How to wear a push-up bra: 10 steps (with pictures)

How to wear a push-up bra: 10 steps (with pictures)
How to wear a push-up bra: 10 steps (with pictures)

Many girls and women would like to know how to wear a push up bra. When choosing your push-up, you will need to take its structure into account, as well as its style and how you will use it. Whether it's to please your sweetheart or just to feel better about yourself, these few tips will help you choose the right push-up bra.


Part 1 of 2: Choosing a Push Up Bra

Wear a Push up Bra Step 1

Step 1. Take your measurements

Before purchasing a push-up, the first step will be to take your measurements. This is extremely important no matter what type of bra you are wearing. Start by measuring your chest measurement. To do this, take a tape measure and wrap it below your chest. To take the correct measurement, remember to breathe out before measuring yourself.

You could also take this measurement by passing the tape measure around your bust, under your armpits, above your chest. Whichever technique you choose, if you come across an odd number, round it up to the nearest even number

Wear a Push up Bra Step 2

Step 2. Determine your beanie

To determine your cup size, wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust, over your nipples. The tape measure should be stretched over your skin, but not too tight. If necessary, round the measurement to the nearest whole number.

Subtract the second measurement from the first. If you get a number equal to or less than 3, you make an A cup; a number equal to or less than 5, you make a B cup; and a number equal to or less than 7, you make a C cup

Wear a Push up Bra Step 3

Step 3. Choose the structure of your push-up

Some push-ups have stays or padding, or even both. Some women find the whales disturbing, while others do not like the padding. Choose your bra according to your personal preferences.

  • The padding will give the illusion of bigger breasts, while the ribs will lift your chest. Then make your choice according to the desired effect.
  • Go to a lingerie store and try on different bras to determine which style is best for your body type and which style you are most comfortable in.
Wear a Push up Bra Step 4

Step 4. Choose the shape of the bra

There are different forms of push-up. You will have to choose your model according to the outfit with which you will wear it.

  • The “half-shell” or very low-cut models are perfect for high necklines.
  • The strapless models, with a single strap or the “swimmer” models will be ideal for evening dresses or clothes without sleeves or open in the back.
Wear a Push up Bra Step 5

Step 5. Choose the style of your bra according to your clothes

Push-ups come in many styles. Some are in lace, others are adorned with pearls and others are simply plain. Your bra will look best if it's not visible under your clothes. For this, avoid a textured model under a thin blouse and always make sure to choose your lingerie according to your outfit. In general, prefer a seamless pattern rather than an embroidered pattern.

  • Push-ups are perfect under a t-shirt or a V-neck sweater.
  • Make sure your bra does not crease under your clothes. Your push-up should be invisible.

Part 2 of 2: wear a push up bra

Wear a Push up Bra Step 6

Step 1. Fasten your bra

Wrap the bra around your bust and tie it up. You could very well tie your bra in the front and then rotate it so that the clip is behind your back.

Wear a Push up Bra Step 7

Step 2. Lean forward so that your breasts take their place

When wearing a push-up, it is important that your breasts are positioned correctly over the padding and stays. Lean forward and lift your breasts so that they are properly placed in the cups.

  • Once raised, readjust your bra so that your breasts are properly highlighted, without it overflowing above the cups.
  • If the bra fits your size, your breasts won't stick out.
Wear a Push up Bra Step 8

Step 3. Adjust the straps

Once your breasts are properly placed in the bra, adjust the straps. These should not be twisted and lay flat against your skin. The straps should be snug, but not too tight. Adjust them if necessary.

The bra should be flat against your back, horizontal. The underwear should not be up behind your back, past your chest level. If you've chosen your bra correctly, you shouldn't have this problem

Wear a Push up Bra Step 9

Step 4. Wear your bra discreetly

The secret to a well worn push-up is to make sure the result is natural. The shells shouldn't be so padded that your t-shirt is ready to pop! People should be able to look at you without seeing just your bra.

  • When wearing tight clothes, choose a seamless pattern, so that it is invisible under your clothes.
  • If your bra is suitable for your body type, your skin or your breasts will not form bulges.
Wear a Push up Bra Step 10

Step 5. Don't wear your push-up for too long

Push-ups are tighter than regular bras, so it's best not to wear them for too long. If your bra hurts, take it off and put on a classic style.

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