How to make money at school: 14 steps (with pictures)

How to make money at school: 14 steps (with pictures)
How to make money at school: 14 steps (with pictures)

Have you ever wanted to earn money at school? Are you a teenager or a child in school who has no pocket money? You can become a young entrepreneur in school just by putting in a little effort to make money while still being a student.


Save Money for Teenagers Step 9

Step 1. Prepare things that you can resell

Your classmates will certainly want to buy candies, cakes or pens.

Survive High School Step 13

Step 2. Plan how you will split your profits

Also ask your principal for permission. Offer to donate 10% of your profits to your school. In this way, you will not face any difficulties and still earn money.

Make Money As a Teen Girl Step 10

Step 3. Buy popular items

Your comrades will certainly want to buy them. For example, you can resell chewing gum, sweets, drinks and much more. Just ask your principal what you can sell at your school.

Survive High School Step 12

Step 4. Stock up

Store your items in your backpack, pockets or locker. If all your comrades want chewing gum, but they can't buy it, just store some in your backpack.

Make Money Easily (for Kids) Step 3

Step 5. Set a price higher than the purchase price

You may not necessarily be able to do this, but remember that you are selling a service in addition to an item. Asking for a slightly higher price will allow you to make a small profit. But if your price is too high, your comrades will go directly to buy them in the store rather than going through you. If a piece of chewing gum costs 75 cents, you can increase the price by 10 to 20 cents to make a profit. If your school has ATMs, offer your classmates to buy some for them and pay you back by leaving you the change so that you can make a profit of 10 cents and an extra 10 cents to get rid of the empty can.

Earn Money While Studying Step 8

Step 6. Sell quickly

Sell ​​all of your inventory and then use that money to repeat the previous steps. If you have enough money, take a risk: go to a big box that sells the lower priced items and buy a packet of gum rather than single servings.

Make Some Money for Summer Vacation Step 1

Step 7. Protect Your Profits

Now that you are known as an entrepreneur to your classmates, you can be targeted by thieves, muggers, and other schoolchildren. You can hire a trusted “bodyguard” so that he or she can protect your money while you respond to your clients' requests.

Make Some Money for Summer Vacation Step 11

Step 8. Innovate

Now that you know the process, innovate in your business. Take the weirdest item your classmates could wish to buy, like chocolate dipped marshmallows, a pen gun, etc. Think of something creative, as these are definitely items that your fellow students will wish they had.

Be a Mean Girl Step 5

Step 9. Get help

Find children who will agree to work for you for free. Ask them to help you resell your items. This will make you the treasurer of your business, because even though they are good salespeople, you won't necessarily trust them to manage your money.

Have Fun with Your Girlfriend Step 3

Step 10. Buy rare items

Your comrades will turn to you if you are selling items that no one else is offering. For example, if you sell football cards, sell the ones everyone is looking for. Never sell fakes. If you sell sweets, resell those in specialty stores or those imported from another country, such as China.

Be Cool at School Step 9

Step 11. Be business savvy

Never settle for what you have. Remember that your goal is to make money. If someone gives you a lot of money, take it. Just make sure you don't take advantage of your customers.

Save Money for Teenagers Step 1

Step 12. Keep Your Accounts

Always keep an eye on your recipes in a notebook.

Save Money as a Kid Step 8

Step 13. Spend your money wisely

Have fun making money, but be careful not to brag, as your customers may turn away from you.

Make Some Money for Summer Vacation Step 5

Step 14. Make sure your school lets you sell your items

If not, don't take unnecessary risks.


  • Store your profits in a safe place.
  • If few people buy your items, buy less or lower your prices. You can also ask your fellow students if they would buy your items if you lowered your prices.
  • Save money.
  • Stay humble and don't have your eyes bigger than your stomach.
  • Don't just buy your items, make them. You can sell girls jewelry, handmade tongs, cookies you baked the night before, etc.
  • Do not sell anything to your teachers or members of the teaching staff.
  • Post posters in areas frequented by students such as washrooms.
  • Don't spend all the money you earn on the items you sell unless you really need to.
  • Also tell other students that you will be taking notes for them in exchange for some money.
  • If you know how to draw manga, then resell your designs because they are very popular. Draw your comrades like manga characters and let them choose the colors, their accessories and so on. If you don't draw manga, find other popular styles. Follow the new subcultures. Once you know how to draw a popular subject, practice a little more the possibility that it is no longer in fashion. If this is something original for you, so much the better.


  • If you are reselling food, make sure you know your customers' allergies.
  • Be careful, do not give items to your customers or friends, as you may lose money rather than earn it.
  • You may have trouble selling items at school. Always ask permission before you start so you don't get it.
  • Some schools refuse to sell unhealthy food.
  • Teachers don't like students who chew gum.
  • Don't steal the items you want to resell, you will get caught.
  • Many schools, especially primary schools, do not sell food or drink. Always know the rules before you start.

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