How to pretend to be sick in front of the nurse (for the little ones)

How to pretend to be sick in front of the nurse (for the little ones)
How to pretend to be sick in front of the nurse (for the little ones)

Sometimes students have to fake an illness in front of the nurse. You might have less severe symptoms or bothersome symptoms that you don't want to talk about in front of the nurse or you might just need to get out of school a little earlier to miss an exam, avoid a classmate who brutalize you or rest. Even though a lot of people fake badly, there are a few tips you can follow to fake a convincing illness and have a parent pick you up from school.


Fake Sick to the School Nurse Step 3

Step 1. Tell your parents that you felt bad the morning or the day before

So they won't be shocked when the nurse calls them.

  • Talk about it casually to your parents. Ask them if there are cough drops at home or ask them where the tissue box is.
  • Don't overdo it in front of your parents. If they won't let you stay at home, don't fake too much in front of the nurse, otherwise it could end badly.
  • Repeat the same symptoms to the nurse that you told your parents. You could be exaggerating a little. Here's an example: Tell your parents that your throat is a bit sore or have a cough, then ask them for lozenges. Then tell the nurse that you have a sore throat, a headache, and it hurts all over.
Fake Sick to the School Nurse Step 2

Step 2. Get a head start

If you want to avoid a test, go to the infirmary before the test starts. The nurse will find out what is happening to you or ask if you had a problem in class.

Fake Sick to the School Nurse Step 16

Step 3. In class, say you have vertigo, then breathe slowly

Try blinking your eyes a few times, while keeping them closed a little longer than usual (a few seconds will be enough). If your master asks you if you are okay, tell him that you are feeling very tired and that the light is bothering your eyes. It happens sometimes. Be convincing. Usually, when the students feel unwell, they don't say anything to the teacher because they think it will get better.

Try not to inform the nurse immediately. Often the children do not say anything because they think the discomfort will pass

Fake Sick to the School Nurse Step 9

Step 4. Don't make it difficult for yourself

You will be more convincing if you don't try to pretend to be sick or fake severe symptoms. You really don't need that now. Remember this: just because you're sick doesn't mean you vomit and it is very easy to spot a person pretending to be vomiting. Vomit has an odor similar to that of bile. So even if you throw up, your vomit won't have that same natural smell.

Remember, the nurse discovered simulators before you did. She certainly knows all the tricks you are trying to use

Fake Sick to the School Nurse Step 1

Step 5. Be hesitant in your answers

Never tell the nurse what you think you have, such as the flu, colds, migraine, etc. You just have to tell him about the symptoms you have, for example stomach aches, headaches, itchy throat, stiffness, nausea, etc.

  • Try an illness that you had previously. For example, don't say you have the flu or a migraine if you've never suffered from illnesses before. You won't know how to describe them.
  • Don't pretend you threw up in the toilet. The nurse can't afford to verify what you said. In addition, this ruse has been used by other students before you.
Fake Sick to the School Nurse Step 4

Step 6. Avoid offering to call your parents

Never ask the nurse to call your parents or avoid her suggesting it to you. This is a big mistake that a lot of people make. If you do too much, the nurse can send you straight back to class. Instead, always ask her if you can "go to bed" or just "close your eyes" while your mom brings you some medicine. This tactic is much more credible. The nurse will probably give you a few hours for this.

Fake Sick to the School Nurse Step 5

Step 7. Fall asleep or pretend you are dozing off

This will make your simulation more believable. Cover your face with a pillow or cloth. The nurse could check if you are asleep.

Fake Sick to the School Nurse Step 6

Step 8. When you wake up, say you still feel bad

However, don't ask the nurse if you can go home. She's the one to say it first.

Fake Sick to the School Nurse Step 7

Step 9. Don't be in too much of a hurry

The nurse will ask you if you want to call your parents. If you jump out of bed and accept, she'll be suspicious.

Answer like this: "I don't know, I don't want to miss class" or "I think I better copy the homework first. "

Fake Sick to the School Nurse Step 8

Step 10. Come up with an ingenious sentence

You could say this: “Finally, you might be right, I won't be able to really concentrate."

Fake Sick to the School Nurse Step 12

Step 11. Continue until your parents arrive

Close your eyes and keep coughing the whole way.

Be careful not to "heal" immediately. Your parents will notice that you are acting. Keep pretending as long as they're around

Fake Sick to the School Nurse Step 13

Step 12. Go straight to bed when you get home

Stay on your bed until your parents return to work.


  • If you stay in the nurse's office during lunch, she might ask if you're hungry. Just answer no.
  • Prepare to come back to school. Your teachers will ask you to catch up on lessons that you missed. So try to have your sick day homework the day before, but be careful not to arouse suspicion.
  • It's easy to fake a headache or dizziness. Just try to sound weak and awkward. No one will be able to prove that you are faking!
  • When you set foot in school, try to look tired. People will think you have a problem.
  • If you want to fake a sore throat, expect the nurse to do a throat swab!
  • Do not take prescription drugs. If necessary, take a low dose aspirin or similar medicine.
  • Dress up and try to look pale.
  • The timing is crucial. Avoid pretending to be sick on Mondays or after breaks.
  • A worsening sore throat could also trigger strep throat.
  • Some symptoms show up together and some don't. Does not simulate a stomach ache with an ear infection.


  • Don't pretend sick frequently. You could get caught!
  • If you get caught people won't believe you next time when you are really sick.
  • Don't tell a friend you don't really trust about your plan. He could sell the wick to a teacher or the nurse and you will be in big trouble.
  • Making the fake sick to avoid a bully won't solve the problem. Report the person to your parents or your school authorities.
  • Lying in any form is very disrespectful. You waste the nurse's time when she can take care of the students who are really sick. So it would be unfair to them. It's best to always be honest.
  • Avoid faking a serious illness! The nurse or your master may take other precautions. Apply a little makeup to look tired or sick. Also simulate some symptoms to be more convincing!
  • Avoid sounding pathetic unless you're a good actor. Otherwise, your parents or the nurse will immediately have doubts.
  • Never overdo it! The nurse and your parents may be suspicious if you overdo it. At the same time, if you don't fake enough, your plan may fail.

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