How to attract girls with body language

How to attract girls with body language
How to attract girls with body language

Is there a girl that interests you, but you are not sure how best to interest her? However, there is a way to communicate with her to make her fall in love with you without even speaking to her. Body language is a part of non-verbal communication and it encompasses many characteristics, such as how you look, smell, walk, and how your body and face move. To attract the girl you like, just follow a few simple tips.


Part 1 of 3: take the temperature

Attract Girls With Body Language Step 1

Step 1. Get his attention

That doesn't mean you have to stare at her until she wonders why you are looking at her or calling the police. You need to do things that will make her want to know more about you before you approach her. That way, when you take the first step, she'll be more open to listen to what you have to say.

She's going to want to understand what you want to say to her, but you also don't want to betray yourself from the start. If you want to know if you are compatible, you should compare your personalities. Ask her questions about herself and her friends. Don't overdo it so as not to arouse suspicion or frighten him

Part 2 of 3: Prepare

Attract Girls With Body Language Step 2

Step 1. Dress well

Girls notice the look right away, especially the shoes. It's their way of knowing if it is safe for them to talk to you or if you are an interesting person. You must prepare for the day when his gaze will meet yours. You have to take care of yourself and be on top all the time. That way, if she's looking at you, you'll feel sure of yourself.

  • Wear clothes that make you feel good about yourself and look good on you.
  • Wear cheerful colors. This doesn't mean that you have to dress in neon green, but rather that if you wear dull everyday colors like gray or black, no one is going to notice you and especially not the girl you like.
  • Look groomed. Nobody wants to go talk to dirty people. If you seem to be happy to wake up in the morning and get dressed, everyone is going to want to know you and this girl in particular. Leave your old smelly holey sneakers in the garage and do some effort to take care of your appearance. Girls spend a lot of time taking care of themselves, which is why they like boys who also take the time to prepare. She will notice it.
Attract Girls With Body Language Step 3

Step 2. Put on perfume (not too much)

Women have a good sense of smell and most of them prefer men who smell good. Find a scent she likes.

  • Take a shower every day. If you play sports, you should also take one after you have done it.
  • Brush your teeth and don't forget the back of your tongue, where all the smelly bacteria are found.
  • Floss your teeth every day. You will eliminate bad breath by getting rid of bacteria between the teeth and on the back of the tongue.
  • Keep mints in your pockets. She's never going to want to kiss you if you have bad breath.
  • Put on some cologne, but just a squirt, not the whole bottle, or you'll scare it away. It is also advisable to get a good one at a perfume store, not at the supermarket. For most boys, the vial lasts a year or even more. If you really want to get to know her, she is worth it. If you take a shower, brush your teeth, floss, put on some cologne and suck on a mint candy before going to talk to her, not only will she talk to you, she will also talk to you. will appreciate the care you have taken and she will not forget your scent.
Attract Girls With Body Language Step 4

Step 3. Find the right time

Prepare questions for her and talk to her while she is walking or sitting alone. To start the conversation, all you have to do is ask her a question: "You too can't believe that she gave us exercises to do during the break? Or "do you like the band that played at the cafe last week?" »Be friendly and greet her by smiling or saying hello. You might be surprised at the effect of a simple hello. Try asking questions about common topics, such as a class you take together or the training you both took. Stay positive and playful. She must feel good while you are together, this is most important and she will remember it later when she remembers you. You should always be ready to apologize because it shows your good nature. Besides, you can fix everything with an excuse.

  • Comment on your surroundings if you meet in a public place like a bar or park. For example, you could say, “Isn't this a great park to come and relax in? "Or" have you ever been to a funk party? It's awesome ! »Do not offer him a drink unless you have already talked for several minutes.
  • Show your enthusiasm for the discussion topics. An empty personality and a monotonous voice will scare her away and you will receive monosyllabic responses. You can also approach her while she is dancing, but be careful. Her friends will want to protect her and ward off "predators". She came to dance and to have fun with her friends. Your best approach is to smile at him and say "hi!" My name is (your name)”. Then say hello to her friends by saying, for example, “hi girls, my name is (your name)”. Her friends will respect you if you are so confident.
  • Ask her if she'd like to dance or if you can buy her a drink at the bar after you've chatted for a few minutes. Smile at him sincerely. Girls are used to boys coming to talk to them. She'll be on her guard even before you open your mouth. However, if you demonstrate the right signs of body language, such as a warm smile and a clean appearance, she will feel safe and talk to you.

Part 3 of 3: keep your interest

Attract Girls With Body Language Step 5

Step 1. Be sure of yourself

Women notice men's self-confidence very well. They can see for miles whether a man is sure of himself or not, and she's going to feel more comfortable with you if you make her feel like she believes in you and your abilities. That doesn't mean you have to be arrogant. You only need to be aware of yourself and your strengths.

  • Stand up straight with your shoulders up and show her that you know who you are.
  • Get your hands out of your pockets and stand up straight on your own two feet.
  • Wait for the right moment to approach him instead of chasing him.
  • Look her in the eye and don't look away. You can turn him away from time to time, but you must continue to show him that you are listening. Expect to take the first step. She will expect you to contact her first.
Attract Girls With Body Language Step 6

Step 2. Be yourself

If you're funny, make her laugh. If you are smart, talk about smart things. If you are a musician, discuss the instrument you play. Start with common interests and don't try to impress her. Girls don't like boastful boys.

Attract Girls With Body Language Step 7

Step 3. Know how to listen

Listen to her stories about her friends or her funny stories. You don't have to agree, but don't tell him what to do. Rephrase what she says to you every now and then and don't spend too much time talking about yourself. Smile at her to show her that you like her and that you are having a good time with her. Look at her. Don't look at other girls or talk about them when you're together. She must know that you are only thinking of her. Also put your phone away.

Attract Girls With Body Language Step 8

Step 4. Be on time

Never cancel an appointment and show up at the agreed time. This will show her that you've made her your priority and that she is important to you. If you're going to pick her up, be prepared that she might be late. Girls put a lot of effort into their appearance, be patient. This will help her feel more relaxed and the evening will be okay.

Attract Girls With Body Language Step 9

Step 5. Be a gentleman

Open the doors for her and let her walk in front of you if there is only room for one person in the hallway. Most girls like this kind of gesture. Offer her your jacket if she is cold. They love to wear the jacket of the boys they like.

Attract Girls With Body Language Step 10

Step 6. Touch it gently

Once you've spent several hours together and are sure she appreciates your presence, try touching her. A little physical contact will make the conversation more intimate and serious.

  • Take her in your arms to say goodbye. This hug shouldn't go on forever, maximum three to six seconds or she might feel uncomfortable. If she hugs you, she's ready for the next step.
  • Touch her hand. If she takes your hand or runs her fingers through yours, you know she likes you and wants to be your girlfriend.


  • Never criticize a girl and never treat her like your "buddy". She'll think she doesn't interest you.
  • Be careful when teasing her. You have to be a player without hurting him. Girls are sensitive and they joke and play in a different way than boys. Only make jokes about things she is comfortable with.
  • Girls appreciate sincere compliments, such as "I really like your hair". Try to avoid compliments about her body, even her lips or eyes, until you get to know her better or have spoken to her at greater length, as she is not going to feel comfortable if she thinks you have. sexual thoughts instead of seeing her as a pretty girl you want to get to know better.
  • Stay positive! Everyone prefers the company of a playful boy! You also don't have to be swaggering all the time, but you should try to see things on the bright side before talking to him.
  • Check out other articles on body language to find out if it's worth all the effort you're about to put in. If you can read their body language, you will know everything there is to know.

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