How to leave school before the end of the day

How to leave school before the end of the day
How to leave school before the end of the day

Sometimes you may not be able to finish your day at school. Maybe you got into a fight with your best friend or are sad about a family issue. While you shouldn't skip school often (as you'll fall behind in your lessons), knowing how to do it when you pass can help.


Part 1 of 5: fake a headache or migraine

Leave School Early Step 1

Step 1. Tell your friends that your neck is hurting

Usually, this warning sign is associated with a headache. If you don't want your friends to find out that you are pretending to have a neck pain, start complaining as soon as possible so that your headache is believable.

Leave School Early Step 2

Step 2. Massage your temples

Your teacher and classmates should see that you have a headache. You can fake a squint to be more convincing. Sensitivity to light is a common symptom of migraine or headache.

Leave School Early Step 3

Step 3. Calm down

Even if you are all excited about something, speak in a low voice and make less noise. You are unlikely to be able to convince others if you behave like a healthy person.

Leave School Early Step 4

Step 4. Tell your teacher that you have a headache

Then ask her permission to go to the infirmary. Look sad when you go to see your teacher. Otherwise, he might not believe you, and refuse your request. Continue to massage your temples, and speak quietly and respectfully.

You can say something like I have a weird pain on only one side of my head, and I feel dizzy when I look at the light or my head hurts and I hear this weird ringing in my ears

Leave School Early Step 5

Step 5. Explain your symptoms to the nurse

Tell her you have a headache that has gotten worse throughout the day. You may complain of excessive sensitivity to light and sound. You can tell her that you feel nauseous, as this symptom is often associated with migraine.

Part 2 of 5: fake an upset stomach

Leave School Early Step 6

Step 1. Tell your friends that you are feeling sick

Talk casually about the possible cause of your illness. For example, you could say something like I have recently had a stomach problem or I have an upset stomach and I believe it was from the breakfast I had in the morning.

Leave School Early Step 7

Step 2. Ask your teacher for permission to use the bathroom

Do this in a respectful manner, while showing the teacher that you need to leave the classroom as soon as possible. It's best to go to the bathroom in the middle of class, but not when the bell is ringing. This way there will be fewer people in the bathroom, and you won't have to pretend to throw up.

Leave School Early Step 8

Step 3. Come back to class

This time, tell the teacher that you are still not feeling well. Ask him permission to go to the infirmary. Let him know that if he doesn't let you go to the infirmary, you may vomit in the classroom.

You don't have to be mostly explicit. Don't put it that way I might throw up on my books if I don't go now. Instead, say something like I wasn't feeling well in the bathroom earlier, and I'm afraid I'm going to start throwing up again

Leave School Early Step 9

Step 4. Tell the nurse that your stomach hurts

Also, mention that you just threw up in the toilet. Try to look as pitiful as possible. You may imply that you have contracted the stomach flu or ate a food that you are intolerant of.

Remember to stick to your story. If you've told your friends you have the stomach flu, don't tell the nurse that you have food poisoning

Leave School Early Step 10

Step 5. Talk about other symptoms

If you have stomach flu, you will experience other symptoms like headaches or pain. However, do not try to describe symptoms that the nurse could easily refute.

  • You can tell that you are feeling pain in the muscles and in the joints.
  • You can tell that you are feeling very weak and lethargic.
  • You can also let people know that you have a headache.

Part 3 of 5: pretend to have a doctor's appointment

Leave School Early Step 11

Step 1. Write a note

If you are not yet 18, you will need to write a fake letter with your parents' signature stating that you need to see a doctor. If you are not sure that you can write a fake letter and imitate your parents' signature, choose another method.

  • Follow these points to make sure your plan is working:

    • mention the date the letter is written,
    • start with an introductory sentence such as please excuse me ___ (your name) ___…,
    • indicate the date and time of the visit,
    • specify the specialist you are visiting (orthodontist, optician, etc.),
    • mention the fact that you will not be returning to school on the same day,
    • imitate the signature of your parents or guardians,
    • make sure there are no spelling and grammar mistakes (as it is assumed to be a letter written by an adult),
    • make the letter slightly crumpled, as it is assumed that you have kept it in your bag for a while.
  • Be aware that this method is ineffective unless you can make it home on your own. If someone should come to pick you up, the veil will be lifted!
  • Depending on the rules of your school, the consequences can be very serious if it is discovered that you have imitated a letter. You could have hours of detention and, in extreme cases, be kicked out of school. Think about it before you take the risk.
  • Depending on why you have to leave school early, you may want to have your parents write the letter to you to avoid any problems.
Leave School Early Step 12

Step 2. Hand over the note as soon as possible

It seems more believable if you give your teacher the letter as soon as you get to school. Follow your school's internal rules. You may need to show the grade to your homeroom teacher or school principal.

