How to run a great campaign to be elected student representative

How to run a great campaign to be elected student representative
How to run a great campaign to be elected student representative

The campaign for the presidency of the student council is approaching and you want to become a class delegate. But now, you have trouble distinguishing yourself from other candidates at the risk of leading a mediocre campaign. On the other hand, if you are consistent and come up with a compelling, exciting, and obvious idea, you could outshine your competition. There are some great tips that will help you stand out from other candidates who have boring posters and lackluster speeches to get your campaign going the right way.


Part 1 of 4: be consistent and relevant

Make a Great Student Council Campaign Step 1

Step 1. Be okay with yourself

There is no point in suddenly changing your dress style or your behavior. If you do, students (especially those your age) will notice and resent your obvious and sudden efforts to look cool. What you can do is improve your current personality and make sure that you are impartial, eloquent, transparent and willing to embody student council values.

Make a Great Student Council Campaign Step 2

Step 2. Find out about the concerns of the students

Organize a little survey (ask your friends to give you a hand if possible) to find out if the other students want a new vending machine in the gym, another lunch menu in the canteen, another ball. promo, etc. A smart campaign won't have any significant impact if you have nothing to bring to the table.

Part 2 of 4: keep your catchphrases catchy

Make a Great Student Council Campaign Step 3

Step 1. Think of some catchy campaign slogans

Don't just write Vote Mario on the posters and hang them near a drinking fountain, as that won't help you much. Think of a great idea that will make you stand out from the crowd. Search the internet for some really funny ideas, use your name to make a strong catchphrase, or ask your friends to help you create one. Also, don't forget to mention your campaign theme in your slogan (eg: a diamond lasts forever. A water fountain near the library will always be there too.) In your posters or flyers.

Part 3 of 4: Designing Attractive Posters

Make a Great Student Council Campaign Step 4

Step 1. Create attractive posters with compelling graphics

There are many ways to design a poster, but Microsoft Office Publisher and digital editing tools like Adobe Photoshop, Pixlr, or GIMP can work wonders.

Design posters of different sizes. You can put up the large posters in the cafeteria, gymnasium, and other high-traffic areas at school. Small posters (to be printed on letter size paper) can be hung on bulletin boards and handed out by hand

Make a Great Student Council Campaign Step 5

Step 2. Provide a clear and catchy title

This is the most important part of the poster: your title should immediately catch the eye and be visible even from a distance. Checks the line-of-sight area from different angles. If you find a great slogan, it should become the title of your poster.

Unless you have come up with an ingenious series of closely related slogans on the same subject, stick to one slogan. Rehearsal is key to running a memorable campaign and it’s the key to winning the election

Make a Great Student Council Campaign Step 6

Step 3. Make your name prominent

After the title, the most visible part of your poster should be your name. Your slogan should be your priority since your campaign reflects the concerns of the students. If any of the other applicants have a name similar to yours, be sure to create a completely different poster or include a nickname.

Make a Great Student Council Campaign Step 7

Step 4. Consider adding a photo of yourself

If people already associate your face with your slogan, walking around campus will become free advertising for you. However, if you decide to add a photo, it's best to stick it on large posters to avoid vandalism, not to mention the higher printing costs.

Make a Great Student Council Campaign Step 8

Step 5. Keep it simple

The students already have a lot to read, so don't make it any more difficult for them. Put the keywords on your brochures and posters in bold. Use bright, visible colors and avoid choosing a small, hard-to-read font size.

Make a Great Student Council Campaign Step 9

Step 6. Avoid targeting a particular gender or group

Unless you believe that a certain group will be critical to your success (for example, if there are almost as many good candidates and there is some benefit to targeting a particular group), don't limit your options. For example, if you plan to promote sports, student athletes can support you, but such a campaign will likely exclude the average student, not to mention students in the orchestra, choir, poetry club., the chess club, etc.

Make a Great Student Council Campaign Step 10

Step 7. Hang the posters up around the school

After you have chosen a few slogans that summarize your campaign program, you could also create pins and embellish the most important posters.

Hang up your posters as soon as possible. It’s important to be ahead of the game, as this will set you apart from other applicants. It also gives you the chance to take advantage of a creative idea or a big problem before other applicants

Part 4 of 4: Finding the Sensational Factor for Your Speech

Make a Great Student Council Campaign Step 11

Step 1. Make sure your speech is interesting

When giving your speech, focus on the issues and let your partner make jokes. You can even jointly give a speech, in which you will bring up an idea and your partner will insert appropriate jokes. Such a speech will grab people's attention and make your campaign memorable.

  • Read excerpts from other speeches to get a general idea of ​​what your speech should look like. Sure, humor is a great tactic, but don't forget the high stakes in your campaign.
  • Pay attention to the words you use. Be persuasive, smart, set a schedule, don't be pushy and don't brag. For example, instead of saying I am a creative person, you can say I value creativity. Coming up with a nice conclusion is also important. Your conclusion must also be memorable. And, don't forget to end your speech with a thank you.
Make a Great Student Council Campaign Step 12

Step 2. Memorize your speech

The confidence you exude during your speech will go a long way in capturing the audience's attention. Practice in front of your friends, teachers and family. You can even practice in front of a mirror.

Make a Great Student Council Campaign Step 13

Step 3. Change the tone of your voice to emphasize the keywords

Just because you memorized your speech doesn't mean you should recite it in a monotonous voice. In fact, knowing your speech well should allow you to deliver it confidently and with natural pauses and inflections, as if you had prepared it right away.

Make a Great Student Council Campaign Step 14

Step 4. Prepare to answer questions after the speech

Try to anticipate questions from the audience.

Here are a few examples: why are you running for this election? What sets you apart from your competition? How do you plan to honor your promise? Remember to already have the answers in mind


  • Be open to suggestions from your classmates.
  • Dialogue with people, they will remember you for much longer.
  • If someone tells you that they won't vote for you or that you won't win, answer them directly. Make sure you put up posters and hand out flyers. Make good friends and ask them to vote for you and trust you, no matter what the outcome.
  • Be sure to check the spelling of your message on posters and flyers. An important word that is misspelled can be embarrassing.
  • Be ready before campaign day. If you forget documents or part of your speech, it can lead to a high abstention rate.
  • Hold an interschool meeting so people can get to know you better.
  • Try to visit the classrooms to promote your candidacy. Make sure to arrange these tours with your teachers beforehand.
  • Make sure your speech is short and simple.
  • Use words that will make your speech more effective.
  • Make sure people know who you are. You will be less likely to win if people don't know you or what you stand for.


  • Don't let yourself be manipulated by your friends. Listen to their advice, but act sensibly.
  • Do not try to tarnish the reputation of other candidates. People will see that you are desperate and incompetent.
  • Don't make unrealistic promises. For example, do not promise to reduce the number of homework or to declare Friday off.

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