3 ways to cheat on a Scantron test

3 ways to cheat on a Scantron test
3 ways to cheat on a Scantron test

Scoring machines examine exam forms to mark wrong answers as false. If any answer appears other than the correct one or if nothing is put in place of the answer, it will therefore be marked false. The only way to pass a Scantron test is to give the correct answers, but in theory various cheats and maneuvers have been used to confuse the machine with success. These methods, while generally unreliable, involve creating additional spaces on the form or modifying response bubbles.


Method 1 of 3: Fake the bubbles

Step 1. Make sure to pass the human test

If any of the following methods worked and you marked all B answers, the teacher or test administrator may still be able to mark your test incorrectly. Each Scantron test is reviewed by one person and run by the dedicated machine. To be successful, you not only have to pass the human check, trying to make your test as authentic as possible, but also fool the machine so that it doesn't notice the wrong answers.

  • Avoid the consequences of naive cheating, such as marking only one column of answers or making your fuzzy answer bubbles very obvious with each question. If you try the same thing on all questions, you will fail, there is nothing you can do.
  • If you have no choice but to guess each answer, guess at random. Give the impression of having made an honest effort.
Cheat on a Scantron Test Step 2

Step 2. Put lip balm on the answers you marked

Theoretically, inducing your lip balm responses will confuse the machine and cause it to not note anything on the form. According to some sources, this works 25% of the time, although some test administrators report that this method of fooling the machine is unsuccessful.

  • Use only a tiny bit of lip balm, and only on answers that you think are wrong. If you return a copy that is well wet with oil, you will have problems.
  • Some cheaters think this method has already had its day. It had its heyday in time, but has recently been eradicated by more sophisticated machines. Indeed, it could be that she takes for false good answers.
Cheat on a Scantron Test Step 3

Step 3. Make spots with the marker

Some cheaters believe that blurring the marker between empty or fully marked space will trick the machine. To try this out, draw a small dot in the middle of an answer, then lightly shadow around the other bubbles. Smudge everything with your fingers.

The idea is to make the circle black enough that the professor doesn't question it, but slightly enough to confuse the machine. It seems that it works 20% of the time, although you still have to try to make it authentic

Cheat on a Scantron Test Step 4

Step 4. Draw lines through the response bubbles

Some cheaters believe that instead of filling the bubbles entirely, the lines can trick machines into not recording wrong answers. Horizontal or vertical lines could cloud the detector causing it not to examine properly.

This may be the least reliable method of all. On almost all Scantron instruction cards there is an obvious instruction step that you must fill out explicitly with the fill in and black answers. Teachers and markers look at the forms and will get rid of the poorly completed ones. If you do this, you risk failing completely or being taken to a disciplinary council

Method 2 of 3: Fake form lines

Cheat on a Scantron Test Step 5

Step 1. Color the black lines to the left of the answer bubbles

Some cheaters believe that the black lines that are drawn on the test form are being used to communicate data to the scanner. Since you are not supposed to write in this area, it is possible that coloring the area black creates a failure in the test.

  • Some people think this is the most reliable method, causing the machine to malfunction more than 30% of the time.
  • Again, scoring somewhere other than in bubbles is against the rules of the Scantron test. So you have to do it lightly so that it doesn't look noticeable.
Cheat on a Scantron Test Step 6

Step 2. Erase the lines

For the same reason that scoring in the black area can cause the machine to malfunction, some cheaters believe that erasing the lines can have the same effect. For the answers you don't know, guess the best you can, then try to erase the black marks to the left of the row.

Of course, the problem with erasing these marks is that they are likely to fail the eye test. These rows will be noticed at first glance and can make your test good to throw away. If you must use this method, apply it only to certain responses

Cheat on a Scantron Test Step 7

Step 3. Remove the large black square

On most Scantron test sheets, you will find a large square that you are not supposed to mark. It is assumed that finding a trick to remove it results in a great success rate in causing the machine to malfunction. The problem is, this is noticeable at first glance as well as in the focus of the review. However, if you have a taste for risk, you can give it a go.

Cheat on a Scantron Test Step 8

Step 4. Mark your test as the answer key

Although this is somewhat unusual, some forms in the test have a space where you can mark the form as a test or the answer key. If your teacher makes a big mistake and uses one of these forms, exploit it and mark yours as the key. This will reset the machine and your answers will be correct. Your comrades will not have this chance.

Method 3 of 3: Cheat the old fashioned way

Cheat on a Scantron Test Step 9

Step 1. Mark your best answer

Statistically speaking, you are more likely to score well on the Scantron test if you simply read the answers, rule out the obviously wrong answers, and do a fairly moderate guess. Using a few good techniques on the test is still the biggest cheat of all time. You don't have to be a genius before you pass the test. All it takes is knowing how to recognize the wrong answers and guessing correctly.

  • Either way, if you're going to be spending all day in the exam center, you might as well take the time to do so. It's not like you can get out. Read the answers closely and guess. At least you would have tried.
  • Choose C! According to some sources, C is the most common solution when there are several choices. Studies have shown that this is the case in more than 28% of cases. The teachers seem to think that if the correct answer is not the first nor the last, it is "hidden".
Cheat on a Scantron Test Step 10

Step 2. Copy the potential answers on the label of the water container

If you have the opportunity to add water to the composition, try to copy some useful information that you might need during the test on the back of the bottle label. This method works only for class exams and not for national exams where it is difficult for you to guess what the composition will be about.

Carefully remove the label while taking care not to tear it. Write the words or phrases you will need on the back of the label, then put it back in place using masking tape

Cheat on a Scantron Test Step 11

Step 3. Record the answers in your calculator's memory

If you have a math or physics partial exam coming up, you can save formulas on your graphing calculator that you can use to keep some useful information handy.

Supervisors are generally very attentive to this kind of cheating and often ask candidates to remove the battery from their calculator

Cheat on a Scantron Test Step 12

Step 4. Study

Yes, alert to disappointment! This is not cheating at all. The best way to pass an exam is to have the right answers. Don't waste your time searching the internet for techniques to cheat. Instead, take this time to study. This time will be used for better purposes.

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