How to make studies interesting: 7 steps

How to make studies interesting: 7 steps
How to make studies interesting: 7 steps

Education is a hardship we all have to endure year after year. Instead of seeing school as a chore or an obligation, why not make those first (and most important) years of your life more fun?


Create Interest in Studies Step 1

Step 1. You must realize that the role of school is not to bore you

The role of this institution is to help you and prepare you for the world of work. Without the right qualifications, your possibilities for the future will be limited. A positive attitude is the key to success.

Create Interest in Studies Step 2

Step 2. You need to understand that school is not a place of competition

Many students feel a lot of pressure from the competition. For example, they feel in competition with their friends who have achieved more. However, school is not a race and you should work at the pace or level that works best for you.

Create Interest in Studies Step 3

Step 3. Don't hesitate to ask for help

There may be times when you are asking yourself a stupid question. Don't be afraid to put it down! Your teacher is there to help you and it is important to understand the topic well for future table assignments or exams.

Create Interest in Studies Step 4

Step 4. Stay organized

It might be because your material is scattered or hard to find that you don't like to study. Keep your materials in one place and try to keep your workspace clean. If you have a lot of stuff on your desk, your desk won't make you want to work and it will be harder for you to concentrate.

Create Interest in Studies Step 5

Step 5. Manage your recess

Allocate a specific part of your daily schedule to getting your job done and stick to that decision. During this time, turn off your phone and any other device that might distract you. If you need a computer to work, be sure to focus only on the task at hand. Work throughout the period dedicated to this and try to do as much as possible. Remember that it is better to enjoy your free time after you have finished your work than to feel guilty in your free time because you will not have finished what you had to do.

Create Interest in Studies Step 6

Step 6. Make it fun

If you're struggling to stay motivated long enough to work when you're at home, there are plenty of ways to make review sessions more enjoyable.

  • Study with a friend. If you invite a friend to work with you, the work sessions might be funnier. However, make sure you don't get distracted and stay focused!
  • Make it a game. Test your knowledge yourself using visual aid cards and give yourself one point for each correct answer! You can also play this game with friends and make it a competition.
  • You need to make sure you fully understand the topic. The more skilled you are at a subject, the more likely you are to enjoy it. If at first the subject is not very funny, insist and soon you will want more and more to make progress.
Create Interest in Studies Step 7

Step 7. Keep trying

Don't be put off by getting a bad grade, it happens to everyone. Make it a challenge, work harder next time, or try to really clear up the gray areas and nothing can stop you!


  • One technique for remembering important terms or phrases you are studying is to stick post-its where you take your breaks. This way, when you take a break again, you can re-read those notes.
  • Studying doesn't necessarily mean you have to limit yourself to studying in books. You may find useful information on the Internet.
  • Remember to take regular breaks between your working hours. If you don't, it may affect your eyes.

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