How to become a class delegate: 9 steps

How to become a class delegate: 9 steps
How to become a class delegate: 9 steps

According to the French-speaking education system, class delegates are selected each year from among the students of the highest class. Each academic institution selects or elects two class delegates, a boy and a girl by several routes. The latter are called upon to be models for the student body, representatives of the establishment, and coordinators of school activities. This position involves a myriad of responsibilities, but also provides plenty of opportunities for students.


Part 1 of 3: Apply for the job

Become School Head Boy or Head Girl Step 1

Step 1. Receive an appointment from your teacher

To be selected for the position, your school may require that a teacher formally nominate you. This implies that the latter will have to fill out a nomination form or write a letter of recommendation for you. Teachers often tend to nominate students who have the following qualities and skills:

  • they are meticulous
  • caring
  • respectful
  • reliable
  • they have the soul of a chef
  • they communicate easily
  • they speak eloquently
  • they are involved in school and student life
Become School Head Boy or Head Girl Step 2

Step 2. Nominate yourself for the job

Your institution may allow you to nominate yourself for the position of Major General. For your proposal to be considered, you must also provide a letter of support signed by your teacher. In case you need to provide a letter of recommendation, always ask your professor in advance for the closing date for applications.

Send your teacher a thank you note

Become School Head Boy or Head Girl Step 3

Step 3. Write a letter of demand

In addition to a teacher's letter of recommendation, the school may require a formal letter of application from you. Often, schools provide students with instructions as to the format of the letter. It can also define points that you must address (or that are strongly recommended). They may relate to guidelines by which you need to say why you are the right candidate and how to present your development agenda for the institution.

Highlight your extracurricular activities, your commitment to the development of the school, your leadership skills and your ability to assume several responsibilities at the same time

Part 2 of 3: Presenting yourself as the best candidate

Become School Head Boy or Head Girl Step 4

Step 1. Receive a shortlist

After the selection committee has finished reviewing all applications, it usually does a shortlist. If you are selected for the next step, you will be placed on a short list. The committee will send you the details of the next step directly.

Become School Head Boy or Head Girl Step 5

Step 2. Consider giving a presentation

Make a presentation to the selection committee or student body. Class delegates are required to speak at different events. As the successful candidate, you may be asked to demonstrate your ability to speak in public before the selection committee and the student body. The committee should provide you with a reference or a theme and also give you a deadline to present it.

  • After writing your presentation, practice speaking in front of your mirror, in front of a loved one or even a friend.
  • Most students accompany their presentation with a PowerPoint presentation.
Become School Head Boy or Head Girl Step 6

Step 3. Get interviewed by the selection committee or by the students

After having followed your presentation, the selection committee or a few students will have to question you. Prepare to do the following.

  • Give details or go deeper into some of the ideas you touched on in your presentation.
  • Speak as it should be as a candidate.
  • Demonstrate with concrete examples your commitment within the school, your leadership skills and your work ethic.
  • If you are friends with a student who has gone through this step in the previous year, you might ask them what to expect in the interview.

Part 3 of 3: Being selected or elected

Become School Head Boy or Head Girl Step 7

Step 1. Be selected by the committee

After having interviewed all the candidates, the selection committee can deliberate. In a school, the final decision can be made taking into account the opinions of the selection committee. After making the final decision, the committee will announce the candidates who have been selected to be delegates.

Become School Head Boy or Head Girl Step 8

Step 2. Get elected by the students in your faculty and by the entire student body

In your school, the final decision may not be in the hands of the selection committee. In this case, the school must hold an official election in which the students and those in your faculty will each be entitled to one vote. Once the votes have been collected, the election winners will be announced.

The election procedure is modeled on the principles of elections in France

Become School Head Boy or Head Girl Step 9

Step 3. Join the majors support team

At the end of the procedure, You may or may not be selected. Students who have not been selected are usually approached to serve the school in different ways. You may have the opportunity to join the school committee and assist the two delegates in carrying out their duties.


  • Seek advice from the outgoing delegate!
  • Be very polite. Usually, the school principal is not close, so you should start off on the right foot.
  • You have to sell yourself and promote yourself to the manager. You might mistake this for arrogance, but you have to do it to demonstrate your worth!
  • Stay yourself ! If you hide your real face, they will know it!
  • During the interview and the presentation, get straight to the point. Don't go around in circles.
  • Tell the professor who recommends you why you want the job and what you plan to do once you're elected.
  • Calmly answer questions during the interview.
  • Always do your homework at home.
  • Be smart and be sure of everything you say.
  • Try to get good grades in class by working hard.

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