3 ways to make friends at school when you're very shy

3 ways to make friends at school when you're very shy
3 ways to make friends at school when you're very shy

It really takes a lot of courage to be successful in overcoming shyness, but the potential rewards that come with it are great, including making new friends. You can meet new people by acting in a friendly manner so that they feel comfortable approaching you. It can also help you build your confidence in others. After that, you will need to maintain rapport with new friends by being kind and having a positive mindset.


Method 1 of 3: Act in a friendly manner

Make Friends in School when You Are Extremely Shy Step 1

Step 1. Smile at others

Smiling is the most important thing you can do to be approachable and kind. When someone talks to you or you look up at someone, just smile at them, because it lets them know that you are happy to chat with them, even if you don't know. what to say.

  • You don't have to be walking around all the time smiling broadly, because that wouldn't be natural. Just make an effort to have an easy, relaxed expression all the time.
  • You also don't have to wait for others to smile. Don't be afraid to make simple eye contact with others and also to show your cordiality.
Make Friends in School when You Are Extremely Shy Step 2

Step 2. Greet

You should do everything in your power to greet the people with whom you would like to befriend. If you don't know the person at all, just introduce yourself and ask for their name. Talking well to someone you don't know might seem awkward if you're not used to it, but know that most people will be happy to chat with you.

  • Identify a number of topics to discuss such as weather, sports, a class you both took, or other “safe” topics. This way, you can gauge the person's interest before engaging in a more in-depth conversation.
  • For example, you might express yourself like, "Hi, how did you feel about that homework assignment last night?" "Or" The weather is fine. I really like it, don't I? "
Make Friends in School when You Are Extremely Shy Step 3

Step 3. Give a compliment

Saying something nice is always a great way to break the ice and start a conversation with someone you want to have as a friend. If you have no idea what to say, consider praising a classmate for their contribution to class discussions, their clothing, or their handwriting.

For example, you could address your classmate in these terms: "I like your pencil case, where did you buy it?" "

Make Friends in School when You Are Extremely Shy Step 4

Step 4. Ask people questions about themselves

One of the safest ways to bond with someone is to show interest. You need to show that you are interested by asking legitimate (but not intrusive) questions about family, favorite subjects, and favorite hobbies of your classmates. Also, you should avoid talking too much when encouraging others to say something about them.

For example, you could ask your classmate the following question: "What kind of books do you like to read?" "Or" Do you have any brothers or sisters? "

Make Friends in School when You Are Extremely Shy Step 5

Step 5. Make the effort to chat with lots of people

At the moment, meeting new people might seem scary, but you should know that if you do it often, it will be easier to get used to it. You can set a goal to connect with someone new every day or every week. As you expand your social circle and have a rather positive rapport with people, you will find that you will be less nervous.

  • Participating in extracurricular activities such as joining a sports team or a theater club will give you many possibilities to practice chatting with people.
  • If that's okay with you, you can ask your friends or a family member to train with you. Consider these people as foreign to you, then strike up a conversation and make an effort to facilitate the discussion. The more you practice, the less nervous you will be to express yourself.

Method 2 of 3: Build Confidence to Make Friends

Make Friends in School when You Are Extremely Shy Step 6

Step 1. Think about what qualities you have

Ask yourself what personal qualities you have that will make you a very good friend. Maybe you have a listening ear, are funny, or have the ability to come up with something interesting to say about everyone. You can make a list of these qualities and refer to them when you feel embarrassed or shy.

If you find it difficult to think about your qualities, you can seek help from your friends, people close to you, or members of your family. If you do it this way, you might even be surprised at the positive image these people have of you

Make Friends in School when You Are Extremely Shy Step 7

Step 2. Indulge in what you are good at

It is important that you can work to develop your interests and skills in your spare time. If you are passionate about animals, sports or the arts, know that having hobbies will give you things to discuss with others. It can also help you to be less shy. Also, being gifted or passionate about something will help you develop strong self-esteem.

  • Hobbies can also get you involved in groups or clubs, which is a good way to meet new friends.
  • The other great way to indulge in hobbies and meet like-minded people is to start joining or forming groups. For example, you love chess, but there is no place to play it in school. In this dynamic, you can start to create a chess club over lunch.
Make Friends in School when You Are Extremely Shy Step 8

Step 3. Be yourself

Even if you are shy, you don't need to change your attitude or your personality to make friends. You need to be proud of your true self, no matter how ridiculous, caring, or reserved. Being a genuine person will allow you to form friendships with people who value your shyness, your true nature, and more.

  • Just because you are yourself doesn't mean you shouldn't do anything to improve your negative characters. It just means that you have to hold onto and appreciate what makes you unique.
  • This state of affairs also implies that you should not compare yourself to others. Try to correct yourself if you notice that you are trying to impersonate other people.
Make Friends in School when You Are Extremely Shy Step 9

Step 4. Think positively

Positive inner dialogue and positive thinking can make you less nervous about going out and meeting new people. Imagine your dating is going pretty well and speak encouragingly to yourself, even if you make mistakes every now and then.

  • For example, before you introduce yourself to someone, you might say to yourself, “I bet this person is nice” instead of “I always feel embarrassed when I introduce myself to a new person. "
  • Positive thinking allows you to explore different social scenarios before actually experiencing them.
Make Friends in School when You Are Extremely Shy Step 10

Step 5. Reconsider how you view rejection

Everyone has been rejected at one point or another, no matter how comfortable they feel chatting with people. If someone doesn't feel like chatting with you, that doesn't necessarily mean you did something wrong. So you shouldn't be put off by a few bad encounters when trying to make friends.

  • For example, if someone isn't willing to chat with you, it might just mean they're busy or concerned about their privacy. This situation may even cause him to be so shy.
  • If you find yourself rehashing rejection, make an effort to think about it as if you had a happy encounter instead.

Method 3 of 3: Keep friendships

Make Friends in School when You Are Extremely Shy Step 11

Step 1. Listen carefully

Let your friends know you care by listening to them intently when they talk to you. Give them your undivided attention. Instead of interrupting them while they are speaking, make eye contact, look them in the face, and ask questions about what they are feeling and thinking. Try to understand what they are going through by putting yourself in their shoes.

  • Do your best to cheer up friends who are feeling bad. At the same time, however, you should avoid giving the impression that you are required to give them advice, unless they themselves ask you to do so. Just remember that people just need to be listened to at certain times.
  • Some shy people have a very attentive ear. So if you know you have this ability, you must make the effort to make the most of it.
Make Friends in School when You Are Extremely Shy Step 12

Step 2. Adopt a positive attitude

People are driven by a desire to spend time with other people who have a positive and supportive attitude. You need to get into the habit of looking for the bright side of every situation you go through and every person you encounter. If you are generally of a nature to complain, you should make an effort to avoid it, especially when you are at the beginning of a friendship.

  • You don't have to be cheerful or pretend all the time, but having a positive attitude will allow you to attract and keep more friends.
  • Encourage those around you as well. Having a positive attitude comes down to praising the accomplishments, dreams, and dedication of others.
Make Friends in School when You Are Extremely Shy Step 13

Step 3. Take your time

You need to make your friendships grow and strengthen naturally over time. Don't try to force a close relationship, because you can't become someone's best friend in a week. Make the most of the time you spend with your new friends without seeming needy or too clingy.

  • For example, you should avoid starting to talk about your more sensitive personal issues if you only met the person a week or two ago.
  • If you are unsure of how you are going to address your friends, at least make the effort to adjust to their level of involvement in the relationship. For example, if your classmate sends you messages every day, you also need to get used to doing the same.

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