Leave School Early Step 13

Step 3. Make sure your story is clear

If your letter states that you have to leave school early, because you have a visit to the orthodontist, be careful not to say that you will have to go to an eye doctor in the afternoon. Keep the letter with minimal information to avoid getting caught.

Leave School Early Step 14

Step 4. Go home

When your scheduled check-up time approaches, raise your hand and remind your teacher that you have to leave. Put away your things and go quietly, without distracting your classmates. The more discreet you are, the better!

Behave as if nothing has happened. People will suspect that you are lying if you draw too much attention to yourself when leaving

Part 4 of 5: Asking for help

Leave School Early Step 15

Step 1. Think about the person you will be asking for help

If your parents or guardians are not too strict and understand your problem, you can ask them for help. Otherwise, you can get help from your older brother or a friend

Leave School Early Step 16

Step 2. Consider the reason for your departure

Make sure your arguments are convincing enough that your friend or parents are ready to help you. You should do all you can to convince your accomplice that your problem is serious enough and that it is imperative that you leave school earlier than usual.

Leave School Early Step 17

Step 3. Ask your accomplice to help you

Explain why you have to leave early. If he sees no harm in it, tell him what you want him to do. If you have secretly prepared your plan with a parent or guardian, ask them to write a note and be ready to answer the phone if someone calls. The easiest way to make your plan successful is to have your sibling or a friend help you because they might be lying for you.

  • To make your story more believable, ask your accomplice to pick you up from school.
  • Tell him how much he could gain from it, if he helped you. For example, if it's your older sister, and you want to miss a class to help her choose her wedding dress, remind her how happy she will be to have you by her side. If this is your dad, and you want to miss school because of a breakup, remind him that he never loved your girlfriend and tell him how much more you will be. happy and in better shape after a day off.

Part 5 of 5: behave in the event of a problem

Leave School Early Step 18

Step 1. Express yourself firmly

If you are insecure or don't explain why you are not feeling well, your teacher or nurse is unlikely to believe you. If you claim to be sick, you should say exactly what you need, which is to get home as soon as possible.

  • Do not confuse firmness and aggressiveness. Don't get angry or behave in a hostile manner.
  • You can tell your teacher something like I feel bad, I may have to go. Can I go to the infirmary ?
  • When in front of the nurse, remember to be convincing with specific symptoms. For example, you can say I feel nauseous, and I even threw up. Also, I had headaches and chills all day. Can I go home?
Leave School Early Step 19

Step 2. Avoid an unfortunate situation from happening

If your teacher, principal, or nurse guesses why you want to skip class, be the first to mention it.

  • You can tell I feel very bad that I missed my group presentation this afternoon. As soon as I feel better and as soon as I get back to school, can we discuss how best to catch up?
  • If you try to convince the nurse to let you go home say something like I know there will be a make-up test so I plan to come and take it on Friday, assuming I feel better by then.
Leave School Early Step 20

Step 3. Be prepared to lie if you have to

If you gave your teacher a wrong mark, your school principal might want to call home to make sure you have to leave early. If one of your parents or guardian really wrote a note, let them know that the principal may call them to make sure your story is genuine. If you wrote the letter yourself, you can follow the tips below.

  • Give a phone number that will ring unanswered. If your parents are at work, you can give the home phone number. Delete the call message before your parents return.
  • Give the phone number of a friend or relative who is ready to help. The easiest way to make your plan successful is to have your sibling or a friend help you.
Leave School Early Step 21

Step 4. Accept the consequences graciously

If you do get caught, your best bet is to stop lying immediately and accept the facts. Adults are more likely to be soft on you if you admit you were wrong right away. Politely explain why you behaved like this and say you understand it was wrong.

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