How to write an official invitation: 10 steps (with pictures)

How to write an official invitation: 10 steps (with pictures)
How to write an official invitation: 10 steps (with pictures)

The invitation is an important aspect in the organization of an event or a social activity since it allows to announce the color that the event will take in general and also allows to determine the exact number of guests who will be present. the part. Beyond the expected number of guests, the invitation with the mention RSVP will determine the number of people who have expressed their intention to take part in the event. In this way, it will be easier to make the necessary arrangements concerning the means of seating, the choice of food and the service. Learning how to write an official invitation according to specific formats and rules will allow you and your guests to be well informed about the event.


Method 1 of 1: Write an official invitation

Write a Formal Invitation Step 1

Step 1. Begin

Place the organization or host's logo or badge at the top of the invitation card.

Write a Formal Invitation Step 2

Step 2. Write the full host name

Do not include naming formulas such as (Dr, Mr. or Mrs.), except in the case of an official title.

Full names of hosts should be used if the event is being hosted by two or more people. List the host's titles in a line below its name and put the primary host's name there first. An exception to this rule applies when it is a president and his wife who organize the event, where the title of President precedes the name of the host. In this case, no title line is required

Write a Formal Invitation Step 3

Step 3. Send the invitation

You have the possibility to choose supported formulas such as Your presence is requested, or less supported, like You are cordially invited to take part in.

Write a Formal Invitation Step 4

Step 4. Educate people about the event

For example, talk about a breakfast, an awards ceremony or a reception.

Write a Formal Invitation Step 5

Step 5. State the purpose of the event

For example, in honor of …

Write a Formal Invitation Step 6

Step 6. Give the date of the event

Depending on how you want the invitation to be formal, you can write the date in full as Thursday, May 11, or keep the short form such as Thursday, May 11. The most consistent way to write your invitation is to write the date in full.

Write a Formal Invitation Step 7

Step 7. Write the full time of the event

Use terms such as in the morning or in the evening if this was not already clearly stated in the purpose of the event. For example, if an event is to be held at 8 p.m., you would write at 8 p.m. If it is a breakfast or a dinner, it will not be necessary to accompany the hours with other expressions such as morning or evening.

Write a Formal Invitation Step 8

Step 8. Specify the location of the event

Indicate the address of the street where it will be held.

Write a Formal Invitation Step 9

Step 9. Give specific instructions if necessary

For example, if you need to include the route to the venue of the event, include the route attached.

Write a Formal Invitation Step 10

Step 10. Put in your reservation information

The acronym RSVP comes from the French expression respond, please. This is intended for parties and events where you are required to know the number of guests to make possible arrangements regarding seating, meals and many other necessary things. If you need to include a response card, replace the phone number and name with the attached response card. Mention the deadline for responses on the card, which is either on a date you have set or usually two weeks before the event takes place. You can include a stamped personal address envelope in addition to the response card to make it easier for guests to mail it back to you. The response card may also require information such as meal or seat preference. The response card should be printed in the same style as the invitation card. If response by email is permitted, it is therefore no longer necessary for invitees to return the response card by mail.

For invitations that do not contain response cards, write the phone number and name of the person who will be responsible for responding. Do not mention a deadline for response


  • Make the effort to make your invitation more formal by giving it a special shape.
  • Avoid the use of abbreviations when writing an official invitation.
  • Specify in the invitation whether or not guests should come with other people.
  • Do not include the postal code in the address written on the invitation.
  • Usually, by social norms, it is not appropriate to include the place where you will receive the gifts when writing a wedding invitation.
  • According to tradition, an invitation must be sent two months before the event.
  • You can make your invitation shorter by writing it understandably and clearly.
  • You don't need to place any punctuation at the end of each line.
  • Anyone, be it a child, a couple or anyone over the age of 16, should receive their own invitation.
  • An electronic invitation must adhere to the same style of expression and see the same label as the one that is written.

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