How to get more "likes" on Facebook

How to get more "likes" on Facebook
How to get more "likes" on Facebook

By following the right techniques, it is possible to increase the number of "likes" or "likes" that you receive on the content you post on Facebook.


Method 1 of 2: Increase likes on personal posts

Get More Facebook Likes Step 1

Step 1. Think about your current habits

If your posts aren't at their best and aren't getting a lot of likes, you could improve them by identifying the main flaws. Here are some of the most common problems.

  • You post too often (several times a day) or infrequently (less than once a day).
  • You post when your friends are busy (or while they are sleeping).
  • You are posting long content with a lot of text.
  • You post vague, overly specific or trivial content.
  • You don't upload images or videos.
  • You are not asking your audience for feedback or using other forms to engage them.
Get More Facebook Likes Step 2

Step 2. Post once or twice a day

Posts increase your visibility on the feed of people who follow you, reducing the risk of invisible or missed posts. If you can become better known for posting fun and interesting updates, photos or videos, people will stop by your profile and notice your name appearing at the top of their feed. The more people who pay attention to what you post, the more likely they are to like your content.

If you post more than twice a day, people who follow you might get tired of seeing you in their feed, blocking you, unfollowing you, or deleting your connection on Facebook

Get More Facebook Likes Step 3

Step 3. Use humor

You will find that often funny and light posts attract a lot more likes than technical or down-to-earth posts. Replace your regular content with a joke or funny anecdote once or twice a day, especially if you include a photo, which should get you a lot of likes.

  • Avoid risky or sensitive topics (e.g. religion or politics) in your humorous posts, as these topics tend to alienate some people instead of including them.
  • If you can't find anything funny to post, use someone else's humor, search the internet for an interesting joke and post it on your wall or share a clever version of a popular meme.. You may not have invented it, but you will reap the rewards.
Get More Facebook Likes Step 4

Step 4. Include photos and videos

Visual content can engage your audience in a more meaningful way than posts where there is only text, which is why you should try to include a photo in any posts you create. As long as the image relates to at least part of what you write, you should see a positive reaction using this method.

  • When posting a video, try using the text in the post to add to the suspense about the video (eg “I can't stop laughing” or “send help!”).
  • Remember that sharing photos or videos is not as exciting as your personal content, although it does allow you to create a post with your own comments.
Get More Facebook Likes Step 5

Step 5. Keep the posts short

Most people won't read more than a hundred characters. Especially if you use humor or add a caption to an image, try not to write more than 300 characters.

  • If you want to share a longer post on Facebook, consider writing your post on a blog and posting the link on Facebook.
  • Once you've created a good reputation, you can add one or two longer posts per week, but remember that they won't create the same level of engagement as shorter posts.
Get More Facebook Likes Step 6

Step 6. Ask questions

You can also get more likes from your Facebook friends by asking relevant questions and asking their opinion. You need to keep the questions informal and light instead of asking technical or philosophical questions that tend to get Facebook users to focus on the conversations instead of clicking the "Like" button.

Here's an example of a good question to ask: "When was the first time you threw up?" Followed by your personal experience with a touch of humor

Get More Facebook Likes Step 7

Step 7. Like and comment on other people's posts

By interacting with other people's content, you will often encourage them to take a look at what you are posting yourself, which could lead them to leave you likes. While it's not an exact science, you might get more likes by liking other people's content and leaving comments.

This is all the more important when you've just added a new friend on Facebook. Show him right away that you like what he is posting so that he will do the same with you

Get More Facebook Likes Step 8

Step 8. Avoid content that tries to grab attention

Posts that seek attention or sympathy and moody posts will generally scare people away rather than get you likes. Again, people like to use Facebook to see fun and light content, not to remember personal issues.

  • These aren't always easy to manage, but you're not going to solve them by posting them on Facebook. Consider keeping your privacy separate from the content you put on the platform.
  • The same goes for channel type posts or posts that ask for likes (eg "like this post to keep the love alive"), although you might get a few likes, they will mostly annoy your friends.
Get More Facebook Likes Step 9

Step 9. Post at the right time of the day

Pay attention to your own Facebook habits and watch the chat window to see who is online and when. You can use this information to find the best times of the day to post a new status to maximize the number of likes you will receive.

  • In general, people tend to check Facebook in the morning and evening, that is, before and after school or work. You should then make sure to post your content during these times of heightened activity.
  • If you post content at times when no one is online, such as very late at night or on an afternoon on the weekend, you might be disappointed with the number of likes you are going to receive.
  • You should also take into account certain events that could influence the number of people on Facebook. Certain national or international events, holidays and tragedies can affect the number of people using Facebook at any given time.
Get More Facebook Likes Step 10

Step 10. Make your posts public

By changing a post's default sharing setting to make it public, you ensure that all Facebook users can see, share, and comment on your posts. It could have a ripple effect if you have friends who share your post with their friends because it will reach people you don't even know.

