How to avoid urinating on the string of your tampon

How to avoid urinating on the string of your tampon
How to avoid urinating on the string of your tampon

Tampons are very practical when you want to continue playing sports or swimming during your period or simply go about your daily business without completely forgetting that you are wearing periodic protection. But what about when it comes to going to the bathroom? How to urinate without wetting the string of the tampon? Should it be changed every time? You are going to learn the best trick to keep the string of your tampon clean and not having to change it every time you go to the toilet.


Part 1 of 2: lay the twine on the side

Remove a Tampon Step 1

Step 1. Sit on the toilet bowl

Do not start urinating right away. If you are in a public place, you may prefer to get into a squat position, without actually sitting down. Alternatively, you can also use a bowl liner or cover the bowl with several layers of paper before you sit down.

  • Before sitting down, make sure you have lowered your pants and your underwear or pulled up your dress or skirt.
  • Contract the muscles around your urethra (this is the opening through which urine passes through your body). You are not going to have to hold this position for very long, you just need to contract yourself enough so that you don't drop a few drops right after you sit down.
Use a Tampon Step 18

Step 2. Reach your crotch, grab the tampon string and pull it to the side

Hold the string tight against your thigh so that it is out of reach when you start to urinate.

You can also grab the string from behind and pull it towards your anus. You can only do this if you are not about to defecate and you have to be careful that the string does not come in contact with your anus

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Step 3. Lean forward slightly and urinate

Keep the string and the hand holding it out of the urine stream.

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Step 4. Dry yourself normally

While still holding the string to the side of one hand, use your other hand to grab some toilet paper and wipe yourself off from front to back.

Flush the toilet, get dressed, and don't forget to wash your hands

Part 2 of 2: Troubleshoot the most common problems

Use a Tampon Painlessly Step 25

Step 1. Don't panic if you accidentally wet your tampon string

It will have absolutely no impact on your health. You just have to blot the string with a little toilet paper before pulling up your pants.

  • Each woman has her own sensitivity. If you're uncomfortable carrying a tampon with a wet string on you, or you're worried it might smell bad, change it.
  • No medical case has ever been reported of an infection caused by a tampon that has been urinated on.
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Step 2. If the tampon itself is wet, change it

This means that it has not been placed correctly and needs to be removed. A tampon should be inserted deep enough into the vagina so that the absorbent part does not protrude. Only the string should be on the outside of the body.

  • It is not necessary to change your tampon every time you pass urine. To know when to change your tampon, you should rather consider when you put it on (do not never keep the same tampon for more than eight hours at a time) or remove it if it is leaking or full.
  • If you don't wait long enough to change the tampon, you will find when you pull on the thread that it doesn't come easily.
  • Whenever possible, always wear a tampon that matches your flow. Don't put on an ultra-absorbent pad on a light day. Removing it would then be very uncomfortable.
Use a Tampon Step 9

Step 3. If you defecate, hold the tampon string to the front or side

While it's okay to pee on the string of your tampon, the feces do contain bacteria that can cause infections.

  • If the string accidentally comes in contact with fecal matter, grab the tampon with toilet paper and throw it away right away.
  • Make sure your hands are clean before trying to put on another tampon. If you have fecal matter on your hands, you could get a urinary tract or vaginal infection.
Remove a Tampon Step 11

Step 4. Don't worry about urinating with a tampon

When they start to wear it, some young girls are not sure if it is possible to have a tampon and urinate at the same time. Because of this some of them are reluctant to even wear tampons, because they do not want to have to change it every time they go to the bathroom or because they are afraid of disturbing their habits. rules or hurt yourself somehow.

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