How to convince your parents to change schools

How to convince your parents to change schools
How to convince your parents to change schools

School occupies a very important place in your life. You need to make sure you attend a school that you like and where you feel comfortable. It may take time to convince your parents to change your school. But if your reasons are good and your arguments valid, you can make them understand why you want to make this change.


Part 1 of 3: Prepare your arguments for changing schools

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Step 1. Write down the main reason

Note the root cause that motivates your desire to change establishment. Before you can have a good discussion with your parents, you will first need to know why you really want to change schools and be able to state it clearly. The following reasons could motivate you to change establishment.

  • You are being persecuted and you don't think it will change or you are uncomfortable having to stay with these people.
  • You feel lost in the crowd of a large school with large classes and wish you were in a smaller environment.
  • You are not satisfied with the academic support your institution is giving you. You might want to go to a more difficult school or one where you could benefit from personalized help.
  • There are other establishments that have programs that interest you the most, such as high level courses in theater, music, art or marching band.
  • When noting this reason, make sure it is serious enough to allow you to move to another institution. For example, if you hate math, but your school gives you a lot of homework in the subject, that is not a sufficient reason for wanting to change schools. Or, if your girlfriend or best friend is attending a different school than yours, that isn't a good enough reason to want to change schools, either.
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Step 2. Specify the deadline for changing schools

It will influence the way you present the situation to your parents. If you give your parents a specific date when you want the change to happen, it will make it easier for them to accept and avoid putting off allowing you to change institutions.

  • If you've been bullied, you might want to only do one semester.
  • If, however, you want to go to an establishment that will lead you to study more, consider registering for the next school year, as this will be easier for you.
  • Draw up a calendar on a piece of paper or print it out, then mark the date you plan to change establishments. Then mark the date when you plan to discuss the change with the parents. You will need to give them enough time to prepare. At the very least, consider giving them a few months.
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Step 3. Analyze the establishment you wish to attend

Before you talk to your parents about changing schools, you will need to find the school you would like to attend.

  • So you could tell them why you want to go to another school.
  • Analyze schools, based on why you want to change schools. For example, if you want to change schools because you don't feel academically fulfilled enough, look for schools that offer special programs.
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Step 4. Write down the positive reasons

Write down the positive reasons that motivate you to change establishment. You might be tempted to just talk about the bad things that have happened to you in your current establishment. While it is important to tell your parents what causes you to make such a wish, you should also show them the benefits of the change.

  • Make a list of all the benefits you can get from the new school.
  • If you have friends on social media like Facebook who frequent the establishment you like, ask them to tell you what they like about the establishment this way you can talk to your parents.

Part 2 of 3: Putting Your Conversations in Writing

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Step 1. Write up your conversation and practice

You should approach this conversation as if you are preparing to give the talk of your life. You need to write down how you would like the conversation to go. Imagine that everything is going well.

Practice saying out loud in front of a mirror or a friend about your reasons

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Step 2. Find an introduction

You will need to have your parents' undivided attention if you are to convince them to help you change schools.

  • You can start by saying: hi, mom and dad! Can we sit together around the table? I have something to tell you and I really want to hear what you think about it.
  • You will need to make your parents understand that this is very important to you and that you will like them to listen to your thoughts.
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Step 3. Adopt a calm, mature tone

Even if your parents don't respond to you first, you shouldn't start whining, as this will significantly reduce the chances that your parents will decide to make your wish come true. At the same time, remember to be honest. You will need to make sure he knows how much it will hurt you to stay in your current situation. Be sincere and direct in your sentences.

  • If you are bullied, don't be afraid to show them how much it affects your academic performance and affects you.
  • You can say: there's a bunch of kids in my class who just send me notes every day to make fun of me. They also steal my things from my table. They keep calling me all names and make me sad. I asked them to stop and told the teacher about it, but they still keep doing it behind his back. I find it hard to take classes or concentrate because I can't help but think about it.
  • If you want to go to an institution where you will have better academic follow-up, you can say: I have trouble working at school because I don't understand anything. There are so many students in my class that my teacher often doesn't have time to help me.
  • Or if you feel like taking on more challenges, you can say: I'm always the best in school because homework is too easy. I am always the first to finish my homework and I spend the rest of the time sniffing the air in the classroom. My teacher doesn't have time to give me special lessons.
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Step 4. Write your good points

These are the reasons that the change of school you want will improve your life in general. Below are some examples of good reasons that could be used.

  • I really want to learn to make music. The General and Technological High School has the best music programs in our state and it is only 10 minutes from the house. I can really improve my skills once there.
  • There are no more than 10 students per class in the Victor-Duruy college. I could find the help I need if I went there and my grades would be better.
  • The program run by the Collège Victor-Duruy is sufficiently rich in science and mathematics courses that I could follow. They even give physics lessons. I would like to pursue a career in engineering later and it is never too early to start learning.
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Step 5. Form an open conclusion

You should not yet ask your parents to make a decision about whether to change schools. Putting such pressure on them will likely cause them to refuse just to get rid of you.

End the conversation by saying: thank you for listening to me. You can take the time to think about what I have told you and let me know what you think. I really hope you will agree to let me move to another establishment

Part 3 of 3: approaching your parents

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Step 1. Bring the subject back gradually

When you sit down to discuss studies with your parents, you shouldn't let them be completely surprised that you want to change schools. If you have a fairly serious problem, such as severe bullying, you should talk to your parents about it right away. Otherwise you can give them time to get a feel for your situation before asking them to talk to you.

  • Consider making it clear to them that you are truly unhappy in your current establishment.
  • Tell them something every day that bothered you at school when they ask you how your day was. For example, say: We got our math papers today and I didn't get a good grade. I had gone to ask the professor a few questions about the mistakes I made, but she didn't have time to answer me.
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Step 2. Be kind

Before you think about bringing the subject up with your parents, consider being kind to them. It is an integral part of the persuasion process in all situations. Be mostly kinder to them a few weeks before you tackle the issue of changing establishments.

  • Do not argue with them and do not respond to them.
  • First, do the little services they ask you to do, like cleaning your room, staying clean.
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Step 3. Pick the timing

Pick a good time to speak. You won't have to sit down and start asking your parents to move you to another institution just when they're tense or in a rush. Go see them when they relax and ask if they can give you a minute of their time.

For example: you can talk to them after dinner when everyone is full and the house is clean

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Step 4. Address them a letter

Sometimes it can be difficult to discuss certain situations with your parents. This is all the more useful when you are not sure how to convey to your parents that you are being abused in school.

  • After you give the letter to your parents, they will discuss the subject with you. This may partially relieve you of the pressure of starting a serious conversation.
  • You can write them a letter mainly when you are being bullied to let your parents know exactly how much harm it is doing to you. So you no longer need to say it out loud, your parents will nevertheless have an idea of ​​the gravity of the situation.


  • Let your teachers know about the issues that make you want to leave the school. If your problem is serious, they may recommend that you discuss it with your parents.
  • Approach your advisor and try to discuss it with him. The latter can also provide advice to your parents.


  • Don't tell anyone until you do.
  • If there is a serious problem that must necessarily be faced or that needs to be stopped, discuss it with your parents even if it seems embarrassing to you. If you are being bullied, bring it up with your parents without further delay. Talk to them immediately.
  • If you want to go to a private institution, think about your parents' financial situation and be open to other possibilities.

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