How to create a profile on Facebook: 9 steps

How to create a profile on Facebook: 9 steps
How to create a profile on Facebook: 9 steps

Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with your friends, share photos, and have a social network. To create a Facebook profile, it only takes a few minutes.


Create a Facebook Profile Step 1

Step 1. Open a Facebook account

Under the word "Registration" on the home page, put your first name in the first box and your last name in the second box. Then enter a valid email address and re-enter that email in the box below. This is how Facebook can contact you for confirmation of your registration and in the future send you updates to your profile. Then enter a password of your choice, your gender and your date of birth. Then click on the Register button at the bottom of the page.

Create a Facebook Profile Step 2

Step 2. Confirm your email

Facebook will now tell you that it sent you a confirmation email to your email account. You must now log in to your email. Open the confirmation email from Facebook, click on the link it provides and it will take you to your new Facebook profile.

Create a Facebook Profile Step 3

Step 3. Find Friends

You will now have to go through a series of steps to personalize your profile. First, Facebook will offer you to browse your email address book to find the addresses of people who also have Facebook profiles, giving you the option to add them as friends. Just enter your email address and Facebook password to find your friends. Choose the ones you want to add by checking the boxes to the left of their images, then click Add down. After that, you will have the option to choose your friends from your email address book that are not on Facebook and send them Facebook invitations.

Create a Facebook Profile Step 4

Step 4. Find your classmates

Click on the button Find my classmates.

Then, choose the country, the city, the name of your school (if you are looking for a specific person, just type in their name), then click validate. Now select the ones you recognize or the ones you want as a friend and click on Add. You may have to write the safe box text in the text box to confirm.

Create a Facebook Profile Step 5

Step 5. Find your colleagues

Click on Find your colleagues. Write the name of the company you are looking for and the name of the employee if necessary. Then, validate to see what Facebook finds.

Create a Facebook Profile Step 6

Step 6. Join a regional network

This is useful because people in the same regional network can see the profiles of others, even if they are not in your friends yet. Joining a regional network also means it's easier to find friends. On your Facebook configuration page, there is the possibility to enter the name of a city or a village. Enter your city of residence and click on Save.

Create a Facebook Profile Step 7

Step 7. Edit your profile

Click on Edit my profile where you will see that all sections are empty. You don't have to fill in all the fields, you can leave them blank if you wish. Remember, Facebook is public, so think twice before entering any personal information.

Create a Facebook Profile Step 8

Step 8. Add a profile photo

Click on the tab Add a picture to upload an image from your hard drive that other people may be able to see on your profile. Click on upload a photo, to search for an image on your hard drive, then check the box to certify that you have the rights to the image, then click download photo to confirm. You can also use a webcam to take your photo, click To take a picture and click the camera button when you're ready. There will be a 3 second delay before the photo is taken. Note: Images and portraits are public and anyone visiting your page will be able to see them.

Create a Facebook Profile Step 9

Step 9. Add a cover photo. A cover is a larger image at the top of your page, just above the profile photo

Click on Add cover then choose whether you want to upload a new photo or choose a photo from one of your existing albums. Once you have chosen a photo, you can crop it by swiping up / down then click on Save after repositioning it. Note: images and portraits are public and anyone visiting your page will be able to see them.


  • The first thing you need to do regarding your Facebook profile is adjust your privacy settings. This will help you assess what you want to post to your account.
  • Don't give out personal information or chat with strangers. Avoid photos of your face!


  • Avoid intimidation or the creation of groups that can hurt other people. You never know how devastating your actions could be.
  • Don't add someone you don't know as a friend, especially if you're a minor. If you add someone you don't know, you run the risk of talking to someone dangerous. Ask yourself two questions, Have I already met this person?

    and Is this person dangerous?

  • If you have a job and you don't like it, be sure to never mention it on your Facebook profile: you can be friends with a coworker or supervisor, you can share an overlapping group with someone in your business, you may have absent-mindedly added your boss as a friend two years ago and it could cost you your job and your dignity. Better not to do it.
  • Do not add your phone number or home address on Facebook, even with high security settings, you still run the risk of being hacked.
  • Think about what you're going to post on your profile before you do it. Think about what you write, what groups you create or join, what quiz you are going to do, what photos you post. Employers and colleges browse Facebook profiles. If you post something kinky in your profile, your coworkers or employers will be able to see it and think you are a pervert.
  • Do not post pictures of yourself taking drugs or showing drugs. You could actually get into legal trouble for this.
  • Don't create a Facebook profile if you're under 13 or not in college. There is a reason for the minimum age limit.
  • If you drink alcohol in another country with a lower drinking age than your country, you will post these photos at your own risk. Employers and colleges can figure this out, but it's a gamble. If you do decide to go, be sure to drink responsibly in the photo and make it clear that you are in a different country.
  • If you are under the legal drinking age, avoid posting pictures of yourself drinking alcohol or dating someone drinking alcohol if they are underage.
  • Make sure you set up your profile correctly so that only your friends can see it. Making your profile completely accessible will leave you vulnerable to potentially dangerous people, not to mention weird, unbalanced, and desperate people.

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