How to be the funniest boy in school

How to be the funniest boy in school
How to be the funniest boy in school

Someone has to be the clown in the class, so why couldn't it be you? If humor is part of your natural gift, you might become the funniest kid in school. By working on your acting skills a bit and varying your skills, you'll knock them off their chairs and they'll forget it's another day at school.


Part 1 of 3: Understand how humor works

Be the Funniest in School Step 1

Step 1. Know your audience

If you want to be the funniest student in school, you need to know what your classmates find funny. Listen to them and find what makes them laugh. Do they laugh when you laugh at your teachers? When you laugh at yourself? When are you playing comedy? Or do they prefer jokes about TV shows, actors or pop culture?

  • Even within your group of friends, different people will find different things funny. Try to identify the particular tastes of each of your friends. How are they different?
  • Also know the tastes of your teachers. If you have to write an essay on the famous "To Be or Not to Be" theme in Macbeth and you start reciting it to the tune of "Should I Stay or Should I Go? Of the Clash, some teachers might find it funny. Others ? Much less.
Be the Funniest in School Step 2

Step 2. Learn the basics of humor

In fact, all human beings are more or less the same. There are some things that we have always found and will always find hilarious.

  • Pain. If you've ever watched cartoons, you know the concept. Think beep beep and the coyote, Garfield, Bugs Bunny, Mickey. All these characters turn the pain into a comic act. It does not age.
  • The surprise. It’s only when you don’t see things happening that they can become anything, surprising, scary, funny, you decide. So pick a mundane moment and make it less ordinary. Is it gray outside? Put on sunglasses. Nobody laughs at your joke? Laugh out loud. Are you trying to hide? Hide behind a small green plant. Be silly as long as you feel comfortable.
  • Word games and puns. More on that, but puns are a great way to make people laugh.
Be the Funniest in School Step 3

Step 3. Pay attention to the timing

When it comes to joking, this is the most important thing. It’s something you must feel, so we’re not going to go overboard in explaining it. Be aware of this, the next time someone makes a joke, watch how the timing influences the comedic side of the joke.

Think about silences. Take for example this sentence: "Who wants the last fry?" "It's not a lot of fun. But when you and your friends are sitting at the table and no one is talking, everyone feels awkward and no one has anything interesting to say and you blurt out a "Who wants the last fry?" In a nervous, fishy tone as you slide your fingers over to the fry to pick it up for you

Be the Funniest in School Step 4

Step 4. Try to make fun of your friends, not badly of course

Now that we've seen how to make fun of yourself, it's time to make fun of your friends! Take it easy, you want to be friends after your joke. Find something that you can lightly laugh at, that will make others laugh. They might even answer you!

  • For example, when your friend, who is rather tall and thin, walks into the room, quickly ignore him and then say, “Oh sorry, I took you for a floor lamp. It is obvious that you did not take it for a lamppost. Clearly this is a joke, so he shouldn't take it wrong.
  • Some people don't like to be played jokes. If you have friends who are like that, avoid this method. Just laugh at people who aren't going to take it badly.
Be the Funniest in School Step 5

Step 5. Don't forget the action humor

Buffoonery has been around for centuries and still continues to make people laugh. Try pulling off a friend's chair or yourself falling off your chair because someone made a stupid comment and you couldn't stand it. You don't have to talk to be fun!

  • If you've ever heard of Lucille Ball (a famous actress) or "I Love Lucy", you probably remember that the funniest moments on her show were when she was learning to trample grapes, when she was happening. chocolate on the face or when drinking a meat drink. Buffoonery is the most timeless type of comedy.

    Can't you see who it is? Think of Mr Bean or Charlin Chaplin. They have entire moments of buffoonery without saying a single word

Be the Funniest in School Step 6

Step 6. Try your hand at puns and puns

Puns can be the worst thing, but a good pun, or even better, a good pun, makes everyone laugh. The next time a friend of yours talks about their last camping trip, ask them, "What's your tent's name?" »Be imaginative!

Want more examples? you will find plenty of them on the internet

Part 2 of 3: Developing your talents

Be the Funniest in School Step 7

Step 1. Build your reputation

When people know you're the class clown, it's easier to crack jokes. They'll almost be ready to laugh at anything you say and you'll gain confidence. To start growing your reputation, start joking around. You want to be that person that everyone says, "He makes me laugh!""

The best way to do this is to keep it light and fun. So even if you are preparing for an upcoming exam or the general atmosphere is unhappy, always be prepared to play a joke to lighten the mood

Be the Funniest in School Step 8

Step 2. Develop your character

It's great to have the words and the looks, but you need the look, too. Develop an eccentric personality on the outside that will go well with the eccentricity of your jokes. Do you have a monocle? Or even a cape? Or at least different colored socks?

Sometimes your look will help your humor. Try to imagine your boring Aunt Christiane trying to make jokes. Wouldn't she be funnier if she wore epaulets and a dreadful hat?

