3 ways to tell if you like a middle school boy

3 ways to tell if you like a middle school boy
3 ways to tell if you like a middle school boy

You might feel like it's impossible to tell whether or not a boy likes you in middle school. You might have a knot in your stomach when you are near him or you forget what you wanted to say to him, but does he feel the same? By paying attention to certain physical and verbal signs, you can know once and for all whether or not you are interested in him!


Method 1 of 3: Observe the physical signs

Know if a Middle School Boy Likes You Step 1

Step 1. Try to catch him looking at you

Watch him during class, when you walk in the halls or when you see him at lunch. If he looks at you most of the time, that could mean he likes you.

If he quickly looks away when you look him in the eye, that's an even more sure sign that he likes you because he feels shy when you look at him

Know if a Middle School Boy Likes You Step 2

Step 2. Watch him to see if he is smiling at you

If you notice he's looking at you, look him in the eye and give him a smile. If he's smiling or making a face, that's a sign that may indicate he's interested in you. You might even try to move your lips like you're saying "stop" or "you're too weird" to see if he's laughing or trying to answer you.

  • If you're ready to flirt a bit, you could look at him quickly before looking away, then look at him again, smiling at him.
  • If he likes you, he'll probably be turned on when you're around, but he might try to hide it. Watch him closely, but being careful, you don't want him to catch you looking at him either!
Know if a Middle School Boy Likes You Step 3

Step 3. Observe the way he tries to touch you

If he likes you, he will find excuses to try to touch you. Watch him to see if he gently pushes you on the arm when you play a joke to tease him, if he touches you to get your attention, if he plays with your hair, or if he rubs his shoulder against yours. by the way. These are subtle ways of letting you know he wants to get closer.

If a boy likes you, he'll try to make physical contact in a friendly way that makes you feel comfortable. If he does things that hurt or make you uncomfortable, you can ask him to stop or ask an adult for help

Know if a Middle School Boy Likes You Step 4

Step 4. Watch how he sits and holds his shoulders

The next time you talk to him, take a look at the way he places his body. If he likes you, he could lean back keeping his shoulders square and facing you with his whole body. He might also be leaning towards you or even slouching a bit, which indicates that he wants to get closer!

  • Watch him to see if he is trying to get closer or look stronger, such as crossing his arms or spreading his feet while standing.
  • His body language can be a great way to see if he likes you, especially if he's rather shy and reserved.
Know if a Middle School Boy Likes You Step 5

Step 5. See if he's jealous when you talk to other boys

When he sees you talking with another boy, does he look tense and closed or does he walk away? It may mean that he is not focused on the conversation because you are distracting him. On the other hand, he might start talking louder and doing other things to get you to give him your full attention.

  • He might try to hide his jealousy, but if you look at his body language carefully, you'll see that he looks pissed off or tense.
  • Don't rely on this strategy too often, especially please too, he might get discouraged and he'll think you aren't interested. Even if you don't see him that way, try not to play with his feelings by making him jealous.

Method 2 of 3: Notice the way he speaks

Know if a Middle School Boy Likes You Step 6

Step 1. Notice his efforts to come and talk to you

Does he cross the whole classroom or the canteen to come and say hello? Does he choose you to be in his current group or does he always ask to join the groups you are a part of? If he puts a lot of effort into spending time with you and talking to you, he might be interested!

  • This is all the more an important sign if he does not do the same with others. If he treats you differently and talks to you more than he talks to others, it's probably because he likes you.
  • Even a shy boy will make an effort to come talk to you. See if he's hanging out with his friends around you during lunch break or doing little, simple things like greeting you in the hallways.
Know if a Middle School Boy Likes You Step 7

Step 2. Watch if he teases you while you are talking

If he makes fun of you in a light and playful way, he's not trying to be mean, he just wants to flirt with you. Pay attention to his behavior to see if he is sarcastic or if he teases others as well. His funny jokes might mean he likes you.

  • For example, he might say, "Why are you so mean to me?" "Or" you are really weird! You should be able to tell by the tone of his voice or his expression if he is trying to get your attention or if he is really trying to hurt you.
  • He might also try to tease or flirt with you by starting a bogus argument, for example over a pencil or the last piece of paper in the pile.
  • His jokes should always be light and you should be able to understand without difficulty that he is joking. If he starts to hurt or make you uncomfortable, ask him to stop or talk to an adult.
Know if a Middle School Boy Likes You Step 8

Step 3. Observe the questions he asks you

If a boy likes you, he's going to want to know as much as he can about you. Start a conversation with him over lunch or in class and talk about something you did recently, like your last vacation or a project you worked on. Watch him to see if he responds positively and if he wants to know more, that may mean he's interested in you!

