How to remove likes on Facebook

How to remove likes on Facebook
How to remove likes on Facebook

Facebook which is famous worldwide allows you to give "likes" on various things that you can like there. However, liking a lot can have a downside, because whatever topic you choose will send you new information down the road. Ultimately, you may not be able to follow your favorite Facebook accounts anymore because you receive too many articles from some accounts that are not important to you. From a computer or the phone application, you can remove "likes", and thus air your news page.


Method 1 of 2: Remove likes from a computer

Delete Likes on Facebook Step 1

Step 1. Go to Facebook

In your search engine, type Facebook or go directly here. Once on the page, enter your email or username, then your password. Finally, click on the button Log in.

Delete Likes on Facebook Step 2

Step 2. Go to your personal page

Select your name at the top of the Facebook page that opened. The page that presents your news feed will automatically be replaced by your personal page.

Delete Likes on Facebook Step 3

Step 3. View your personal history

Press on View personal history. A new page is displayed with the different actions you have performed on Facebook.

  • This page is also accessible by clicking at the top right on the small triangle which points downwards, just after the help icon. A pop-up menu will appear and you will need to select it Personal history.
Delete Likes on Facebook Step 4

Step 4. Tap Likes & Reactions

In the left menu of your page, select Likes and reactions. You are taken to a new page that shows you everything you liked, found funny, etc.

Delete Likes on Facebook Step 5

Step 5. Select an information

Go through the list of all the information, photos to which you have reacted and stop, click on the message for which you want to modify your appreciation.

To the right of the vertical menu of the page, you can browse all the messages to which you have reacted. They are ordered from the most recent to the oldest

Delete Likes on Facebook Step 6

Step 6. Change your opinion

On the chosen message, you will find at the top right an icon representing a pencil. By selecting this icon, you will be able to modify your previous reaction.

As soon as you have made the change, the information will update and you will no longer receive anything related to this message on your news tracking page

Method 2 of 2: Delete "likes" from a mobile application

Delete Likes on Facebook Step 7

Step 1. Log in

Activate your Facebook application by selecting the icon on your phone or tablet.

For those who have not installed the application, you can find it depending on the operating system of your mobile device in Microsoft Store (Windows) or Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS). In each of these apps, you just need to use the search engine and type in Facebook to find the app. Then, following the procedure given to you, download and then install the Facebook app. Finally, you can open the app on your mobile device

Delete Likes on Facebook Step 8

Step 2. Access your account

On the page that opens, write your username or email, then your password. Finally, press the button Log in.

Delete Likes on Facebook Step 9

Step 3. Select Facebook settings

To access the settings, click on the icon with three horizontal bars at the top right of your screen.

Delete Likes on Facebook Step 10

Step 4. Find your Personal History

Browse through the different features and when you find Personal history eg for Windows Phone, click on it. The path to access it, as well as the name of the feature, may vary by operating system, version, and mobile device.

Delete Likes on Facebook Step 11

Step 5. Tap Filter

On the new page, click Filter (Windows Phone) which allows you to refine the display according to criteria that are exposed to you on a new page.

Delete Likes on Facebook Step 12

Step 6. Choose Likes and Reactions

In the list of options, scroll through it until you find Likes and reactions which is immediately above Comments and click on it.

Delete Likes on Facebook Step 13

Step 7. Select the message

Go through your messages for which you have sent a reaction to the message that interests you. Note that they are displayed from most recent to least recent.

Delete Likes on Facebook Step 14

Step 8. Change your reaction

Tap the message context menu icon at the top right and click I no longer love.

After removing your "like", any changes or information that will arrive for this post will no longer be communicated to you on your news page


  • You can integrate the Bing toolbar into your internet browser. It will help you give "likes", or delete Facebook posts that you see.
  • Know that you are the only one who can see your Personal history.

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