Be the Funniest in School Step 9

Step 3. Get inspired by the best

The goal is not to steal jokes, but consider listening to actors to get a better idea of ​​the current jokes that work. And if you happen to repeat a joke without your friend knowing where it came from, you don't have to tell them! Let her think it's from you.

Also take inspiration from less famous people. Try Raymond Devos, Olivier de Benoist, Guy Bedos or Pierre Desproges for example. And don't just use their jokes, make them your own and create your own

Be the Funniest in School Step 10

Step 4. Make yourself a joke bag

You can save yourself an unexpected improvisation by keeping a few jokes handy. If you see a big blank in the thread, you can fill it in by pulling a joke out of your sleeve. Listen to the comedians just mentioned, watch comedies on TV, and spend time filling your joke bag.

Try not to use it too often. You don't want people cringe every time you say: "This is the story of a Belgian walking into a bar …"

Be the Funniest in School Step 11

Step 5. Don't take yourself too seriously

At the end of the day, you need to be relaxed to end with humor. If you worry because you want others to think you are funny (or, because they don't find you funny), this will be the only thing people will see, no one will see your awesome jokes. Don't get too crazy, if you think you are funny everyone will think so too.

And even if they aren't laughing, what's the problem? You are going to make them giggle next time. You don't have to be funny 24 hours a day. Learning to act is through trial and error. Some comedians perfect the same joke for years. Don't stress

Part 3 of 3: Developing your personality

Be the Funniest in School Step 12

Step 1. Be alive and energized

Even the best jokes don't hit the mark if you don't play them the way you laugh. If you can say a joke with a flick of your arm or with such an expressive face that it almost says the joke to you, your joke becomes much better. Whatever you say, say it with your whole body.

Aziz Ansari has a great skit where he explains how he tries to meet girls. Neither of them like him, so he consoles himself by saying, “It's okay, my friend Brian loves me. "It's not especially funny! But he says it sarcastically, with enthusiasm and a little anger, pouting and opening his eyes wide. It's the embodiment of the emotion behind the joke that does all the magic

Be the Funniest in School Step 13

Step 2. Know about pop culture

Jokes that refer to private things, even if they make you laugh out loud, won't make anyone laugh. You have to fill your jokes with things that everyone is okay with and can understand. Use pop culture references to make your entire audience laugh. Make jokes about the news in the world, this way everyone ends up in your joke.

What catches your attention and that of your friends? Do you have any favorite shows? A style of music that you listen to? Favorite celebrities? Make reference to it in your jokes. Bring out the Gangnam Style choreography during the singing lesson. Stick your tongue out and purr like a cat when you hear one of your friends listening to Miley Cyrus on their iPod. Quote your favorite shows when you have the chance. Get ready

Be the Funniest in School Step 14

Step 3. Be sarcastic

One of the most common forms of humor is sarcasm. If it matches your personality well, you can give it free rein. It's often dry, acerbic, a bit absurd, and lightly pokes fun at the person or subject it's directed at. As long as people know you are not serious, he can be a lot of fun!

  • Sometimes you can use it to say the opposite of what you think. Think of phrases like "Nicolas Sarkozy was the best president ever" or "This is the best idea you ever had!" Or you could also say something absurd, "Do you like dogs? I love dogs too! What's your favorite recipe? "
  • Tone of voice can express sarcasm very well. If you say Nicolas Sarkozy was the best president with a serious face, looking outraged, people are not going to know whether you are joking or not. This method can work too, you just need to know when to drop the mask to show that you are joking.
Be the Funniest in School Step 15

Step 4. Stay alert

If you want to be funny all the time (you want to be funny all the time, not every once in a while, right?) You have to observe what is going on around you and be prepared to surf the wave. For example, a friend of yours walks into the room and sits down. Immediately turn to your other comrades and say, looking discreetly down and scratching your chair, “Do you think he saw us? »Observe the events going on around you and don't miss an opportunity to make a joke!

Try to turn normal times in everyday life into something fun. By staying alert, you can make it happen. For example, your friend shows you pictures from the last vacation and she says, "Oh look, I look so fat." Answer him: "Don't worry, it seems the camera adds 5 kilos. How many cameras did you have there? "Just make sure she understands that this is a joke

Be the Funniest in School Step 16

Step 5. Laugh at yourself

It's okay, we've laughed enough at others. It is even funnier to laugh at yourself. No one will feel upset and in addition to making everyone laugh, you will look like a modest person with your feet on the ground. Everybody wins.

Do you want an example ? Your best friend just got called by the teacher. He doesn't know what to say, so he starts to stammer, “Uh… yeah… so… uh…” At that point, say, “Looks like me when I try to talk to girls. Instead of making fun of him, you are going to make fun of yourself


  • Take it easy. If you're rather shy, and not the loud, funny type of student, don't just start making noise all of a sudden. People will think you are doing too much to sound like fun.
  • Laugh at yourself. Whether or not your joke hit the mark, just laugh.

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