healthy skin, you need to exfoliate your skin once a week. Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells. It is best to choose an exfoliating scrub with small, round granules, as you need to avoid irritating your skin

Keep Clean Step 5

Step 5. Take care of yourself

It is important that you can take care of your appearance so that you are clean and presentable. This means that you need to maintain and care for your look in general, from hair and nails to your clothes.

  • Trim the nails on your fingers and feet regularly using nail clippers and sharp nail scissors. Try to keep your fingernails short as much as possible, as it is easier to keep them clean in this condition.
  • Avoid trimming or cutting your cuticles. You should keep in mind that trimming or cutting your cuticles can lead to infection. If you have dirt under your fingernails, consider using an old toothbrush or nail brush to clean it.
  • You should be looking to clean off peeling nail polish so that your hands can be clean and smooth. As soon as the nail polish you are using starts to flake off, you can remove it using nail polish remover. You have two possibilities, either you do not put varnish on the nails, or you apply the varnish again.
  • You should also ensure that your hair looks well groomed. Make the program to regularly cut your hair with your hairdresser (or hairdresser) so that it does not develop split ends or do not become bushy.
Keep Clean Step 6

Step 6. Avoid body odor

Body odor is a completely natural phenomenon, and it is especially noticeable after training. However, it would be wise and interesting if you could maintain good body odor around people around you, especially in public places like school or work. You can prevent bad body odor by passing on deodorant regularly, even when you are sweating heavily or exercising. Besides the fact that you shower regularly, the deodorant can help you to always have a good body odor.

  • Some deodorants with antiperspirants contain aluminum, a compound that many people consider harmful to their health. If you are concerned about aluminum, then you can try a natural alternative deodorant.
  • If you wish, you can also skip cologne or perfume. However, you should avoid using them for the sole purpose of covering up your body odor. You can use cologne or perfume in addition to the deodorant to make sure you smell pleasant on your body.
  • There are foods, especially those that contain sulphide like broccoli, that can make your body smell bad. If you have any concerns about your body odor, you can simply avoid consuming them.

Method 2 of 3: Keep your living space clean

Keep Clean Step 7

Step 1. Do laundry regularly

You'll also want to keep your living space neat and tidy by picking up your dirty clothes and making sure they end up in the laundry room. Then get into the habit of doing laundry regularly, preferably every week. This will undoubtedly allow you to have clean clothes available every day and also ensure that your living space is not cluttered with dirty clothes.

  • You should also make sure to wash your bath towel and your bed sheets once a week to ensure that they remain clean and free from germs. You will also need to wash blankets, cleaning rags or rugs once a week to keep them dust free and clean.
  • You can set aside a weekday for laundry, such as Sunday, so that you can still wash your clothes once a week.
Keep Clean Step 8

Step 2. Keep your living space neat and tidy

Whether you live in an apartment, a house, or have a separate bedroom in your parents' home, it's important that you can make the effort to keep your living space clean. This is like saying that you have to do daily cleaning like sweeping, dusting and wiping the floors so that they do not accumulate dirt or dust. You should also store and set aside any accessories that you have used so that they do not become bulky.

  • You can make the decision to order your living environment in case you feel it is too cluttered and messy. Having a well-ordered space will make it easier to maintain it.
  • When cleaning up your living space, you need to use effective cleaning products. Be sure to use cleaning products to wipe surfaces and launder floors. You will also have to use carpet cleaning products to clean the carpets you have available.
Keep Clean Step 9

Step 3. Make a schedule for doing housework

You can also organize yourself and take care of your housework by making a schedule and making sure you stick to it. A household chores schedule might be the ideal solution when there are several people living in your household, for example siblings or roommates. In such circumstances, you should either assign different household chores to each person or rotate them so that they are performed in turn.

  • For example, you can have housework such as "take out the trash and recycle", "clean the kitchen", "sweep the patio" and "clean the bathroom". It is then up to you to agree to perform them in turn among the people who live in your house or to assign a task to each one.
  • Make an effort to hold everyone involved, including yourself, accountable so that household chores get done. Working together as a team to do this work makes it easier to do it rather than having to do it alone.
Keep Clean Step 10

Step 4. Do a “deep clean” regularly

You should also develop a schedule to perform a deep cleaning of your living space or home. If you do this once a month, you can be sure that your home is clean and can prevent the build-up of dirt and dust.

  • Start by decluttering all the spaces in your home. You should also make sure you start at the top and work your way down, with a lot more emphasis on your walls, baseboards, and ceilings.
  • You can also vacuum your entire home (top to bottom) and wash windows inside and out to remove dust and dirt. It is also possible to clean the sheets or curtains using the brush attached to your vacuum cleaner.
  • It is also important that you can dust all surfaces in your home. You can move some objects on the ledges or shelves so that you can dust the entire surface.
  • If your home's floor is made of hardwood, consider sweeping and cleaning it with a lot more emphasis on the cracks and crevices there. It would also be beneficial if you could use a high quality carpet cleaner for floors that are carpeted.

Method 3 of 3: Stay clean when you're on the go

Keep Clean Step 11

Step 1. Keep your workspace clean

You should also ensure that your workspace is always clean and tidy. This will help others realize that you can be tidy at work and look professional.

  • If you have a table in your office, you need to make sure that it stays tidy and clean. For example, you can schedule a monthly or weekly cleaning of your table to get rid of all the sticky notes, office supplies and other documents you no longer need.
  • In case you have a locker at work, you should make sure to keep it clean and empty it of any unnecessary items so that it does not get filled with dirt or cluttered. For example, you can schedule a monthly cleaning of your locker to get rid of any accessories that you no longer use or are no longer useful to you.
Keep Clean Step 12

Step 2. Clean your car regularly

If you have a car, you should make it a habit to clean it once a month or a week. You need to make sure to clean the interior and exterior of your vehicle so that it constantly looks clean and well-maintained.

  • Search your car and throw out any papers or take out boxes. You will also need to wipe down the interior of the vehicle to remove any dirt and dust. If the carpeted floor mats that are installed in the car appear dirty or have an unpleasant odor, you can remove them and have them professionally cleaned.
  • You should also take your car to a self-service wash station and clean it cleanly using soap and water. Then be sure to wipe it clean and polish it to look clean and shiny.
  • Depending on your budget, you can occasionally take your vehicle to a professional car wash for additional cleaning.
Keep Clean Step 13

Step 3. Maintain good hygiene throughout the day

It is important that you can make the effort to maintain good hygiene when you are on the move as well as at work, so that you can look neat and presentable. Also, be sure to wash your hands before and after eating, as well as whenever you use the toilet. You should also take the trouble to clean your hands after using a public place such as when traveling by train or bus.

It is also important that you can maintain a clean and well-groomed appearance. For example, if you eat foods that contain garlic for lunch, you can brush your teeth afterwards to refresh your breath. If you do a workout during your lunch break, you should take a shower afterwards so that you are clean and fresh when you return to work

Keep Clean Step 14

Step 4. Stay clean while you travel

It can be difficult to stay clean while you are on the move, especially if you are traveling to an area that has substandard toilets or does not meet Western cleanliness regulations. This is the reason why it is important that you can keep cleaning supplies so that you are prepared and always clean when you travel.

  • You can design a travel kit that you are going to keep so that you are prepared and can stay clean. Your travel kit might include accessories like hand towels, bandages, sunscreen, hand sanitizers, and mints.
  • You can also put extra sanitary wipes in your travel bag, so you have them on hand when you need them. If necessary, you can also include sanitary napkins or tampons in your travel kit in case you experience a period during the trip.

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