  • By making your post public, you increase its reach, but it will also decrease the overall security of your account. If you do decide to make your content public, you should avoid posting personal information or identifying yourself in the places you go.
  • You could also just add more friends or set your post to be visible to friends of your friends, but if you set its scope to "public" you are sure that everyone can see it.
  • If you use hashtags in your posts when you make them public, other Facebook users can find them simply by searching for the hashtag in question.
Get More Facebook Likes Step 11

Step 11. Check your results after a week

If you see an increase in likes after fixing some of the issues you found early on, you'll know your changes worked! If you don't notice any significant changes, try making some new changes, such as posting at other times, changing the tone of your posts and their length.

It may take a while for you to see results, which is why you need to be patient

Method 2 of 2: Increase likes on a business page

Get More Facebook Likes Step 12

Step 1. Find a balance with your promotional content

In general, Facebook analysts recommend posting 80% non-promotional content and 20% promotional content. So, if you create ten posts, you should make eight whose sole purpose is to engage your audience and two whose purpose is to sell a product or service.

Get More Facebook Likes Step 13

Step 2. Ask your friends and family

If you're trying to launch your Page, the first thing you might do is invite friends you already have to like your Page. As an administrator, Facebook gives you the ability to do this directly from your page.

  • Be sure to include a comment where you politely ask your contacts if they want to like your new page, as they will usually respond favorably if you are polite.
  • You can also encourage them to invite their own friends to like the page. Even if it only attracts two or three more people, you will increase your page reach exponentially.
Get More Facebook Likes Step 14

Step 3. Post interesting and interactive content

One of the most important ways to get more fans on your Facebook page and keep the fans you already have is by posting interesting, informative, and interactive content several times a day. Try posting things that users of your Page are going to want to share with their friends, such as photos, videos, competitions, and relevant articles.

  • Remember, even if just one of your fans with 200-300 friends shares your post on their own wall, it significantly increases your post's exposure.
  • Try to ask lots of questions and get people to comment on your posts, then remember to respond to each user individually. This will encourage people to keep posting comments as you instill more trust and loyalty in your brand.
  • You can also allow your users to post photos on your page. People love the pages they can interact with.
Get More Facebook Likes Step 15

Step 4. Offer freebies

Encourage users to like your page, for example by offering a special offer, coupons, or something creative. Make this offer exclusive to your fans, to get people to like your page and reap the benefits. This can be very effective and if the offer is good people will share it with their friends and family.

For example, if you run an online clothing store, you could create a 10% promotion for page members on their next purchase

Get More Facebook Likes Step 16

Step 5. Contact administrators of similar groups

Groups on Facebook can have a big influence and they can share your page with their users. Groups can send emails to their members while Pages can only send notifications.

  • Try to get admins of other groups to share your page by posting good, relevant content and offering to promote the group on your page in return. A Facebook group is not going to want to spam its users, which is why you need to make sure that your page relates to the group and that the relationship between the two of you will be mutually beneficial.
  • Giveaways like promo codes and coupons can also encourage fans in a band to like your page.
Get More Facebook Likes Step 17

Step 6. Organize a contest between your fans

This is a contest that only people who like your page are eligible to enter. The price can be anything, for example access to a new feature or one of your products. The bigger the prize, the more people are going to want to like your page to enter the contest. It could also get them to share your content with their friends and encourage even more people to like your page.

  • You can also make the contest interactive by using fun and interesting ways to get your fans to submit their responses.
  • You could also ask people to post their stories on your Facebook page and the best of them wins the prize.
Get More Facebook Likes Step 18

Step 7. Post job offers on your page

If there are openings in your company, consider posting this information on your Facebook page along with a short description and details on how to apply. This will encourage people to share the post with their job-seeking friends and come back to your page for updates.

Get More Facebook Likes Step 19

Step 8. Encourage likes in the real world

Sometimes you just need to tell people you meet that your business has a Facebook page to get more likes. You can include the link of your page on your business card, on flyers or on the signature of your email.

  • It would also be good to mention your Facebook page when someone asks you how to contact you.
  • If you have a website for your company or for the service you offer, you will increase the number of people who can find your page by including a link, which will then increase the number of likes.
Get More Facebook Likes Step 20

Step 9. Start an effective advertising campaign on Facebook

For a small fee, Facebook will promote your Page to its users, giving you access to people you might not otherwise have been able to reach.

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