  • For example, you could tell him, “I went skiing this weekend and I'm exhausted. "If he's asking you where you've been skiing, how it was, who you've been with or whatever, maybe it's because he likes you.
  • He could also try to look cool and pretend he doesn't care, but he could still try to get answers in a more subtle way by saying something like, "That's cool. Heard the snow is good this year, haven't I? "
Know if a Middle School Boy Likes You Step 9

Step 4. Watch him to see if he's bragging

If a boy likes you, he might try to brag in front of you to get your attention. Observe the way he talks about himself. Also note if he talks about his successes, especially on things he knows about and you like.

  • For example, he might say, “Yes, I’m on the football team. We're doing pretty well this year … "to encourage you to ask questions that will give him a chance to brag.
  • If he knows you like science, he might also say, “I went to the natural history museum once. They let me into the anti-gravity room when they hardly let anyone in. "
Know if a Middle School Boy Likes You Step 10

Step 5. Listen to the compliments he gives you

When a guy likes you, he might try to show his interest by giving you subtle compliments. Pay attention to them, because they could be well hidden. He could use it to show you that he thinks you're cool and to make you feel good when you're around him.

  • For example, he might say to you, "You're the star of the swim team, aren't you? "Or" I usually don't like art too much, but your paintings are beautiful. "
  • His compliments could also be a bit teasing, for example: “You got 20 out of 20 on the math test. What a nerd…”
Know if a Middle School Boy Likes You Step 11

Step 6. Check to see if he is following you on social media

If he's following you on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever, that could mean he likes you. If he likes your posts, leaves comments or sends you private messages, that's even better!

  • For example, he might leave a comment on a photo from your vacation saying, "Take me with you next time, okay?" "
  • He might also send you funny photos or videos, which shows he's thinking about you and things you might like, even when you're not together.

Method 3 of 3: Ask him how he feels

Know if a Middle School Boy Likes You Step 12

Step 1. Ask a friend to tell him or her you like it

If you want to be sure how he feels about you, but if you are not comfortable enough or if you are afraid to ask him yourself, you can ask one of your close friends to do it for you. you. Even if this scares you, ask your friend to ask a friend of theirs.

  • You could say to him, for example, "Jean won't stop looking at me!" Could you ask her if she likes me? "
  • Make sure you tell him exactly what you want him to ask. It could be more subtle, for example, "Hi, I heard you like Danielle, is that right? Or more playful: "You love George, don't you? Tell me it's true! It would be so cute. "
Know if a Middle School Boy Likes You Step 13

Step 2. Speak to him directly if you are close

If you feel like you know him well enough or don't want other people in the middle, you could ask him yourself how he feels. Make sure you talk to him when the two of you are on a date so that he doesn't feel uncomfortable or under pressure.

It might be scary to ask him the question yourself, but this way you can also control the conversation and make sure there are no misunderstandings

Know if a Middle School Boy Likes You Step 14

Step 3. Ask her about her type of girl

If you want to start the conversation in a subtle way, you can ask her what her type of girl is. If that sounds like it describes you, it might mean you're interested in it.

  • You could say, "It might be weird, but what would your ideal girlfriend look like? "Or" if you could conceive of the perfect girlfriend, what would she look like? "
  • If he's trying to sidestep the question, it may mean that he doesn't feel like describing his ideal in detail in case that sounds too similar to you. He could also be shy. In this case, try asking him in a more direct way whether he likes you or not.
Know if a Middle School Boy Likes You Step 15

Step 4. Tell him why you think he likes him

If you're ready to ask him in a more direct way, take a deep breath and look him in the eye. Explain to him that you have noticed the way he behaves around you and that you think you like him. Then ask him if you are right.

  • For example, you could tell her, "I've noticed lately that you spend a lot of time with me and tease me often, more than you do with other people. It might sound weird, but I'd like to know if you like me. "
  • It might sound scary, but it's the best way to find out and be sure whether he likes you or not. Be brave and go for it!
Know if a Middle School Boy Likes You Step 16

Step 5. Be honest if he answers yes

If he tells you that he likes you, you have to be honest with him. Please also tell him, he will surely be delighted! Keep it simple, smile at him and tell him you like him too.

  • You could say, "Well, I like you too" or "I'm happy to hear it because I feel the same way." "
  • If you're not interested, you can try saying, "That's really, really kind of you. I think you are great, but I don't feel the same for you. "
Know if a Middle School Boy Likes You Step 17

Step 6. Be brave if he answers no

If he tells you that he doesn't like you, you might feel uncomfortable or sad. Even if you didn't like it, it wasn't a good feeling. Nod and tell him you just wanted to know, then change the subject. If the situation is too weird, apologize and go.

  • For example, you could say, "Okay, okay. It's okay, I don't blame you. I just needed to know. You can also change the subject by saying, "I was just wondering about this new movie, have you seen it?" "
  • If you feel like you want to leave, you can say, “Okay, thank you for your honesty. My mom has to come get me, I have to go, but I don't want things to get weird between us, okay? "
  • Please, it can be hard to see that he doesn't feel the same way. Be proud that you had the courage to ask him the question and remember that your feelings will change and his will change too.

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