3 ways to make a heart on Facebook

3 ways to make a heart on Facebook
3 ways to make a heart on Facebook

Making a heart on Facebook is one way to show your love or affection, whether it's for your soul mate, friend, sibling, or just something you love. There are a number of very easy ways to make a heart on Facebook.


Method 1 of 3: Make a simple pink heart

Step 1. Type <3 then press Enter

Once published, the sign <3 will be replaced by a simple pink heart ♥.

Method 2 of 3: Make an emoticon heart

Step 1. Click on the heart-shaped emoticon

Not everyone knows this, but the icons you see below in step 2 are actually hidden emoticons to make a heart.

  • If you are using Google Chrome, you will see black squares, if you are using Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari, you will see black hearts.

    Make a Heart on Facebook Step 2Bullet1
  • All you have to do is copy the square / black heart you want and paste it where you want to express yourself on Facebook.

    Make a Heart on Facebook Step 2Bullet2
  • When you have posted your comment, the heart or square will turn into a heart icon.

    Make a Heart on Facebook Step 2Bullet3
Make a Heart on Facebook Step 3

Step 2. Copy and paste the following images

  • A beating heart--?

    Make a Heart on Facebook Step 3Bullet1
  • A broken heart-- ?
  • A shining heart--?
  • A growing heart--?
  • A heart with an arrow--?
  • A blue heart--?
  • A green heart--?
  • A yellow heart--?
  • A red heart - ❤️
  • A purple heart -?
  • A heart with a ribbon--?

Method 3 of 3: Use more traditional techniques

Step 1. Use the special characters in your PC

You will have access to many symbols, like hearts, skulls, stars and more. Open a text document open Special characters and copy and paste the chosen symbol.

  • Under Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8 you can also open the menu Special characters going in All programs - → Accessories - → System tools - → Special characters.

    Make a Heart on Facebook Step 4Bullet1

Step 2. On a Mac, use Show Characters

Click on the icon See characters in the menu bar and choose the symbol of your choice.

  • For example, you will see black and white heart pictograms. Click on the one of your choice and a list of variations will appear on the right.
  • Right click on the heart of your choice and copy it.
  • Paste it in Facebook and erase the other information, leaving only the heart.

Step 3. Use the alt = "Image" codes on a PC

This technique works on most Windows computers. Hold the keys Alt and 3 and when you post your status or talk to someone, the heart will appear.

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