How to win school fights (with pictures)

How to win school fights (with pictures)
How to win school fights (with pictures)

Has anyone ever caused you problems at school? Have you ever nearly come to blows? Have you ever fought in school? If you want to emerge victorious from a fight, whether at school or elsewhere, you have to show bravery.


Part 1 of 3: start the fight

Win Fights at School Step 1

Step 1. Let your opponent start the fight

People will blame you for being the first to attack. However, there is nothing wrong with defending yourself, especially in case your opponent threatens your life. Watch out for any signs of aggression or possible attack.

Win Fights at School Step 2

Step 2. Draw attention to yourself

If you want to avoid the fight, shout “Help! As loud as you can. You can also ask for help from any school staff closest to you. Escaping combat is also an option, but be aware that many people might view this behavior as cowardice. Only run away if it's to save your life.

Win Fights at School Step 3

Step 3. Know when it's best to quit

If your opponent refuses to give you the first punch, give up. Starting a fight will only cause problems and put your life in danger. Beating yourself up in school can cost you punishment, suspension, transfer to another institution, or permanent expulsion. Doing so could mar your academic record and jeopardize your potential chances of getting accepted into college or finding a job.

Part 2 of 3: Fighting

Win Fights at School Step 4

Step 1. Adopt a perfectly balanced posture

Spread your feet apart and keep your wrists above the eyes and in front of the face. If the person is punching you directly with the back arm, move your hands towards your ears and protect your face with your elbows.

Win Fights at School Step 5

Step 2. Kneel or elbow to hurt him

A kick to the front or back of your opponent's knee or calf could knock them down, giving you time to escape. Always aim for the abdominal area or the face.

Win Fights at School Step 6

Step 3. Defeat your opponent if possible

If he falls, take the opportunity to keep him in that position until he surrenders or becomes too weak to continue fighting. Hold it down as long as possible. If necessary, hit it to keep it down.

Win Fights at School Step 7

Step 4. Block his shots

Although this method may seem ineffective, it will tire your opponent. You could either escape or even defend yourself. Don't hesitate to block his punches frequently or use this method throughout the fight.

Win Fights at School Step 8

Step 5. Never shout or hurl insults during the fight

Opening your mouth will give your opponent the chance to give you a big blow to the jaw. This could result in a knockout or even a broken jaw. Ignore your opponent's taunts, and if he keeps talking, take the opportunity to punch him in the jaw.

Win Fights at School Step 9

Step 6. Never pull her hair out

Pulling out your opponent's hair is a girl's specialty, unless the other person does it first. However, feel free to use this method if it gives you an advantage.

Win Fights at School Step 10

Step 7. Kick

While this tactic is underrated, it is great for winning a fight. Don't hesitate to use your feet if the opportunity arises. However, be careful, as your enemy might try to grab your leg or your foot.

Win Fights at School Step 11

Step 8. Stay calm if it is more than one person

Understand that your goal is to escape and not necessarily to win the fight. Against more than one person, the chances of you getting away with it without someone's help are slim. Avoid showing your anger. During any fight, use your rage as your energy to defeat your enemies.

  • Don't hesitate to ask for help if the situation calls for it. Sure, your reputation might take a hit, but damaging your social status is even better than losing your life.
  • Beware of the temptation of pride. You can convince yourself that you can defeat many enemies, but be realistic.
Win Fights at School Step 12

Step 9. Take the opportunity if you are turned sideways

Put your fist to his head. You can also push his head down and find enough strength and balance to bring him down to the ground.

Win Fights at School Step 13

Step 10. Force him to surrender

Once he's down, hold him in that position until he surrenders. If you let him get up without giving up, he might hit you.

Win Fights at School Step 14

Step 11. Defend yourself if you are on the ground

Block his shots as best you can. If your punches are weak enough to give you control, try hitting him too.

Part 3 of 3: control the situation in certain cases

Win Fights at School Step 15

Step 1. Beware of opponents taller than you

In such a case, use your opponent's size against him. Hit his tender points or his crotch. Aim for the area between the navel and the groin with the tips of your shoes. There is an area covered with pressure points here that will help you defeat your opponent.

Win Fights at School Step 16

Step 2. Beware if he threatens your life or tries to strangle you

Hit the person with all your might. Nudge, kick or kick pressure points or sensitive areas. Continue with this tactic until your opponent is weak enough for you to escape. Remember, you have the right to stand up for yourself if someone threatens your life. Go see the authorities as soon as possible.

Win Fights at School Step 17

Step 3. Flee if you have multiple opponents

Run as fast as you can towards a crowd or towards the main school office. While you may be tempted to defeat multiple opponents for glory, understand that it's best to be realistic. A person who fights against many enemies cannot win such a fight without being badly injured or without killing himself.


  • Do what you need to do. No one will stand up for you if you can't stand up for yourself.
  • Stay focused, otherwise your opponent might take this opportunity to attack you.
  • Do not tolerate insults or fights. Notify the authorities.
  • Always protect your face. Keep your dominant hand close to your face.
  • Keep your fist straight to avoid a broken wrist when you want to hit your opponent hard.
  • Never fight in an isolated area. If you lose the fight, you could be seriously injured without someone's help.
  • Use the leg sweep technique to knock your opponent down. However, only use this technique when the other person is already injured and when you are an experienced fighter.
  • You can still lose a fight, even if you are taller. In this case, your opponent will be more agile and faster than you, and he will have a lot to prove.
  • Don't underestimate never a kick in the groin. There are no rules in street fighting.
  • Don't try never katas or other escape techniques that you learned in martial arts lessons, unless you are very experienced.


  • If the one you beat is well-known at school and has a lot of friends, get ready for another fight against their staunch right-hand man or even a showdown with a group. Remember never to hesitate to ask for help!
  • It is very likely that you will make enemies.
  • If you go very far in a fight, you could be charged with serious crimes.
  • If you fight in school, you could be suspended.
  • Keep in mind that in a fight you risk getting hurt or seriously injuring yourself.
  • You risk being suspended from school. So be prepared to get punished when you get home.
  • You risk being suspended from school or being fired. You could also end up in jail.
  • Lastly, if you lose, you could be seen as a social outcast.

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